eCom Blueprint Review: Gabriel St-Germain Shopify Course

Gabriel St Germain is blowing up on Youtube right now, a 20 year old Shopify drop shipper from Canada claiming to have generated $1,083,252 in 5 months with just one product and how you can do the same, when you buy his course. This will be my eCom Blueprint Review.

Gabriel Shopify course is based around a ‘reveal it all’ case study that claims to show you the exact blueprint he used to generate over a million dollars in sales from one product. Alongside this is a Facebook mastermind group.

It’s important to note this does not appear to be a step by step course. If you’re looking for a course on how to start a drop shipping business or Shopify business then unfortunately you’re going to be out of luck here. It’s a self proclaimed ‘proven blueprint’ on helping intermediate drop shippers take things to another level.

Gabriel St Germain does have a large following on Youtube and he does offer lots of value in his free content.

eCom Blueprint Review

The course currently costs $297 and claims to be rising soon. Those on the distribution waitlist got a $100 discount.

You get access to 30 over the shoulder real life example videos.

ecom blueprint review

The sales page includes the usual Shopify dashboard screenshots with absolutely no mention of the costs involved. As usual with these ‘blueprints’ you’re shown the final revenue figure.

If you’re a viewer on his Youtube channel then you’ll know he discusses the costs of doing business.

So let’s say he made $1 million in sales. Are his product/s manufactured for free? Are his ads running for free?

Do pigs fly? Of course not and no one can make a million dollars with out some expenses. As usual they are simply forgotten on the sales page and mentioned later in the course once you’ve invested your money.

So the first point, Gabriel St-Germain clearly did NOT make $1 million dollars in profit from this case study.

If he did, then I’d suggest he clearly show us the expenses of running a business. Maybe this sales video will be updated on 7th.

Case Study Actual Income Exposed

I actually watched his video over here on the free case study video which does mention 20% net profit and it shows a 50% cost per conversion from FB ads. That is pretty standard but may seem high and would mean he spent over $500k on ads to make $1 million dollars. COGS i.e. Minus product costs, merchant fees, refunds, customer service, VA’s, fraud you’re probably talking another 30%.

Let’s assume we’re now down to 20% which is industry standard,

So 20% net as he stated- we can see it’s $200,000

At this point Gabriel calls this net profit which is total BS.

You cannot live in Canada and not pay taxes. Well you could but it would catch up with you fast enough. Assuming a sole trader, in Ontario you’d be paying $75,000 tax.

So $125,000

But we were sold on making a million dollars. See my point?

Regardless, for 5 months work those figures are impressive.

Same Case Study

It’s important to note that you will be buying access to a case study that hundreds of other people will probably buy. While you will most likely learn the traits about what worked vs what didn’t work and how you can replicate similar success, a case study doesn’t really help you.

Great, someone made a million dollars in sales. How are you going to do the same?

It comes down to testing new products, new ads, learning how to optimise your store, scaling strategies, influencers etc.

All these things are included in most Shopify drop shipping courses.

So do you really need to spend money on a case study that everyone else is going to buy?

Clearly Gabriel’s one product niche is dead now or else he wouldn’t be sharing it with the world.

Why Is He Selling A Course?

If you’ve just made a million dollars in 5 months and two million dollars over the last year, why in the world would you create a case study showing thousands of people how to copy your exact process for a couple hundred dollars? Either:

  • He doesn’t make anywhere near the amount mentioned (as above)
  • He is no longer using the scaling methods taught in the course
  • The product is dead.

Is eCom Blueprint Worth It?

It’s a case study and on February 7th all will be revealed. If you’re looking for a drop shipping course then this is definitely not for you based on the sales page. If you’re looking to read up on someone else’s success then definitely buy the course but just remember it’s likely a dead product so buying it for finding a winning product to copy is definitely not going to work.

Gabriel Shopify course is not really a course, it’s just him sharing his successful product and how he did it.

Gabriel has a few requirements before buying eCom Blueprint:

  • You must understand drop shipping and how to fulfil orders
  • Must know how to setup Shopify store
  • Understand the basics of online marketing
  • Must have watched his free course on Youtube.

My verdict on this course will be available on February 7th when the course drops. As for now, checkout the over 20 of the other drop shipping courses on the market.


Last Updated on February 1, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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