Dropshipping Titans Review: Paul Joseph eBay Course

It’s been a while since I’ve seen a drop shipping course with a focus on eBay dropshipping with Paypal however that’s exactly what Paul Joseph has decided to launch. He’s created, promoted and coached a bunch of people into starting an eBay drop shipping business.

eBay drop shipping worked well ten years ago, heck that’s how I made my first $100,000 online when I still had 4 years left in high school, selling dvds and electronics from drop shippers, but can you really make money on eBay in 2018 from drop shipping?

The problem I and ultimately thousands of other sellers, faced in early 2010 was that the same drop shipper would go to eBay and undercut us all behind our backs to simply sell more units. Chinese drop shippers then arrived and smashed everyone’s prices out of the water with free worldwide shipping…

That’s what kicked off Shopify drop shipping as you don’t need to compete with other sellers, you can reword text and titles to sell similar products at higher prices and offer a wide variety of addons and upsells, which eBay simply does not support.

Regardless, let’s see what Paul Joseph’s course, Drop Shipping Titans is all about. To get your foot through the door it’ll cost you $247 or 3 payments of $99 so it makes sense to buy the course outright. The course is built on the teachable platform so the website is responsive and looks great on both mobile and desktop.

Dropshipping Titans Review

Dropshipping Titans Review

Okay so the first thing you’ll probably see when you’re reading through the sales page is the hype about escaping the rat race and ditching the 9-5. Pretty standard in a drop shipping course these days, but there is no flashy Paypal screenshots or eBay profiles to make you green with envy.

The promotional video is well produced and does well to convince you that Paul knows his stuff. The one thing that caught me out was he says he makes $10,000 per month in the video and then the sales page says he does $15,000 per month.

The next issue I have with eBay and it’s mentioned absolutely no where on the sales page is the limits imposed by the platform for new sellers. If you’re just starting out you have to prove yourself on the platform. Gone are the days where you could list 50,000 products from a drop shipper and make bank.

New sellers are actually limited to selling 10 items per week. Yep 10!

And when you hit your sales limit you have to go through a bunch of hoops to get that limit increased. Why do you think eBay focuses on existing ‘powersellers’ rather than new startups?

The next problem I see is when Paul is going through his Paypal screenshot video there is a brief pause when he reloads the page between January 2018 and his 2017 sales (Go to 1:35 in the video). I’m not going to call him out here but that brief pause was unnatural and looked like the figures could potentially have been altered using ‘Inspect Element’ to look better than they actually were.

Dropshipping Titans Course Content

So now that I’ve signed up for my account, you can get access to all the content modules right away, there’s no drip feed here or waiting around. Here’s what you get access too:

  • Over seventy five on-demand training videos
  • 18 modules that walk you step-by-step through
  • Access to private Titans Tribe Facebook Mastermind group (426 students)
  • Bonus: Downloadable customer service scripts
  • Bonus: Advanced modules to help you scale.

Video Modules 1-3

The first module shows us his $150,000 sales revenue for the last 30 days between December 2017 and January 2018 which is impressive, again this is simply a website that was preloaded before the video began and there was no refreshing. Honestly this grinds my ears, if you’ve got nothing to hide login live on video and show us the figures!

Next is the first proper module, called the basics and is a four part series telling you all about drop shipping. Chances are you already knew or know what that is as you’re looking for a drop shipping course.

I did have a chuckle about the one minute video titled, ‘what is eBay?’ – honestly?

Next is a module dedicated to Paypal and what exactly it is and why you need it. Okay I get it more people probably haven’t heard about this but again these videos are rather basic and could be all joined into one longer video.

Do take note that his guided Paypal setup is only good for US citizens, if you’re from Australia for example you’re probably going to need an ABN number before you sign up or you’ll quickly hit Paypal account limitations for businesses.

Module 4

Next there’s a section on setting up your eBay store, the first video is so basic I think an eight year old could complete it and then it goes on to business policies setup. Again if you’re a non American this section will look completely different so Paul hasn’t really thought about an international audience here, instead focusing on US students only.

Module 5-15

Okay I’m not going to go into huge detail here as these ten modules go through the entire process of setting up your eBay business, everything from creating listings and setting up layouts to title optimisation, processing orders and handling feedback. If you’ve ever used eBay before you’ve probably played around with most of these features before.

Module 20

Finally a module on how to actually find products to drop ship. I was begining to think this course was suppose to be called, ‘How to setup an eBay business 101’ rather than how to copy Paul make $15,000 per month which is what the sales page led us to believe right?

I was actually confused, Paul spends 3 minutes talking about which products to sell and then there was no supplier research or product souring? Paul recommends using HomeDepot to find product inspiration..

Oh by the way, you quickly find out that Paul is drop shipping from Walmart to eBay, it would appear gift cards. Wait for it.. If you’re an international business you can’t even checkout on Walmart as they’ll block your IP address and cancel all your orders.


I’m confused as the sales page doesn’t match the course content. Did Paul forget to include all the videos that shows him making $15,000 per month and how we can replicate that? I just watched 75 videos on how to setup an eBay account, Paypal account, creating a listing, get product ideas from Home Depot and then basic administration tasks such as removing bad feedback and optimizing listings.

Isn’t that what every casual eBay seller does by default? Where’s the golden nuggets that were promised such as the step by step system to make $15k per month?

Disappointed is the word here, yes there’s lots of content for $247 but it’s content that’s freely available on Youtube from hundreds of other vloggers.


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  1. Unfortunately as an experienced eBay seller, this was pretty much what I’ve found too. I still find no way at all to get to what he’s making. The more I read on the FB postings about that level of dropshipping, it just seems to be a lot of problems with the different sites cancelling your orders or being out of stock and issues with software. He’s obviously a very smart guy but the vast majority of the course is just information on how to set up an eBay business and is short on the actual how-to of finding any items you can make more than a few dollars on at a time.

  2. Sadly, when I inquired about 1-to-1 coaching. Paul just directed me to his course. That was disappointing. I didn’t want to buy the course for loads of things I have done already. I would rather spend my money wisely, which I felt was by asking questions that apply to my specific situation. Anyway, I take what he puts out with a grain of salt now. Thanks for the review!

    • I’m not a devote or a back of his, though I am looking at purchasing his course. But he does offer on his page a 1 on 1 coaching as part of the package. At least as of today (price for the course changes on At midnight of Saturday, August 18, 2018) I think it was about $450 for the course plus the 1 on 1 coaching.

  3. Going through Paul’s course now and its actually been really helpful for me as a newbie to the business. I appreciate the thorough review though.

    As for the dropshipping course you recommend… do you receive any financial compensation when people buy it?

  4. His claims are bullshit, I have literally scoured all the home depot dropshippers on eBay and there are like 3-5 doing over $100k a month gross sales and none of them are making over 10% profit. It was possible a year ago, but now with all the competition there is absolutely no way anyone is going to make 10%+ profit you’ll be lucky to make a steady 5% profit on the front end.

    Those big sellers are losing money on the front end and making all their money on the back end through cashback. Those new to dropshipping will not be able to make it this way unless they have a huge amount of capital. He gets people excited because they list 100 items with a 20%-40% markup and they make a few sales. In the long run this method is just not viable to make a living because all the experienced dropshippers now are changing their prices to pretty much break even or less to make money on the back end. Sure you can have thousands of listings at a 20%-40% markup, but there is no way you’ll be making any more than a few thousand in gross sales.

    His “proof” income report from December to January is unsustainable now if not just straight up lies. He says he did $195000 in sales with a cost of goods of $150000? That’s a markup of 30%, there is NOBODY marking up their sales 30% and making any real money on eBay let alone making $15000+ profit. Just look at any big brand item from Home Depot, Ryobi for example and you’ll see all the heavy hitters are marking their prices up 12%, which is a loss of profit on the front end.

    Just wanted to rant and hopefully save some peoples time and money. I’m not saying dropshipping is impossible or unrealistic you can definitely make a living off of it. I currently am, it just takes a lot of hard work and time. But $10000-$15000 a month profit? Forget about that, it’ll take at least a year if not 2 to be making that kind of money. Oh btw, he’s making more money off selling his course then he is selling on eBay I’ll bet you that, last time I saw his “buy” counter he had sold his course over 800 times. Whats 800 times $247? Yeah, I’m probably just hating, wish I had thought of making a dropshipping course and lied to everyone about how I make a million dollars a month and then actually make a million selling my course.

    • Would you be willing to teach someone how to make sales/ money your way? I would be willing to pay for the set-up, education etc for a price. Let me know – I’m very trainable!

  5. Please don’t fall for Pauls course! He sings a sweet song, but it’s mostly lies. I will tell you the honest truth about drop shipping on eBay, it does not work. First let me start off by saying, Paul is making most of his money from selling his course that doesn’t work. At the current time he has close to 2,000 members @ $297 for the COURSE, that’s $594,000 That’s over a half a million dollars he made in pure profit from his course. He has also started coaching for $447. So what do you think the money is in? NOT DROP SHIPPING! BUT SELLING COURSES AND INFORMATION!

    The huge numbers you see Paul bragging about in drop shipping is mostly not profit. In drop shipping you have to buy a product from a retailer and mark it up a few dollars or so. After eBay, Paypal fees, software and taxes if you’re not tax exempt you will be lucky to profit 20 cents, if you are super lucky, maybe a dollar and I’m not joking! Also all the software that you use for drop shipping has major issues. One of the many issues is it doesn’t reprice in time so when you go to purchase the item that a customer has bought from you the price has already gone up on the retailers site making you lose several dollars on each order, it happens a lot! Another thing is you have to have thousands of items listed to get just a few sales a day! Also, everyone is listing the same items as you, so it’s a race to the bottom with each seller lowering their price to where there is no profit at all left.

    With the few sales you might be making, you will start getting returns and customers trying to scam you to get a free item. With eBays policies you are responsible for everything and you lose and the customer almost always wins.

    Most retailers don’t like drop shippers and if you are returning many items, you will get your account taken away.

    The lies and the down right greed from these online scammers make me sick! Paul is taking advantage of innocent people that want a real way to make money and live a happy life. The only one who is making money and living a happy life is Paul from selling his course that just doesn’t work. In the Facebook group you will see just about every single member freaking out about not making any sales. Out of the 2000 member there has yet to be anyone making anything close to what Paul claims he makes. So what do the odds look like for you??? Drop ship and you will lose. I hope I can save someone the disappointment, stress and heartache that this course will cause you. Trust me, drop shipping will not work for you. eBay is dead, Amazon is where everyone shops for the most part. And no, I’m not an angry Titan customer, just read through the thousands of posts from the 2000 members in the Titans Facebook group, you will run so fast away from this course, it’s not even funny. The sad part is the way most of us think…. we think that maybe we will be the one who makes it with the course. It’s human nature and Paul feeds off of people like us.

    • I some how bought the course for only 127.00 THANK GOODNESS! He has good information on how to actually set up a drop shipping business but its not worth more than $99.00 IMO. Selling this course to individuals that are novice to the ecommerce industry is just plain wrong.

      If anyone is reading this..there is a lot of FREE information on Youtube. I’ve been selling online since 2008 and I love it. However my passion has been sales and retail for the past 20 years. Just like any business you must love it to be successful. This industry involves sales, investing into the business, customer service, etc… Selling online is retail and its not easy.

  6. Honestly I felt a lot of his info is from his free videos what was most benefitcal for me was the step by step tax document part which I found helpful his tips and tricks okay those are in his free videos. His detailed info on how he does it it’s not so detailed and vague. Customer services scripts helpful. I would say 3.5 stars.

  7. If this man fudged some of his numbers to sell his course he isn’t doing anything that isn’t being done everyday. Every commercial on tv stretches the truth to some degree. It doesn’t mean he’s a fraud. Just a savvy salesman. I believe his course will organize & sychronize information about the business of drop shipping in a away that is incremental and cumulative which works best for me. As a newby trying to gather what I need to know in bits & pieces jumping from one random YT video to another is confusing and exhausting. When I finish the course I think Ill be in a better position to utilize information available on YouTube because Ill have the basics down. Clearly Paul is highly intelligent and has used the knowledge he’s gained to make him lots of money. I wish I was that smart when I was his age.

  8. OK, i found his course through here you should check it out. But Ebay is dead guys. First of all this should be called retail arbitrage because all we are doing is copying and pasting other items from RETAILER STORES. But lets say you found the item you want to sell, great other people will be copying your item and your sales price so it will just be a power struggle. So i tried doing that with Ali express and surprise surprise there are wholesalers on Ebay too. Not to mention the low profit margins due to other shipping expenses and eBay+paypal fees. Not a good way to make profit. If you were to do retail arbitrage, it would be better on Amazon because it is the #1 online retail platform. But like I said, it would be a waste time tugging for a power struggle.

  9. You know what’s weird, he goes by Paul J. Lipsky now, it’s like he’s trying to hide his old identity of Paul Joseph perhaps?

    Also my friend had this original course from 2018, the one you reviewed and I recently looked through some of it. It was a huge red flag for me when I saw the video titled “What is eBay?” And also the fact that the videos are all extremely short in length!!


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