eCom Elites Module 4 Review


This is a module in the eCom Elites course called Module 4, Instagram Traffic. The previous module looked at Facebook traffic however another option is using Influencers on the largest image social network, Instagram. Often you can see higher return on your investment by targeting Influencers within your niche, to help drive targeted traffic. 

This training has been updated for 2019 and includes 9 videos including bonus content such as an over the shoulder look at running Instagram Ads as well. 

9 Videos (1.5 Hours)

Video 1: Using Instagram For Traffic

The first video in this module gives you an introduction into the world of Instagram and how you can use it to your advantage. There's a few ways such as Influencers and running actual ads which can be created using Facebook's ad platform. Facebook owns Instagram.

The video showcases real life examples of students who have made money on Instagram. One of the students, Will claims to have paid $10 for a shoutout and made over $100 revenue. This is the power of Instagram!

Franklin moves on and shows you real examples of pages that have been created with the purpose of offering shoutouts to various niches such as dogs, luxury cars and travel. 

It would appear you contact these pages using Franklin's method and then pay them for a shoutout or post on their page for XX amount of time. You then direct potential customers to your product page. Franklin shows you the entire process including scripts to use for contacting them.

It's a lucrative method that could be very successful. 

The first video was: 14 minutes. Updated: 2019

Video 2: Instagram Retarget Blueprint

This video looks at using retargeting ads for visitors to your store. This involves creating a custom audience and Franklin shows you the entire process on how to set it all up. 

If you read the retargeting video in module 3 then you'll know how powerful this process is. 

This video was 7 minutes. Updated: 2019.

Video 3: Finding Influencers

Where do you go to find Influencers and how can you tell who is willing to work with you from the millions of other random Instagram accounts out there? Well Franklin has a process and he'll share that with you. 

He gets very intense in this video and it's a joy to watch. 

This video was 11 minutes. Updated: 2017.

Video 4: Instagram Influencer Pricing

Do you know how much you should be paying for 2-4 hours on some big pages? No? Well this video is perfect for you as it breaks down the costs associated with Instagram Influencers, i.e. the industry standards. 

To give you an idea, you can expect to pay $50-$700 for a page with 500k-1 million followers. 

This video was 12 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 5: Finding Influencers With Google

Hatchett shows you a great way to use the simple Google search engine to find Influencers and he runs through various examples for them in a wide range of niches and industries. 

After this video you'll be a pro at finding Influencers who can help promote your products. 

This video was 9 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 6: How To Run IG Ads The Right Way

This video goes back to Instagram Ads and running them using the Facebook Ads manager. 

Franklin shows you how to setup your Instagram ads from scratch using the best methods out there. The key point I got from this video was the placements as you need to change from Facebook to Instagram. 

This video was 14 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 7: Instagram Ads Part 1

The first video in a 3 part series shows you the basic outline of how to run an Instagram ad. This involves sending traffic to Instagram and then anyone who engages with your business is served up a Facebook Ad. 

By combing both platforms you can create a power house ad campaign. 

This video was 7 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 8: Instagram Ads Part 2

Part 2 goes on to show you a real life example using Franklin's own Instagram account that he created for the purpose of the course. This involves creating content and then creating ads based on various audiences. 

He went through the entire process of setting everything up and everything became more clear. 

This video was 5 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 9: Instagram Ads Part 3

The last step in the process is all about setting up your retargeting ad campaign and then linking everything together. The goal is reach which is used to find anyone who visited your store previously. 

This video was 9 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

My Final Verdict

Instagram is a powerful platform and Influencers are becoming more and more important to brand recognition and success online. However, when combining Influencers with retargeting ads on Instagram and Facebook, you've got the ultimate package. 

The 9 videos go into a lot of detail on all things Instagram including: 

  • How to use, find and pay Influencers correctly online
  • How to find Influencers using various tools and even on Google
  • How to setup the three stage process for effective Instagram Ads
  • How to scale your business by leveraging both social media platforms. 
Video Quality 95%
Sound Quality 90%
Content Quality 90%