eCom Masters Review: Joaquin Corrales’ Shopify Course

If you’ve been on Youtube lately and started looking into the world of drop shipping, Shopify or making money online then you’ve probably been served up a video advertisement by Joaquin Corrales, a web entrepreneur who claims he will show you how to make $1,400 per day with your very own drop shipping business, in his course eCom Masters.

Franklin Hatchett no longer partners with Joaquin Corrales and this review originally included all the content from eCom Elites which was taught by Frank. The mentoring was by Joaquin. You can buy the course I reviewed below (minus coaching) by going directly to eCom Elites.

I also reviewed Franklin’s course here. It’s now $197-$297. 

Ecom Masters Review

Ecom Masters Review

The course is promoted heavily by Joaquin Corrales on Youtube and retargeting ads that pop up all over the place if you end up clicking on his link. Next you’re taken to a contact form to register for a webinar. Personally I’m not a huge fan of webinar sales pitches so if you want to buy you’ll need to attend one.

The course claims to show you:

  • How we’re making $1.4k a day with a SIMPLE online store that we spend 1 hour a week with
  • How we pick products that we know are going to make money instantly
  • Store launching pattern that we use to sell thousands of products
  • Go inside our advertising account and see how we make $10 for every $1 we spend like clockwork

Ecom Masters Course Content

  • Over 130 Videos Of Content
  • 1-2-1 Coaching
  • + Bonuses.

Video Content

You get well over 130 videos of normal videos and 30 additional videos on how to install the software bonuses that come included with the course package. 

Joaquin is the face of the course and you’ll see him in the video ads, webinars and introduction of the course but that’s about it. He will of course be there to help and assist you with the mentoring and coaching which is included in the package.

1-2-1 Coaching

This is the biggest selling point about this course, the coaching. If you don’t need training then you’d probably be better off just buying a subscription to eCom elites ($197) and then the unlimited eCom Turbo license ($147) and you’d be up and running for under $350.

If you want to be hand held or simply get advice on how to scale a hobby into a full time business then getting the coaching and support from Joaquin and their team of coaches is definitely worth the $1,997. If you factor in an hourly rate of say $100-$200 then after 10 hours of coaching you’re already saving money!

I know a lot of people have queried whether the coaching is worth the additional $1,500 and I think it’s worth far more than that. If you compare that to courses being created by ‘kids’ charging $997 – $4997 then you’re getting a good deal. 


You get access to additional training videos as and when they post them, for example there was a special module on how to make a higher average customer order and how to sell warranties.

They also host weekly Q&A sessions

Who Is eCom Masters For?

This is a program for newbies to intermediates who want to start off quickly and in the right direction and find success quickly. When you get access to a course like eCom Masters right from the beginning, you can avoid the usual mistakes, pitfalls, and setbacks that most people experience and give up with.

If you have some experience in the eCommerce business already, and want to make more money – scaling – then Ecom Masters is obviously a wise choice too, more so than eCom elites which is just a video course and FB mastermind. A chance to learn from those doing serious numbers in the Shopify space.

Final Words

This is a good course if you want to be ‘coached’ through the process of setting up your store and scaling. If you’re thinking of this course vs the hundreds of others out there, the coaches in this course have genuine experience and I can vouch for them. If you’re only looking for video training then I’d give this course a miss and signup for eCom elites.

Last Updated on February 13, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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16 thoughts on “eCom Masters Review: Joaquin Corrales’ Shopify Course”

  1. Whether this course has results for you or not, I urge you to not go with it. The support takes FOREVER to reply, despite them claiming “they are customer first.” Also, the people do not give refunds even if the program does not work for you. They either drag the case on for days on end so that the 30 days is over, or they will just flat out deny you even if you post on FaceBook asking for help. (Btw, good luck getting responses on FaceBook, cuz they’ll hardly reply.) Worst program ever. I had better luck with HCOM-2020. The coaches there actually care about you, and Alex Becker ultimately wants you to be satisfied (ONLY IF you take action and show that you’ve been dedicated in his course. If you just want a refund because you’re lazy, then gtfo.)

    • Affordability of coaching vs affordability of a course with no coaching. Its entirely up to you how you value that coaching component. Given other gurus charge $500 per hour it’s very affordable.

      • I found this course to be a total bust. They don’t get back to you but they are great about charging your card. I wouldn’t do anything with them. Franklin is the worst. He runs through it making mistake after mistake. It’s just awful I cancelled it way before 60 days and have yet to get a refund. It’s a total scam

  2. I just started the Ecom Masters course 2 months ago. I have a 9 to 5 and a small business, so with the small amount of time I have and no ecom experience, I can say that so far I am pleased with course detail. The support from the course and from Shopify itself are about equal. They get back to you within a few hours, not minutes. Both could be better. But whatever they give me, I can’t implement until the evening hours anyway. The course offers an enormous amount of ecom training. Actually more than I can digest. If you just have a passing need to improve your life, I would suggest, don’t buy the course. I’ve known for a few years that there is something to the ecom business in general. So I took a chance on Joaquin Corrales. I didn’t meet Franklin Hatchett until I started the course. Franklin adds alot a value with his business knowledge. 2 real experts for the price of one. It’s a serious course for serious people. Greatness never comes easy. In my opinion, this course follows that same thread.

    • Well, it has been about 8 months now since you posted. I would like to know if you’re still involved and about your success with Ecom Masters. I just finished watching the free webinar. Thank you in advance for your response, Joe

  3. These guys are complete rip-off, no one ever answered when we called for support. There was never any coaching or anyone available to help us when we had questions. We tried to stop them from taking more money out of my account and we could not. Whatever you do do not pay money to these thieves!

  4. Thanks for the feedback , it definitely helps but I have a question here ; wouldn’t Amazon be a better option than Shopify ?

    • Why would it be better? Amazon is like eBay, you’re bidding against other sellers, you can’t price more than your competitors and you have to pay 10-15% commissions on everything you sell.


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