Dropshipping University Review: Joe Staiber Course Worth $197?

Dropshipping University is a course created by Joe Staiber, a Youtube entrepreneur who claims to have gone from nothing to 7 figures, scaling his Shopify business.

The course currently costs $197 and is available on the Teachable platform. There is no payment plan available.

What is Dropshipping University?

Dropshipping University is a 20+ video series documenting the entire process Joe goes through when starting a new eCommerce business. You’ll learn the advanced method of store design and setup, as well as learn how to setup various marketing techniques such as Facebook Ads.

The course only looks at Shopify store setup, Facebook Ads and basic social media such as Influencers.

Who is Joe Staiber?

Dropping out of college, Joe became a dropshipper and started his first successful store within the first 8 months.

Joe Staiber claims to be one of the fastest growing professional dropshippers on the planet and has a new innovative approach to eCommerce.

According to TechMoneyTalks, those in the eCom world should know who he is, but I had to do some research as to who he really was.

Joe claims the secret to success is three steps, video views engagement, traffic retargeting and conversion sales.

Over on Instagram we can see he now runs a successful marketing agency called Staiber Consulting and he grows and teaches others how to grow their own businesses too.

Dropshipping University Review

dropshipping university review

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform which means videos look great whatever device you might be watching on, whether that’s mobile, desktop or tablet.

Video quality is decent and so is the audio quality. You can choose a range of different video qualities to suit your connection speed.

The course is split up into the following modules:

  • Introduction
  • Setting Up Shopify
  • Setting Up Social Media
  • Running Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Ads Breakdown
  • Creating Ads & Ad Copy
  • Facebook Ads Strategy.

It’s clear this course primarily focuses on Facebook Ads. This is good in that you get a wealth of knowledge on Facebook Ads, but if you were looking for other marketing platforms (and you should definitely be using others) then you’ll be solely disappointed.

Module 1: Setting Up Shopify

This first module goes through the process of setting up your Shopify store.

You’ll learn, through over the shoulder videos how to setup the back end of your store.

This then goes on to show you how to install and configure apps and code on your site.

Then you’ll learn about how to find winning products. Personally this section was very short and lacked a lot of content. Tools such as Sell The Trend can dramatically help you find winning products and should be considered, but weren’t included in the training.

Next up was videos on creating collections and tagging products, home page setup and editing your theme colors.

Again there was no mention of a premium theme such as eCom Turbo which would help speed up the process.

Module 2: Setting Up Social Media

I feel this section could have been improved however you’ll learn how to setup Instagram and integrate your Facebook pixel and business page.

There’s a video on Influencer posts and linking business pages together.

Lastly there is a video on getting sales before advertising.

Module 3: Running Facebook Ads

The next section looks at Facebook Ads and the basics around running ads effectively.

Again over the shoulder, you’ll learn how to create targeted Facebook audiences, how to create well targeted Facebook campaigns and how to use audience insights.

You’ll also learn how to retarget using custom and lookalike audiences.

Lastly there is videos on scaling and how to understand the concept correctly.

Module 4: Facebook Ads Breakdown

This module dives deeper into the world of Facebook Ads with videos on FB vocabulary, the value ladder and awareness.

There is detailed videos on traffic objective, engagement objectives as well as lead generation, conversion and catalog sales.

Lastly there is a video on Facebook rules.

Module 5: Creating Ads & Ad Copy

This module actually looks at setting up ads through the entire process.

You’ll learn how to setup an ad, find the perfect audience and create professional ad copy.

You also learn how to spy on top sellers and implement what’s working for them in your own store.

Module 6: Facebook Ads Strategy

The last module is about creating an engagement ad and split testing.

There’s also videos on setting up dynamic product ads (DPA’s) and creating custom and lookalike audiences to retarget.

Refund Policy

Unlike most courses, the refund policy is fair and can be made within 30 days regardless of how much content you’ve watched.

Simply reach out to them, coaching services are non refundable.

Final Verdict

It’s a really good Facebook Ads course, that’s what I see Dropshipping University as, as there is no other marketing methods mentioned in the course. It’s clear Joe knows his stuff and makes money from his own Facebook Ad campaigns.

I think the course was originally created last year or prior as some of the videos reference older areas of Facebook that has now changed. If you compare this course to someone of the best Facebook Ad courses out there, you’d be hard pressed to find a better one.

However, and for me, it’s a big issue. There are other courses out there that cost the same and go into much more detail on other areas of digital marketing such as Google Ads, Google Shopping, Snapchat, Pinterest, Bing Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Search Engine Optimization which I believe are crucial for successful eCommerce beginners.

If you compare this course to eCom Elites which is the same price ($197) there is over 3 times the content on various topics (read my review here) mentioned above.



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