eCom Elites Module 11 FB Group Review


This is an insiders look into the eCom Elites course Facebook mastermind group. This is where you'll go to share your comments about the course, discuss problems and issues you have and work with others looking for similar results. 

The training group has grown rapidly over the years and now has thousands of members from all over the world. Chances are someone in your town or city is a member of eCom Elites too.

6,000+ Members
350 Posts In Last 30 Days

Feature 1: Discussion

One of the best reasons to join the eCom Elites course is that you get access to a huge discussion forum on the Facebook mastermind group. On average there is 35 new posts per day with 350 posts created in the last 30 days which is a huge number for a Facebook group. 

You can subscribe to notifications and get updated when new posts are made. Each post is manually approved so once you've submitted your post you'll see it on the site as soon as moderator has approved it. 

Here's an example of questions other students are asking (names retracted for privacy). 

Feature 2: Announcements

Want to know when the latest update is coming out? Want to get involved in new events or live question and answers? Is Franklin away from the office? Well you'll find out in the announcements section of the group. 

Feature 3: Photos

Want to get some inspiration or see what other students are achieving? Well most people use the discussion feature but this isn't always the best way to find that motivation. 

By using the photos tab you can quickly see what other members to the group are sharing or have shared over the last 2 years. Have a look through, you might be surprised at what you find. 


Feature 4: Videos


Videos is the best place to see ad examples that other students are looking for help and guidance on. If you're just getting started and still struggling to understand the concept of video ads, check here for some examples. 

You'll also find the live Q&A videos that Franklin regularly does with eCom Elites students.

My Final Verdict

eCom Elites Exclusive Hideout is the largest collection of paying course members of any dropshipping course on the planet. Remember, I've reviewed over 50 courses during the last few years and the 6,000+ members in this community make it one of the best. 

One of the main things to look for in a Facebook community is how much activity there is. Anyone can sell you a 'mastermind' but if it's dead then what's the point. 

Thankfully Facebook has made it easy to find out how active Facebook groups are. Here's a quick screenshot from October 8th 2019.