eCom Elites Module 10 Review


This is a module in the eCom Elites course called Module 10, Increase Sales and Secret Videos. This module provides some additional bonus videos on topics such as increasing average order value, working with virtual assistants (VA's) and grow Facebook pages. 

This training is a new additional for the 2019 update and includes 7 videos of which 4 are secret videos but for readers of IMRHYS I've shared them just for you. 

7 Videos (1.5 Hours)

Video 1: Increasing AOV

The first video in this bonus module is all about increasing your average order value with various methods covered. Some of the methods are exclusive to the course and can't be published via my blog.

You also learn about optimizing your pages including your checkout pages (important). 

Other methods mentioned include offering discounts for volume based orders.

Hatchett shows you how to implement each recommendation with real life examples. 

The first video was: 13 minutes. Updated: 2017

Video 2: My High Converting Description

A high converting product page can do wonders for your sales and this is one of those videos that will show you how to do that. This relatively short video does give you an overview on how to layout your sales page. 


This video was 4 minutes. Updated: 2017.

Video 3: Upscale With VA’s

There will come a time when you have the money available to pay and train someone to do things for you. This video shows you how to do that, how to find a VA and get them to do what you want.

Most courses offer a video like this, Franklin actually shows you how he finds and employs VA's. 

This video was 8 minutes. Updated: 2019.


Video 4: (Secret) Build Massive FB Pages

This video hasn't changed much in the last two updates but not because of anyone being lazy. The method still works today and can be applied to any Facebook fan page in any niche you can think of. 

Franklin shows you how to create engaged members and build a huge email list at the same time. 

He also shows you how to use the power of competitions to your advantage. 


This video was 10 minutes. Updated: 2017. 

Video 5: (Secret) Review Site Sales Trick

This video shows you the power of using review sites to leverage traffic back to your store.

I can't reveal too much about this video as it's exclusive to eCom Elites and only premium members can access the content in this module. 

This video was 22 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 6: (Secret) Coupon Site Trick

Creating your own coupon codes and sharing them on public sites can be a good way to turn lost customers into sales without much work. By leveraging your own traffic and giving them a coupon code via a third party you can potentially win them back to your store. 

Franklin shows you in full detail how to set this up. 

This video was 16 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

Video 7: (Secret) Warranty Upsell Trick

One of the easiest ways to increase your average order value is to offer a warranty upsell during the checkout process. Most of the time consumers won't actually claim that warranty, giving you more money for the exact same cost of traffic. An ingenious way to increase your AOV and Franklin shows you how to set this up. 

Amazon does this very well indeed. 

This video was 7 minutes. Updated: 2019. 

My Final Verdict

It's a nice way to conclude the course, offering us some additional videos that in my opinion are vital to your success as a dropshipper. By increasing your average order value you can turn more dollars into sales. For every click you send to your store, you should be trying to get the most money out of that person as possible. 

Thankfully Franklin Hatchett shows you how to do that through various videos in this module such as the warranty upsells and additional up and cross sells. 

Additionally Franklin will show you:

  • How to create killer high converting descriptions
  • How to hire and work with VA's to make your life easier
  • How to create, grow and scale Facebook pages for your business
  • How to use review sites and coupon sites to drive more traffic
  • How to use extended warranties to increase your average order value.
Video Quality 95%
Sound Quality 90%
Content Quality 90%