Dylan Academy Review: eCommerce Course Worth $497?

Are you here for our Dillon Academy review, which is a new Shopify dropshipping eCommerce course that focuses on Facebook ads to create mind blowing profitable stores. This is a new course that has been launched in 2020 and includes new methods to build high converting Shopify stores and highly profitable Facebook ads.

Today, we will be going through a review of Dillon Academy and exposing what exactly you get, what the video content is like, and ultimately whether I recommend you purchase this course or not.

The course is created by an online entrepreneur called Dylan Pearson who provides Insider access to his $160,000 per month Shopify store, where you will go behind the scenes into his current brand and see how he made this money.

Additionally, to that, you will get 10 hours of over the shoulder, step-by-step video training lessons, including topics such as Facebook advertising, store setup and scaling. 

Additionally to this, you get access to an exclusive Facebook membership group where you can communicate with other members in the course, and you also get lifetime access to any updates within the course as well.

Dylan Academy Course Cost

Dylan claims that the training is worth $5,000 however, you can take advantage all of a onetime special offer of $497 which he claims it is an almost plug and play system.

There is many different success stories on the sales page. It's clear he's actually selling training and is not promoting a scam product. 

Who is Dylan Pearson?

Dyan Pearson is a Youtube entrepreneur that has amassed a small following of 2,000 subscribers. Most of his videos are about Shopify, Facebook Ads and online business. 

He claims to be a United States based 26 year old, who has made over $650k via eCommerce in the last 12 months, allowing him to live and travel wherever he wants. 

Most of his videos look at topics about dropshipping such as creating ads in 2020, tips to convert traffic, scaling winning products, setting up an llc and tools for finding winning products.

Most videos only seem to get 500-1000 views which is quite a low number for this industry. 

Dylan Pearson has gone on to launch his own coaching and mentorship under the brand dylan.business. Additionally he's launched his eCommerce course under dylan.academy. 

Now it would be fair to say he knows his stuff after watching his Youtube videos. 

Why Buy Dylan Academy?

Dylan claims that the course is a huge difference over his YouTube channel where he creates free content and shares this with his subscribers. The course fully reveals his exact store, his exact advertisements and everything about his business, which is not shown on his YouTube channel.

‚ÄčI guess the main clincher here is that he uses real life examples to demonstrate the methods that he teaches you in the course.

Dylan Academy Review

dylan academy review

The course is structured into various different modules, which at the time of writing includes five different modules. The first being a pre-journey optimization, which includes four videos on the process of optimizing and getting the right mindset.

Now, regular readers to my blog know that I'm not a huge fan of courses that focus on mindset and provide lots of videos on this topic.

Personally, I think this is classified as filler content and is not actually beneficial to most people buying the course. Giving you just purchased a course for $500 you probably have the right mindset to start a business.

Module 1: Mindset 

In this module, you will learn about finding your optimal budget, how to align your mindset and goals, and how to optimize your lifestyle to accompany this, Dillon recommends that you purchase and read some additional books, and there's also some downloads here as well.

Module 2: Product Selection

In the next module, you will learn about high ticket product selection, and this includes four subtopics on finding the right products using a variety of different certified criteria's. Dylan then goes through the process of showing you his own research methods, which are very similar to some of the research tools and methods that I have mentioned in this post here.

You will then learn how to brainstorm ideas to find winning products. Finally, Dylan goes through the process and shows you that winning products do not exist, and in fact, you have to tailor a custom product to make it a winning product.

Module 3: Shopify Setup

The next module is called the Shopify Academy, and is basically and glorified module on creating your Shopify store branding and getting everything set up.

Videos in this section include creating a successful and powerful brand from the start, and there is a three-step branding process. Dylan then goes through the process of creating a Shopify store and how to deal with fulfillment and how you can use DSERS pro for automation order management. 

You then learn how to write product descriptions that will convert and help you with your sales. Yes, this is followed by a video on various different Shopify plugins that you can install, as well as how to set up email automation flows and an SMS bump automation flow. Lastly, you will learn how to create your Facebook page and ensure that this is set up correctly.

All fairly basic stuff in this section. However, as Dylan mentioned in the sales page, it does go into a lot more detail. However, after looking at a few of the videos in this section, I can safely say, you will find a lot of information like this on other people's YouTube channels for free.

Module 4: Facebook Ads

The next module looks at Facebook ads Academy and he's basically a 13 part series on Facebook ads. Initially, this goes through the process of building a sales funnel, using click funnels, and then how to set up your Facebook ad account.

Of course, you will install the Facebook pixel on your site and then you will learn how to get your ad account structure set up from the start so that you can quickly scale.

A lot of people get their accounts banned when they start to scale, but Dylan will guide you through the process on how to avoid this.

You will learn how to create custom conversion KPI columns within your Facebook ad manager. And you will also learn how to formulate a winning ad creative. You will then learn how to set up cost efficient audience testing, which is perfect for your initial launch strategy.

You will then learn how to optimize your pixel with audience testing and proving audience quality within your ads. Following this, you will learn how to optimize your ads further, how to create a profitable scaling campaign with automation and how to set up and integrate retargeting campaigns.

Lastly, there is a 10 minute introduction into a Google ads campaign.

Module 5: Business Operations

The next module looks at business operations, which is a two part series on outsourcing and creating a customer support team. There is a final video on how to avoid PayPal and Shopify holds additionally to this content. Obviously you get access to Dylan's store and his exact ads, which you can use for yourself.

Reasons Against Dylan Academy?.

This course is fairly expensive for the level of content within the course. You're effectively buying a case study which provides over the shoulder training.

Alongside this, you're getting access to Dylan's successful store. And successful ads. Now, if 500 people purchased his course and everybody sees the winning product, most of those people are going to go out and try and sell this exact product themselves. You see, most people copy, they don't be original.

Given that Dylan has created a course about a successful product, chances are the product is now obsolete or saturated. No one in their right mind is going to create a course for $500 and give away a winning product that is making $160,000 every month. Of course, this is revenue and not actually profit.

However, I still don't believe anyone that making serious coin is going to reveal their cash cow.

Chances are when you're actually reading and partaking in the case study, the mentioned product is no longer a winning product. The actual content for the training course is one of the shortest training courses I've seen in a long time for e-commerce, there is only 10 hours of content,across a few different modules including a fairly short Facebook ad section.

What about all the other different social media and marketing platforms that you could use and that are very important in my opinion.  


If you want to purchase an eCommerce case study, there are many different options available to you. Dylan Academy is simply showing you his winning product and his winning ad, with some ads training. 

This is no different to courses such as Gabriel St Germain, Chris King or Biaheza.

This is how most people think, 'I'll buy his case study, copy the product, the ad and funnel and I'll make $200k next week.' If that's your mindset, fool on you. 

No one in their right mind who is making $160,000 per month is going to give away a winning product to someone for $500. Additionally to this, the content in the training course is very short and only looks at Facebook ads.

If you're a beginner, just starting out, Facebook ads can be quite expensive, so you'd probably want to learn about other topics such as Google Ads, Google shopping, Instagram ads, Instagram influencers, Snapchat. Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google search engine optimization, which is free and can bring targeted traffic without spending a dime on advertising.

None of these topics are actually covered in Dillon Academy, which is very disappointing given you're purchasing a course for $497. I would recommend looking at some other alternatives when it comes to choosing a drop shipping or eCommerce store, such as one of the ones listed below.

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