Diamond eCommerce Review: Yous Course Worth $197?

When a guru launches more than one course without updating existing courses they start to cause a stir online and Youse is one of those people. He’s recently launched his Print on Demand Shopify drop shipping course called, Diamond eCommerce.

If you’re wondering, Yous has previously launched courses including:

I wonder what dictionary word he’ll use next for another course?

It’s strange that he has another eCommerce course called Diamond as Wolves was also about Print on Demand.

Who is Youse Alsamarai?

You’ll either know him or you won’t as his username is simply Yous and there’s limited information about him online. He does have a large following, over 70,000 subscribers and most videos seem to go viral.

Youse claims to be a social media marketing expert and successful Facebook and Youtube Ads entrepreneur. Starting young at 17 he claims to have a long way and now makes most of his money consulting and teaching others how to make money online.

Most of his videos are insightful and there isn’t much clickbait or fake supercars to overhype his courses.

Diamond eCommerce Review

diamond ecommerce review

You need to look through the vast array of revenue figures on the sales page and look at the actual content and price of $197. The content is hosted on Teachable which is a good platform for viewing content on both mobile and desktop.

Videos are high quality and the audio is fine too.

It’s clear Yous knows what he’s talking about, but some people are born for the camera so it’s unclear if it’s from personal success or simply to sell the course.

The diamond method claims to be the real reason he does print on demand and has never been publicly revealed.

Why couldn’t he just updated his existing courses and give those members access to this method?

Course Content

The course is split up into the following modules:

  1. Welcome
  2. Store Set-Up
  3. Product Research
  4. Instagram Crash Course
  5. Facebook Ads
  6. Social Intelligence
  7. Private Diamond Method
  8. Reviewing Your Stores
  9. Facebook Group & Niche Lists.

It comes as no surprise then that most of the content is exactly the same as his previous courses. The one main difference is the two videos that come under the ‘Private Diamond Method’ which was two 8 minute videos on the real reason he does print on demand and a variation and real life example.

The reviewing your stores section included two stores he reviewed, 4 minutes in length on each.

The Facebook Ads section was non existent, instead opting for two videos on Facebook Ads and 2 videos on retargeting.

The largest module was store set-up which in my opinion is the one you’d need little introduction on as nearly every course and free Youtube video follows the same structure.

I was solely disappointed to see that after three attempts at launching a course, Youse still can’t create videos on the entire process. Where is the Instagram Ads, extensive Facebook Ads section, search engine optimization, snapchat, twitter, pinterest, linkedin, bing ads, Google ads, Google Shopping?

Would you not expect to see these topics in a print on demand course? I would.

Refund Policy

Like Youse other products, diamond eCommerce comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. There is no limits to how many videos you can watch and there is no other mention of hidden terms or proving the course didn’t work for you.

Final Verdict

The course was short and given the price of $197 it’s probably fairly priced but could offer lots more content. There is a real lack of Instagram Ads content and the Facebook Ads section is quite basic and hasn’t been updated from his old course. The store creation and product research videos are reasonable in length and quality.

It gives a good insight into Print on Demand and is a much cheaper course compared to other POD courses out there that usually cost $1,997.

I’m surprised there is no other marketing methods mentioned such as Google Ads, Instagram or even a rare social media platform such Snapchat given Youse claims to be a social media expert.

If you compare this to other drop shipping courses such as eCom Elites (review) ($197) that offer five times the content at the same price and over 175+ videos and a private Facebook mastermind group with 5,000+ other members it’s easy to see how much more value you could get from other eCommerce courses.

I had high hopes for Diamond eCommerce, it’s a huge improvement on Wolves but it’s got a long way to go before it could be the best drop shipping course in my opinion.


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