eCom Consulting Empire Review: Adam Wilbanks Course

Are you looking for information on Adam Wilbanks and his course? Today I’ll be giving you my eCom Consulting Empire review which is a mish mash of starting an agency, building an eCommerce store and consulting all combined into one package for starting your own eConsultancy business .

Currently all visitors are sent into the funnel via a webinar, there’s no direct sign up link. This webinar claims to be an ‘exclusive one time training’ but is actually a fake live event using WebinarJam.

The webinar shows you how to start an eConsultancy business from scratch without running your own store yourself with no ‘out of pocket expenses.’

However the course does show you how to build and start a Shopify store whether for yourself or for other people.

The course currently costs a rather strange $1,750 one time, 5 x monthly payments of $499 or 15 x monthly payments of $199. Logic says you’re paying an extra $1000 just for paying monthly which is a little weird.

The refund policy is a ‘buyers remorse’ policy and is only valid for 3 days.

Who is Adam Wilbanks?

Adam Wilbanks is from Arkansas and is 24 years old, currently operating his own agency called AlchemyLabs. He claims to have made his clients over $1.5 million dollars while mentoring 125+ students through his course.

After many failures, he finally started to make decent money in 2019. Now he’s sharing is experience in this rather expensive course on how you can do the same.

Over on Youtube he has a relatively small following with only 130 subscribers with most videos getting less than 100 views. For someone who specialises in social media marketing for other businesses, you’d expect to see the same level of exposure on his own channel, no?

After watching a few of his videos, he focuses on outsourcing everything which frees up your own time and allows you to focus on other areas of your business.

eCom Consulting Empire Review

The course is hosted on Clickfunnels which means videos look and feel great on desktop and tablet. I’m not a huge fan of the interface on mobile as it can get confusing with the drop boxes to expand videos out.

ecom consulting empire review

The course is split up into the following key areas:

  1. Introduction
  2. Mindset
  3. Creating your agency
  4. Outsourcing
  5. Products
  6. Website
  7. Website Audits
  8. Building Your Shopify Store
  9. Designing Your Site
  10. Marketing 101
  11. Facebook & Instagram Ads
  12. Email Marketing
  13. Client Acquistion
  14. Sales
  15. Business Organization
  16. Bonus Content.

There is so much content in the course, there would be far too many videos to list them all out here. For example the Facebook and Instagram Ads module includes an A-to-Z overview for everything you need to run ads for your own stores or clients.

The client acquisition covers everything from using sites such as Upwork to running your own ads on Facebook for locating these clients.

In the bonus content you get done for you templates and content for getting started fast, no need to create your own content.

There is a Facebook group with 120+ members with an average of 6 posts per day. However it looks like a public group rather than a private mastermind so it’s unclear how many students actually bought the course at full price vs just enrolled in the group to share knowledge.

eCom Consulting Empire Pricing

eCom Consulting Empire is a huge course, offering lots of value however it’s seriously overpriced and will put most people out of reach for buying this course. I’ve seen other reviews online where people are complaining about the price. Putting this into perspective, most other courses out there on social media marketing cost $500-$1000.

There is the 15 x monthly fee but with videos locked down, it’s highly unlikely you’d choose this package. Most people want access to the content right here, right now. You’d probably give up after a few months and cancel your subscription.

I can’t see why this course needs to be so expensive. There are other courses out there that offer very similar content at more affordable rates.


If I had a huge startup budget, I’d definitely recommend buying the eCom Consulting Empire by Adam Wilbanks. If, like most people, you don’t then I’d avoid it. Instead I’d be buying SMMA Blueprint (review) if my goal was to start a social media marketing agency. I’d save myself $1000 and put that money towards starting my agency.

If I was wanting to learn how to create amazing Shopify stores for clients then I’d buy eCom Elites (review) which costs a fraction of the price at only $197 that offers 200 videos on the entire process. I could then create stores for clients that are optimized and setup to generate cash right away.

You see, a course doesn’t give you the kick start capital you STILL need even after buying the course. You need to spend money to make money, whether that’s lead generation to get sales or outsourcing the work to a virtual team.

eCom Consulting Empire is a mish mash of content to cover everyone’s goals to making money with eConsultancy. Yes there’s lots of content and yes there’s lots to learn, but all this comes at a cost, the price.


Last Updated on September 9, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Commenting here in the hopes that people who see this won’t make the same mistake I did, Adam Wilbanks from Arkansas is a complete SCAMMER and I would not recommend buying his course. He unethically tries to get money from his customers. Don’t fall victim to his no refund policy! The webinar even links to a fake link and all you will get is spam emails. He shows off his expensive house as a way to trick people into thinking he’s rich but his house is in the middle of nowhere and costs less than 200k. Do not buy anything from this kid scammer!!


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