eCom Elites Module 3 Review


This is a module in the eCom Elites course called Module 3, Facebook Traffic. This is an introduction into the world of Facebook traffic, our #1 traffic source when it comes to driving targeted traffic (buyers) to our stores which hopefully means, sales. 

This training has been updated for 2019 and includes 31 videos including bonus content such as Franklin's $5 per day method for starting small and scaling your campaigns. 

The methods taught in this course are still relevant today, don't believe anyone who tells you otherwise, they are probably selling their own course or recommending an alternative. 

31 Videos (6 Hours)

Video 1: Facebook Advertising Intro

The first video in this module is an introduction to the Facebook Ads Traffic module and is a fairly short overview on what you can expect and how it works.

As Franklin says, if you don't have traffic, you don't have a business.

This can be applied to any type of business, whether that's brick and mortar or an online eCommerce store. 

But don't worry, Franklin will show you how to put your ad in front of targeted traffic. This first video is on the whiteboard again but you'll learn more in the subsequent videos. 

The first video was 3 minutes. Updated: 2019

Video 2: Facebook Advertising Structure

This is the introduction to Franklin's 'FB Advert Structure' and goes through the campaign structure and what you can expect when using Facebook Ads.

This includes the three step process:

  1. Campaigns
  2. Ad Sets
  3. Ads.

By the end of the video which is pretty short you'll be familiar with these different terms and what they mean. 

This video was 2 minutes. Updated: 2019.

Video 3: Facebook Advert Account Overview

While Facebook updates their platform on a regular basis you can see this video has been updated recently as everything looks the same as you'll see in your own account. 

This video looks at the Facebook Ads Manager and what everything means. You'll learn how to use the ads manager and how to navigate around and access everything you need to access. 

Primarily Franklin covers Ads Manager and how to create a basic ad as well as using custom audiences. Audiences are the people on Facebook you're going to target. i.e. someone who likes dogs.  


This video was 14 minutes, 12 seconds. Updated: 2019. 

Video 4: Types of Facebook Ads

Facebook has come a long way in the last few years and allows you to create ads for a whole range of different goals such as; brand awareness, reach, traffic, engagement, app installs, lead generation, messages and conversions. Franklin will go through the main types of ads you'll be creating:

  • Conversions
  • Engagement (PPE)

Franklin goes into detail on each one, what is it and how it works. This is an important video. 

This video was 11 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 5: How Facebook Ads Work

Facebook is a diverse platform and gone are the days of simply bidding the most amount of money to get your ads published. Today they run a daily auction system based on your bid, quality and relevance. 

In this 28 minute video, Franklin dives deep into the way Facebook ads work and using his whiteboard he'll explain the entire process from A-to-Z on how this works. 

It's quite complex and rather than explain it to you in this relatively short overview into the course, you should checkout the video in module 3 of eCom Elites. 

This video was 15 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 6: Understanding The Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel allows you to track different events that occur on your store such as new visitors, add to carts and of course purchases.

By placing a tiny piece of code on each page of your store you can let Facebook track clicks and see who converted. From there you can create look a like audiences and help Facebook learn what visitors they should send to your store next time. 

It's an ingenious piece of technology and every store should install the pixel before they start running ads. 

This video was 7 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 7: Starting Facebook Business Account

A few years ago, to advertise properly on Facebook you simply needed a payment method and your ads would run but nowadays you must create a seperate Facebook business account. Anyone can do this, you don't need to be an officially registered business. 

Franklin goes through the process of setting up a new Facebook business account from scratch. 

This video was 11 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 8: Creating A Facebook Page

You can create any type of page you'd like. A page is required to display your ads. While some people choose a brand name or the store name as their page name you could always use a general page such as 'I love dogs' and use this for promoting your ads. 

Franklin goes into detail about the different options available to you, i.e. general vs niche store pages. 


You need to complete this step before creating an ad. 

This video was 5 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 9: Installing Facebook Pixel

This is a follow on from the earlier Facebook pixel video and actually shows you how to install this on all pages with one block of copy and paste code. 

It's so simple, but a critical component of your store's success. 

This video was 4 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 10: Understanding Facebook Placements

When you create an ad you can choose where it appears on Facebook and Instagram. I'm sure you've seen the various places ads appear when you're using those platforms. 

Franklin goes through each section and placement method in detail such as feeds, instant articles, in-stream videos, right columns, marketplaces, stories and suggested videos. 

Now if you don't know what all these are, all will be revealed in this detailed video. 

This video was 9 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 11: Facebook Ads Method #1 Pt.1

Method #1 is the conversions or add to cart method which Franklin goes into great detail with in this 16 minute insiders look into how he sets up the ad and let's it run for a few days. 

This method works by looking at your sales each day and then increasing the budget by certain percentages at specific times of the day such as 12-1am each morning. 

A full over the shoulder look at the model is included and by the end of the video you'll be well on your way to testing this method. 

This video was 16 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 12: Facebook Ads Method #1 Pt.2

This is a follow on from the previous video and expands on the method by being more aggressive with your budget. If you've got a bigger budget then you can scale faster as you get results.

Again the training is backed up by visual representations on the screen.   

This video was 11 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 13: The $5 Facebook Method

If you've been looking into dropshipping for a while now you'll probably have come across the lucrative $5 per day method which is a 10 day, $5 per day method. 

While it's hard to scale this method, it's a good way to test the waters with your products to see if they are likely to be profitable before you spend more money on the adset.

However, Franklin shows you why this method is so powerful for those of you on a smaller budget who are unsure if the product you're selling is likely to sell well or not.  

This video was 14 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 14: The Blog Post Method

Franklin calls this the blog post method but it get's it's origin from native ad's which involves creating an ad that links to a blog post where you'll review the product or a collection of products, much like a news article.

This works well with more expensive products, where a consumer may need some convincing on the product before purchasing. It works like this: Ad > News Article > Store Page > Checkout. 

Ultimately you own the news article and the store. You might have your own news website which can be created using or you might use a page on a platform such as 

Franklin shows you a real life example from which you could easily replicate yourself. As Franklin says, it takes time to set this up but it can be far more powerful than a standard Facebook ad. 

This video was 11 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 15: The PPE Method

PPE stands for pay per engagement and is a good data building method for your Facebook pixel. By creating an ad that's intended for consumer interaction you can build cheap data for your pixel that will allow you to create custom look a like audiences. 

Does all this sound confusing? If so you really need to watch the video by Franklin which will show you everything you need to know about PPE engagement ads. 

This video was 15 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 16: Profit Multiplayer Method

This video really is as simple as the title suggests. You simply scale up your ad spend based on the profit you achieve. If you have no sales on a specific ad within your adset you'll cut it. If it's profitable you'll carry on. 


This video was 7 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 17: Flex Targeting Pt.1

This is a two part video series on how to find the perfect audience using various methods called 'Flex Targeting.'

One of the examples provided by Franklin includes alcohol and drink. Using additional interests this unique Facebook tool called audience insights will help you to drill down on the top categories you can target. 

This tool and technique finds audiences that you will not find during the suggested ad creation process. 

This video was 24 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 18: Flex Targeting Pt.2

Part 2 expands on part 1 and goes through the process of actually creating an ad based on the targeted audiences that were found in part 1. Franklin also narrows it down by showing you how to target things such as 'parents with teenagers (enter specific age here). You'll learn how to narrow it down to specifics. 

A great video and I learnt a lot, it's a great targeting for those of you thinking of doing print on demand. 

This video was 9 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 19: Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s)

This video shows you how to find what matters to you the most and where your fine line is. i.e. when do you kill at an ad and when should you let it run? 

Hatchett goes through specific examples such as how much you should spend before killing an unprofitable ad and how you can measure success through KPI's. 

If you've ever worked in a large business, you might have had performance metrics to meet also known as KPI's. The idea is the same, except you're the business owner here, it's up to you to decide. 

This is the first place that ROAS get's a mention which is Return On Ad Spend and Franklin explains this in detail such as a 3.0 ROAS means you're spending $1 to make $3 back. 

It's not uncommon to see people getting a 9.0 ROAS, that means for every $1 you spend you're making $9, that's a license to print cash! The sheer power of dropshipping! 

This video was 11 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 20: How To Create Advert Images

This is where Franklin shows off his creative side and how to create an ad image using Photoshop. Now you definitely don't need to buy this software, there's free alternatives out there and premium subscriptions such as (also mentioned in the video), Stencil and Youzign. 

Creative minds will love this video, you can follow along and learn the basics for getting high quality images and then using conversion optimization. Ultimately you want people to click those ads and visit your store. 

While not mentioned in the course, you could also consider using Fiverr or Upwork and have a freelancer create ad images for you. 

This video was 26 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 21: How To Create Videos

Ever wondered how those other Facebook internet marketers create such amazing videos? Well it's easier than you think thanks to platforms such as ***** which get a mention in this introduction to video creation.

Franklin shows you how he creates simple video ads that showcase vital information in 30-60 seconds or less. By uploading images the software automatically generates videos for you. If you've got a competitor you can even copy and paste their store URL and the software will use their images, cool right.

Another site mentioned includes a platform for buying videos which will help you as you grow your site and can invest more in product videos. Lastly you can use other mobile apps for video creation. 

This video was 9 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 22: Advert Copy

Gone are the days you need to be a master of persuasion to sell your products online. By following the simple guidelines outlined by Franklin you can get a good understanding of the entire process.

Franklin shows you a 6 step process for creating ad copy that will improve your conversions and clicks. If you've struggled to create winning ad copy before, you will really enjoy this video, I sure did. 

This video was 12 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 23: How To Scale

Many courses get this wrong. They assume scaling is all about making more money and you'd probably think the same but it's not always about that, as Franklin points out early on in this relatively long video.

The video starts with points about when and why you should scale and when you should NOT scale. You can't really expect to spend $10 to get one sale and then try to scale. 

Also scaling can be about brand awareness rather than to actually make money by selling more. Think of all the big brands you know, Nike, McDonalds. They all run TV commercials, to get their brand out there. 

Moving on the video looks at various scaling techniques, you can drill down on anything really and scale based on that. An example is scaling to different age groups, gender etc. Franklin shows you in great detail different ways.

This video was 14 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 24: Scale With LLAs

Lookalike audiences are a great way to scale and Franklin goes through the entire process on how to create them and how to create ads based on them. 

Rather than dive straight in, you need to learn how to do this correctly so you don't screw up any of your other ads within the adset or campaign. You probably don't want to change an existing ad, so using LLA's can be very beneficial as Franklin explains. 

One of the main takeways was the way to label different ads. You could easily have hundreds of ads and it's important to keep track of each one. 

This video was 4 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 25: How To Scale Fast

This video includes a secret method used by Franklin to scale really fast. I can't tell you what that is as other students have bought the course and it's top secret! 

If you want to find out what this method is, you should probably buy the ultimate version of the course. 

This video was 22 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 26: How To Scale With Video

It's a fairly basic video that shows you how to take a standard image ad and convert this to a video ad to scale faster. It runs through the entire process of creating a video ad using third party freelancers or you can create your own using the examples provided in earlier videos. 

Hatchett then goes through actually converting the ad and setting everything up.

Very informative video if you've only been using image ads. 

This video was 12 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 27: My Scaling Mind Map

One of the best ways to make money with eCommerce and dropshipping in 2019 is with store funnels and Franklin has included this video to show you the entire process should you wish to do so. 

This module isn't a how to on setting up a sales funnel (this comes later in module 7) but will give you a good taster on what you can expect later on in the course. 

This video was 18 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 28: Why The Product Won’t Scale

Not every product will scale and you might need to try different scaling techniques before you find what works for you. Don't panic, Franklin will show you in this video fiddferent reasons why products don't scale. 

This video was 12 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 29: Retargeting Structure

One of the best ways to make a sale is to retarget those people who originally came to your store but didn't actually buy anything. Maybe they got distracted or decided to go elsewhere.

Well now you can find them on platforms such as Facebook and retarget them, show them a different ad or give them a one time special offer to convince them to buy.

Franklin goes through the entire process of setting this up and how to craft killer ads that will get you more sales. As Frank puts it, you're leaving money on the table if you're not running retargeting ads. 

And he'd be right, I implemented this right away after joining eCom Elites. 

This video was 20 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 30: Reading The Breakdown Data

If you've made it this far you'll probably have a lot of data from Facebook. This video, updated for 2019, shows you how to break down the data, what does it all mean and how to use it to your advantage. 

This video dives deep into a real Facebook account and shows you the metrics you should consider looking at and how to interpret each part of the page. 

This video was 17 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 31: Explaining Conversion Windows

If you've seen the Facebook ad creation process then you'll know about the conversion window selection that you must choose before you can publish your ad. Currently this is 1 day or 7 days and can be after clicking an ad or after clicking or viewing an ad. 

Franklin goes into detail about which method is best and what they mean. A great video to conclude the module.

This video was 6 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

My Final Verdict

This is the longest module in the course, offering 31 videos of pure content and value you simply won't find in other courses or on free Youtube channels. If you're considering Facebook traffic, it's critical that you watch all the videos in detail. 

While Facebook is constantly changing, Franklin Hatchett has done a great job of keeping his content up to date and relevant. There's claims a lot of his content is old but I can confirm all these videos were updated in 2019 to reflect Facebook's removal of the power editor. 

There's a lot to take in, but here's the key points learnt from this module: 

  • How to use Facebook Ads Manager and what keywords mean
  • How to setup a new business account, installing the pixel on your store
  • Creating a general or niche specific Facebook page for running ads
  • Facebook ads methods including; $5 per day, blog post, PPE, Profit Multiplayer
  • How to find audiences using flex targeting
  • How to create ad images, video ads and crafting ad copy
  • How to scale fast and with look a like audiences
  • How to setup and run an effective retargeting campaign. 
Video Quality 95%
Sound Quality 90%
Content Quality 90%