Drop Shipping Australia Best Courses To Learn eCommerce?

So you want to learn eCommerce? Drop Shipping Australia is becoming more and more common as people start side hustles to supplement their day jobs. Living in Sydney or Melbourne is becoming more and more expensive and 1 in 4 people are now doing more than one job to make ends meet.

You could drive an Uber, freelance, do some cash jobs or you could work from home using your laptop and be open for business 24×7 with limited overheads.

That’s what you can expect from drop shipping.

You may have heard about this term from the media, it seems every month there’s a success story out there about Mr X who made $200k selling products he didn’t own and simply had a supplier ship them to his customers under his own brand and packaging.

What is drop shipping and why is it so lucrative?

If you look at a traditional web store, you’d buy stock and then hope someone buys it. If it doesn’t sell you’re wiping that stock off your profits. You’ll then try again and hope the next batch sells. Again if it doesn’t then you’ve lost more money.

Drop Shipping allows you to sell products you don’t actually own, never will see and probably would never use, to customers all over the world. You list a suppliers products on your own website, drive traffic, get a sale and then go to the supplier website and fulfil the order, pocketing the difference.

The easiest example is to list product X for $100 on your own website, that costs $50 on supplier A’s website. You’d make $50 on each sale, and then the supplier will package, ship and track your order direct to the customer.

When the customer receives the product, there’s no packaging information or invoice, thus they believe you have fulfilled their order as requested.

If there is any problems or refunds then your supplier will handle those too, making this a very lucrative way to make money online with nothing more than a bank account, website and internet connection.

Drop Shipping really does allow any one with a few hundred dollars to start their own internet business from anywhere in the world.

Is drop shipping legal in Australia?

Yes, drop shipping is a perfectly legal business model in Australia. You’ll find many companies in Australia offer drop shipping opportunities. Even if a supplier doesn’t specifically mention they offer such services on their website, you can always pick up the phone and find out!

Business isn’t easy so do your homework, find a suitable supplier and network.

You can also use international drop shipping platforms such as Aliexpress and ship your products to customers all over the world. This is often the easiest way to start drop shipping and requires minimal startup capital too.

Drop Shipping Australia Best Courses

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drop shipping australia best courses
Product Winner Blueprint

1. Product Winner Blueprint (Tristan Broughton)

What better way to learn drop shipping and eCommerce than from an Australian called Tristan Broughton. The course costs $397 and includes over 75 videos in multiple modules on everything you need to know to start a successful business.

Given Tristan is based in Australia, it’s easy to see how his course would benefit you if you live in Australia too. The principles and lessons can be applied worldwide, the business setup would be relevant to Australian’s only.

You get access to a wealth of information including high quality videos, an exclusive Facebook mastermind group and weekly live calls. Tristan is a master of Google Shopping and combining this course with his Google Ads course will boost your knowledge even further too.

I’ve done a full review on his course over here, or you can checkout the sales page here.

eCom Elites

2. eCom Elites (Franklin Hatchett)

This is hands down the best drop shipping course for the cheapest price in the market right now and is created by a New Zealander called Franklin Hatchett. You get access to over 200 videos of nearly 40 hours of content on drop shipping, product selection, Facebook Ads, Instagram Influencers, SEO and everything in between.

I’ve reviewed my fair share of courses and it would be very easy to simply recommend a $5000 course that gives you absolutely no value whatsoever to simply make money. It just so happens that Ecom Elites is only $197 or $297 for full access (The more expensive one comes with more modules). You also get access to a Facebook mastermind group and weekly live videos.

It’s an absolute goldmine of information for anyone starting a drop shipping business with Shopify that doesn’t want to break the bank.

Join the thousands of other students who chose Ecom Elites or read this full in depth review.

3. Shopify Ninja Masterclass (Kevin David)

It’s a very popular course but quite pricey for those on a budget. Would suit people who are buying into the ‘Kevin David’ brand and know how powerful his content and value is. You get access to over 65 videos across five modules on starting a Shopify drop shipping business. You get a bunch of bonuses and live weekly training plus a very powerful Facebook mastermind group. If you’re looking for a premium course then check it out.

Checkout the full review here or visit the sales page here.

Now you know the best courses for drop shipping Australia has to offer. Have you discovered another course you think would be a good fit or want to include a comment then do so below.

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  1. Hi, what do you think about Adrian Morison`s ESA training?
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    • Expensive, overpriced and pretty much the same as the low priced courses.
      You’ll see lots of affiliates raving about it due to the 50% cut.


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