eCom Elites Module 9 Review


This is a module in the eCom Elites course called Module 9, Google Organic SEO Traffic. This module provides an introduction into how you can structure your website and store products to take advantage of free traffic from search engines such as Google. 

This training is a new additional for the 2019 update and includes 8 lessons on the entire process, over the shoulder training from an SEO expert, Franklin Hatchett. 

8 Videos (1.5 Hours)

Video 1: SEO Introduction

The first video includes a brief introduction into the world of search engine optimization, what it is and why you definitely should be implementing it for your eCommerce stores. 

The process mentioned by Franklin includes three key steps which are covered in the subsequent videos:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Page Optimization
  3. Backlinks. 

The first video was: 5 minutes. Updated: 2017

Video 2: Keyword Research

The first video looks at keyword research, which is about finding keywords that you can target to put your content infront of those people and hopefully convert them into buyers. 

It's highly unlikely someone looking for a watch to buy is going to go to Google and simply type in 'Watch.' or 'Buy Watches.' Chances are they know what they are looking for, a specific brand or type of watch. 

So you need to find out what people are searching for and how to target your products to fit those search terms. That's the beauty of SEO. You could target someone looking for Type A of Watch when you're selling Type C. 

Franklin uses various tools for keyword research including both free and paid tools. 

This video was 19 minutes. Updated: 2019.

Video 3: Researching The Top 10

This video expands on the previous one and goes out and actively spies on the top 10 sites selling a specific product and how much for. This gives you some ideas about how to market specific products. Just because everyone is selling the same product doesn't mean you can't sell it for more than other people. 

It's all about added perceived value. Make it seem better and you can charge a higher fee. 


This video was 8 minutes. Updated: 2019.

Video 4: Ranking Structure

This video expands on the first video in the module and shows you how to correctly add keywords to your content that you've found in the previous videos. 

Over the shoulder Franklin shows you exactly what you should be doing and why it works. By making use of the SEO features within Shopify you'll be able to correctly optimize your content. 

This video was 15 minutes. Updated: 2017. 

Video 5: Building Backlinks

It's one of the oldest forms of SEO and still applies today, despite what some of those big guru's out there claim to say. Links work and nearly every site that wants to get organic traffic needs to have authority links from other sites on the world wide web. 

Thankfully Hatchett goes through the entire process on how to get these links ethically. 

This video was 22 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 6: Getting White Hat Backlinks

This video expands on the video before and shows you how to get white hat links which are the correct way of achieving links from other sites to your store or websites. 

These are links on real sites, quality landing pages and sites with traffic. These are not private blog networks or unethically sourced links such as hacked links.  

An example would be a guest post on an established website. 

This video was 14 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 7: Module Recap

This video looks at the entire module and recaps everything you've learnt. 

There's not much to report here, go through the first 6 videos and it's a summary of that. 

This video was 4 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 8: (Bonus) SEO Hack

This is an exclusive bonus for those of you that I can't reveal on this public domain. If you want to learn about this SEO hack then you'll need to purchase the course. Both the standard and ultimate plans include this hack. 

It looks at various tools owned by both Google for finding what's working for other people/stores. 

This video was 7 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

My Final Verdict

One of my favorite modules in the course as it involves little to no money to drive targeted traffic to your store or sales funnels. You get an insiders look into the power of search engine optimization and why it's such a lucrative option for those of you on a budget. 

Franklin doesn't fluff around and instead provides you with a feature rich collection of 8 videos on the entire process, from laying out your content to building links. 

Franklin will show you: 

  • How to perform effective keyword research
  • Researching the top 10 competition in your niche
  • How to correctly setup your ranking structure
  • Building white hat back links
  • A bonus module on a quick SEO hack (exclusive). 
Video Quality 95%
Sound Quality 90%
Content Quality 90%