The Digital Gangsta Review: Julie Stoian Course Worth It?

The Digital Gangsta is a $1,997 digital marketing masterclass course taught by Julie Stoian but going into 2019 is it really worth the huge price tag to learn internet marketing skills or should you look elsewhere? Today you’re going to read my digital gangsta review which shows you what you get and whether I think it’s worth it.

The course claims to be Julie Stoian’s life work inside a program. A course ‘that took the better part of six months to build, and years to learn’. Julie recons if you want to become a digital marketer or make a team member a marketer, this is the program for you. Regardless, I actually thought the course was quite short.

Julie claims It will save you thousands of dollars instead of buying other crap courses. The Digital Gangsta covers ads, copy, lead generation, funnel building, launching, social media, business building, mindset, and more.

The Digital Gangsta Review

the digital gangsta review

If you decide to signup you need to drop $1997 or 9 installments of $249 and for most people considering the course it’s probably at the top end of digital marketing courses on the market. However, you can definitely get value from this course especially if you’re a complete beginner.

All videos are downloadable and available in high quality. Many videos are also accompanied with worksheets, templates and handouts which do help to emphasis the content taught in the digital gangsta.

Let’s take a look at the course overview:

  • Module 1 – Digital Marker’s Vault.
  • Module 2 – Brand Development.
  • Module 3 – Creation of Programs + Offers.
  • Module 4 – Lead Generation.
  • Module 5 – Art and Science of Copywriting.
  • Module 6 – Pre Sale + Launch Process.
  • Module 7 – Product Development After Launch.
  • Module 8 – Going Evergreen.
  • Module 9 – Bonus Content + Social Strategy.
  • Bonus Facebook Course.
  • Various bonus videos and livestreams.

Who Is Julie Stoian?

Julie Stoian is a famous marketing consultant and tech expert who is known on the internet for her brand, Create your Laptop Life. Yes I know what you’re thinking, it sounds dodgy but it’s just the name of her most famous course.

Julie started her profession as a freelance writer and then became a blogger. The New York Times and the Washington Post noticed her talent and applauded her for her talents.

Julie Stoian is a divorcee and a recent mother as of 2014. After these recent changes in her life, she decided to start her own online business which happens to be helping other entrepreneurs and stay at home moms to start their very own online digital marketing businesses.

Alongside her course and other business ventures, Julie works as an online strategist for Clickfunnels and has worked with some major brands including BBC, GoDaddy, Anderson Live and Have Your Say.

Julie does like to use audio only lots rather than videos and unfortunately this can sometimes be a bit of a letdown given the expensive nature of her course/s.

Module 1 – Course Content

The first module is the basics in digital ads and includes videos related to setting up your Facebook pixel, avoiding ad violation penalties, creating FB audiences, creating a local funnel and other funnel building strategies.

This section was really vague and given other courses such as eCom Elites or Product Winner Blueprint which offer over 50 videos on the world of Facebook marketing it was actually disappointing to only see a few videos here.

Module 2 – Brand Development

This module included a couple of videos on creating a brand boards and logos. I guess if you are new to business then this is a good section for new beginners but advanced users might find this section a little lackluster.

There are some handouts and downloads available here in .PDF. Real life examples are included and how to choose and create the perfect logo and brand.

Module 3 – Creation of Programs

This section was actually quite interesting however unfortunately all the content is audio only with handouts. There is however one video called a value ladder template.

Would be better if there were videos here given the high price of the course.

Module 4 – Lead Generation

This module is fairly large and is split up into many sub modules such as 4.1, 4.2 etc.. The module covers all types of lead generation including giveaways, PDFs and checklists, eCourses and challenges, quizzes, webinars, Facebook groups, Facebook livestreams and messenger bots. There’s an entire module for each section and I won’t go into too much detail here.

For example the giveaway module 4.2 shows you how to actually setup an entire lead generation for a giveaway. You get a video on how to setup the giveaway, placing the pixel, creating graphics, using a vanity URL and finally drawing a winner. If you’re looking for a complete step by step overview then this is a great module.

Some modules are quite small for example 4.7 is a short 3 minute video on Facebook groups.

You will probably end up needing a Clickfunnels or Kartra account for this section.

Module 5 – Copywriting

This module teaches you the art and science behind copywriting and how you can use it to your advantage. Again this module doesn’t include any videos instead favoring audio and handouts. I’m not a fan of audio only.

There’s videos on creating sales pages and video sales pages for those more advanced users.

There’s lots of valuable content here if you’re new to copywriting.

Module 6 – Pre Sale & Launch Processes

In this module you’re getting audio only and handouts again but you do get shown the process of preparing for launch, setting up a course, preparing your product, pre launch content, sales page and lander design, webinar setup and the launch sequence.

If you’ve never launched a product before this section does offer lots of value and I think Julie Stoian has done a good job. I just wish she had included videos showing the entire process. There are done for you time schedules to help you keep track of your time.

Module 7 – Product Development

This section includes a few audio files and handouts on how to deal with refunds and cancellations, answering customer queries and onboarding and doing live calls. There’s nothing ground breaking here.

Module 8 – Going Evergreen

This section includes lots of content on Clickfunnels and creating funnels to pretty much setup your business to run on autopilot (or evergreen as we should say).

Unfortunately you need a Clickfunnels account here ($97-$297/mo) which most people might see as a big investment especially if you dropped $2k on the course. The content in this section is great, probably as Julie gets 40% commission if you do decide to signup for Clickfunnels. There’s lots of funnel templates, help and guidance.

Module 9 – Social Strategy Bonus Content

This section includes lots of videos on topics such as creating your very own Facebook group to create awareness as well as PR videos with Kristi Dosh, Facebook content marketing, Pinterest, Amazon and self publishing, Instagram marketing and SEO and Youtube. It’s the standard sort of course videos that you get in most cheap courses.

Module 10 – Bonus Facebook Course

Another new addition is a module on Facebook which includes sub modules including, using FB ads for both freelancers and agencies, FB livestreaming, FB overviews and email marketing swipes files.

There is a two part case study using Caitlin’s FB messenger funnel. A good few minutes video.

Finally a live Q+A session (was live at one time).

The Digital Gangsta Refund Policy

Before you rush out and buy the course take a look at this refund policy. You pretty much are told there is no refund whether you like or or not. If this is the attitude you want to buy into then go for it. If you’re on the fence, probably worth skipping it as you won’t see a dime in return.

Final Verdict

It’s a great course for beginners but I think a lot of people will find the content too basic and costly given other courses on the market that can be had for $200. If you want a full hand holding course then you’ll find comfort in Julie’s course. I doubt you will get a personal 1-2-1 relationship with Julie given her other commitments and at that price you’d probably expect it.

There are some downsides including the audio only modules and handouts. It would be better if all modules were video only. I also think some of the handouts are confusing and there’s too much content on each.

I’d happily buy this course if I was buying into the brand of Julie and enjoyed her free training and was a beginner. If I was more familiar with digital marketing I’d buy a cheaper course and spend the other $1500+ on running ads or SEO campaigns.

That concludes my digital gangsta review.

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