Dropified Review: The One Tool Every Drop Shipper Needs

When you’re building a Shopify drop ship store, order fulfillment is always on the back of your mind. Processing a few orders per day is fine but what happens when your store starts generating hundreds or thousands of sales per day? Fortunately there is a powerful app that integrates with Shopify that solves this called Dropified.

dropified review

A large percentage of drop shippers are using Aliexpress to ship their products directly to consumers, never sighting the goods they are actually selling. This allows them to list and sell millions of different products without investing a single penny in inventory.

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Focusing on Facebook Ads, a winning campaign could bring thousands of sales within hours or days and manually processing these orders would take forever. You could hire a virtual assistant but this requires training and placing your trust in someone to not screw up.

This is where Dropified comes in, integrating with your store and your Aliexpress account you can automatically process orders you’ve received with your supplier. You merely have to click the mouse once to auto complete an order. When the supplier ships the product/s to your customer and uploads a tracking number, Dropified will automatically update your customer.

If this sounds familiar you’ll probably have heard of a similar app called Oberlo. This is a free alternative but they have severe limitations and it’s definitely not as straight forward as clicking the mouse to complete an order.

Dropified Review

How It Works

Dropified works in two parts, a chrome extension and the app itself which is accessible through your Shopify dashboard. The chrome extensions allows you to go to Aliexpress products and with one click import them into your store. You can choose which fields you import, photos and much more.

You can also see crucial information such as the sellers which are using ePacket only which is vital to ensure customers receive their orders within 3 weeks. This will save you many hours opening each product page to check shipping times.

If you’re building a niche store then Dropified will allow you to easily import 100’s of products at once into your Shopify. Simply choose the niche or product type and select products and Dropified will handle the rest.

Supported Suppliers

Dropified supports a wide range of suppliers, not just Aliexpress which is great if you’re actually using another drop shipper. Some of these companies include,

AliExpress, AliBaba, ShineOn, Amazon (.com .co.uk, .de, .fr), eBay (.com .co.uk), Tmart, SammyDress, DHGate, Wish, Walmart, Etsy, Costco, Overstock, Banggood, Blinq, Teespoon, LAShowroom, Sunfrog, FashionGo, Kmart, Tmall, Wanelo, Taobao, ToysRus, Target, GearBest, WayFair, NotOnTheHighStreet, AllStarHealth, QVC / QVC UK, Staples, Vat19, Crazy8, FastTech, WholeSaleVapor, CapellaFlavors, SheIn, plus 10 more.

What You Can Do

You can choose the pricing structure that best suits your business. For example adding a specific markup and Dropified will handle the rest and all product pricing will reflect this. Want a specific ending like $X.95 or X.99?

Dropified also handles the variants and will import them exactly as they appear in Aliexpress. This allows you to process orders automatically and they’ll match the suppliers SKU’s when the order goes through.

You can also import photos and choose to keep the title tags or update them to your own. This is perfect for search engine optimization which Shopify lacks.

Dropified allows you to view products which ship from the United States, which is a new feature implemented by Aliexpress in the past few months showing sellers who’ve imported products already to speed up delivery times to your customer. With DHL Express customers can receive items within one week.

The auto tracking updates are a good feature and ensure you never have to worry about logging into Aliexpress and updating tracking numbers. I recommend integrating with Zapier and Paypal to add tracking numbers for Paypal orders automatically too.

Out of Stock Notifcations

This is the biggest reason why Dropified is worth every penny as you can get notifications when products are no longer in stock over at Aliexpress. Dropified will actually remove the products from public ordering as well if you require.

You’ll also be notified if the price changes so you can update your own product pricing on Shopify ensuring you don’t get screwed over when the auto processing goes through.

Professional Training/Support

The biggest reason to use Dropified is the training videos to get started and the high levels of support. As they aren’t a free tool you are actually paying someone to provide the support and they do this very well indeed.

This is a major flaw in Oberlo, if you hit a roadblock you’re pretty much on your own.

Dropified Pricing

This pricing is correct as of March 2018. There are many old reviews out there from 2016 and 2017 when they had a Startup plan which was around $9 per month. This has been removed due to the number of features now available.

$47 per month is quite a lot more than Oberlo however you can use Aliexpress cashback services with Dropified which allows you to get up to 8% back on each transaction. This is why Oberlo is free as they claim the cashback (affiliate sale) on each transaction.

The $47 plan is good until you have two stores then you should update to the unlimited plan for as many stores as you require. These is no limitations on either plan as to the features you’re entitled too.

There is no minimum commitment with Dropified pricing and you can cancel whenever you like.

One Click Order Processing

Currently this is only available when using Aliexpress.com. If you plan on using another drop shipper (they offer around 30+ platforms) then you’ll need to manually process the orders.

Dropified vs Oberlo Comparison

  • Dropified is designed with all the Pro Features you need to run your drop shipping business on Shopify using AliExpress.
  • Dropified is far ahead of the competition with dozens of time saving drop shipping features.
  • Oberlo lacks several key features such as easily Switching VendorsCaptcha Solver, Image Editors3 Order Modes, and Importing Ali Reviews.
  • Dropified support offers live chat support and a lots of training to guide you through the process.
  • Dropified empowers you to manage all of your stores in one dashboard and add sub users with detailed permissions to help manage your stores.

My Dropified Comments

I’ve been using this app for the last year and it’s definitely one of the best apps you can purchase and at $47 it’s absolute steal as you’ll end up saving hundreds of hours of manual labor processing and updating orders.

You can also import products from 30 different platforms within seconds thanks to the Google Chrome Extension which is a great addition to the order fulfillment.

Compared with Oberlo, Dropified offers far more features and offers a true one click processing feature whereas Oberlo doesn’t.

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