Digital World Summit Review: Is Vince Tang Legit?

Thinking of attending the Digital World Summit? Not sure what you expect? Here's our review on Vince Tang's event with 16 of the world's top digital marketers. 

But is it worth it, or it is it another overhyped course? Let's find out.

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What is Digital World Summit?

Digital World Summit is a virtual summit targeted at small businesses, entrepreneurs and others in the business industry. This Summit brings in 16 of the best marketing experts from around the globe. 

There are business coaches, marketing experts and product launch consultants. This is an all-in-one course that covers every aspect of business from crowd funding, traffic and e-commerce.

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Besides the technical aspects, this Summit also features motivational speeches from Vince Tan and other individuals. Values pertaining to both personal and professional fields are provided to help foster growth amongst entrepreneurs.

Digital World Summit provides expert knowledge to help entrepreneurs and business owners grow. It is regarded as one of the top forums to not only learn, but network among individuals and international companies.

Who is Vince Tan?

Vince Tan is the main driving force behind Digital World Summit. Tan is a Malaysian entrepreneur, and is currently the CEO of Shock Media Studio. Shock Media Studio is among the top digital media agencies situated in Asia.

He is incredibly well-established and has invested in more than 100 e-commerce businesses. He is also an expert in crowdfunding, where he gathered the most funds for a business venture in Malaysia, a record he still holds to this day.

Tan always had a passion from web designing from a young age, and went to university for software engineering. He became a lecturing at his university while also starting his web design business as a side hustle. He was in the process of getting a master’s degree before turning the focus onto his business.

Tan has received recognition for his business expertise. In 2016, he was named in The Top 100 Most Influencing Young Entrepreneur. He was also a Top 30 Finalist for Ten Outstanding Young Malaysians in 2015. Tan is widely regarded as one of the top motivational speakers. He has given speeches in more than 20 cities across the globe.

What’s included in the Digital World Summit?

Digital World Summit consists of 20 lessons which may vary in content depending on the schedule. Students are provided with knowledge concerning social media, webinars, e-commerce and crowdfunding. This is an intensive course that is designed for beginners and well-established business owners alike. 

Digital World Summit normally runs for 5 days, depending on the dates available, and also offers online training and replays available for offline viewing.

There are instructors from around the world. David Schloss from the United States teaches how to employ Facebook and Instagram to market products. There is also Vanda Chan from Malaysia and Jon Penberthy from the United Kingdom who show how to utilise social media.

There are also several marketing experts on hand. Andrew Tan from Singapore and Abdullah Ashraf from the United Kingdom provide insider knowledge on how to reach targeted audiences.

Samit Patel, who is also from the United Kingdom is a crowdfunding expert who is also on the panel. Uncle Tiger and Aqif from Malaysia provide tips on how to efficiently and effectively release products.

One of the most special guests is Sebastian Beja from Mexico who has helped build 7-figure businesses. His expert knowledge in free traffic and social media platforms has helped individuals from the across the globe. In Digital World Summit, Beja teaches all aspects of free traffic.

For personal development, Michael Teoh teaches how to build a success mindset. Video Persuasion is instructed by Eric Graham. Dennis Sims is on the board, and provides lessons on online funnel.

This Summit includes access to the Mastermind Club and 3 sessions from Tan himself. The Mastermind Club is a community that helps like-minded individuals foster and receive expert support. It is also an area to network with peers from around the globe.

How much does the course cost?

Total access for the course can be normally purchased for RM26,798 or $9000 AUD. However, it is now available for RM299 or around $100 USD. This includes membership to the Mastermind Club and full-access to lessons provided by the instructors, and sessions by Tan.

MasterCard and Visa cards are accepted as payments. Banks from Malaysia are supported, including RHB and Bank Islam. Payment by FPX is also accepted. All payment methods are secured by SSL encryption.

Digital World Summit has a 30-day money back guarantee.

Any testimonials for the course?

Testimonials can be viewed on the Digital World Summit Facebook page. It has been described as an eye-opener for both young professionals and well-seasoned ones alike.


It's obviously a course aimed at Malaysians given the local price rather than USD. I'd definitely not pay $9,000 for this course but at $100 it's definitely a bargain. The course content, and masterclass replays as well as training sessions are worth this money. I have to say until I did some research I hadn't heard of any of the 16 marketers in the training (except Jon Penberthy), maybe they are popular in Malaysia. 

Definitely checkout Digital World Summit if you want to learn from digital business builders.


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  1. Don’t waste money on this scam, his lesson is all about teaching you how he scam and apply to your future business. All his so called “Gurus” youtube channel not even convincing. All his profile is backed by his own keyboard warrior.


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