Dropship Unlocked Review: Lewis Smith UK eCom Course

Are you looking for a Dropship Unlocked review, a course by Lewis Smith, who claims to be a UK dropshipper who can help you start a UK or EU business selling high ticket products?

Today I'll be looking into who Lewis Smith is, what you're ultimately buying into, how good the training is and whether you can actually make money in this business model. 

I'm not an affiliate for Dropship Unlocked, so you can be confident that I'm going to give you the best possible guidance, without getting credited for doing so! 

dropship unlocked review

What is Dropship Unlocked?

This is the paid training upsell you'll be invited to buy if you sit through the webinar on 'How to launch a UK dropshipping business without using Aliexpress, eBay or Social Media Ads.' 

The webinar is available for anyone to watch, but it's not live, it's pre-recorded. The way to tell is that it's actually starting in the next few minutes. 

On the face of it, there's no mention of the price, instead interested parties are requested to schedule a free coaching call to see if they are suitable for the program. 

From my own independent research, this is around 3,000 pounds or $3,600. It's a similar price to courses such as Drop Ship Lifestyle or eCom Warrior Academy, but it makes sense, as Lewis is actually a student from Anton Kraly's course. 

Who is Lewis Smith?

Lewis Smith is a public figure who has a large social media following. Most of these likes are from countries outside the EU, places such as Nigeria and India. 

That tells us a lot about his following, but we can't really say they are fake. You would think a public figure would have UK followers though right? 

He doesn't appear to have a Youtube channel. Instagram he has 42 followers. 

Lewis is/was good friends with Johnny FD and Anton Kraly, and has spoken on at events in Thailand called the Nomad Summit, about high ticket dropshipping. 

Now though, he's offering his own course and teaching, all be it at a highly expensive price that most people would struggle to afford. 

However, as a consumer it's up to you to pay what you feel it's worth and below I'll give you a run down on what he's actually offering. 

Dropship Unlocked Testimonials

The sales page includes a lot of testimonials for this course, and most are video's or images. The last names of all the students have been removed, so doing research on these individuals was impossible. 

A lot of these were celebrating a single order of say £1,263 or £3339, which is a pretty expensive product. These were backed up with claims of £200 profit and £800 for the latter. 

I'm not a huge fan of screenshot testimonials. Anyone can create a test order in their store and claim this is a genuine sale, but as an on-looker we can't fact check that. 

Additionally, anyone could get 1 sale for $2,000 after spending $2,000 on ads, but given the product price, they actually lost money.

So do your own research. 

Dropship Unlocked Review

The course and coaching promises a lot and it looks pretty impressive. I really like the branding for the course, but ultimately branding is a form of marketing, not drop shipping. 

The program is called a 'masterclass' and it's a 6 week online coaching program featuring live coaching calls with Lewis and other successful eCommerce entrepreneurs. 

I think the correct term here is live Q&A sessions, where you can ask questions weekly. Additionally you get 2 x coaching calls 1-2-1. 

The program is 100% online so you can work from anywhere in the world, however it has a strong focus on the UK, so if you're overseas, probably not for you. 

Dropship Unlocked claims to offer lifetime updates

Masterclass Content

The course is laid out in 6 simple modules and you're suppose to complete one per week.

I was unable to confirm if you get instant access or it's delayed over the weeks, but as Lewis says, 'it's a marathon, not a sprint' you probably shouldn't rush. 

In terms of the content and modules itself, I found them pretty short in all honesty. Given the huge price of the course, I was expecting a complete A-to-Z approach. 

The videos are all filmed in 1080P HD quality and are responsive, allowing you to watch on any platform or device you'd like. 

Bonus Content

You'll get access to the following content: 

  • Supplier contact scripts
  • Facebook community group
  • Tools and resources
  • Store launch checklist
  • Ad accelerator package
  • 2 x weekly coaching calls
  • Weekly live Q&A calls.

Benefits to Dropship Unlocked?

This course is definitely an option if you're from the UK and were considering a high ticket course such as Dropship Lifestyle.

We know that Lewis previously was a student for that course and has obviously had some success with dropshipping. But like most course creators, why are they making a course if their own business is so lucrative? 

The course focuses specifically on the UK and how you can work with UK based suppliers to dropship. This avoids dealing with Chinese sellers on Aliexpress. 

Additionally the course is much more relevant, such as dealing with VAT, taxes and following the laws of the UK and EU. You definitely won't find that in a US focused course. 

This is more of a coaching course, than a typical run of the mill course. You do get live coaching calls and weekly Q&A sessions. 

Additionally you get lifetime updates but as with most courses, this can't really be enforced as once your refund period ends, you can't tell if they'll actually do it or not. 

Disadvantages of Dropship Unlocked

The first major issue is the price, it's crazy! In fact it's one of the most expensive courses out there and there's limited information online to justify this price.

Was Lewis a major dropshipper with years of experience? If so what's his stores? We're never really told so we can only assume he's genuine. 

Getting into the course is also difficult. You've got to watch the training, then apply online using a 16 step process to try and get in the door, even then you're not guaranteed to get in. 

I felt the actual training was limited too, 6 short weeks to building a 6-7 figure business? Plus only 2 coaching calls given the huge price? 

Lastly the course is irrelevant to you if you're outside the UK. 


If you're struggling for money, please don't spend your last £3,000 on this course. You can quite easily find a similar dropshipping course for a fraction of that. 

Remember you still need money to pay for ads, test your products and actually creating your store. So you will actually need a lot more money than that £3k to actually make any money with your dropship business. 

Expensive courses don't equal better training. They often are priced this way to help pay for the millions of ads they are running to get new students. 

You can see plenty of courses starting from $197 on my best dropshipping courses guide. I've spent over 2 years putting this together, to help people like you. 

Last Updated on May 13, 2020 by Rhys Dale