Debutify Theme Review: Best Free Shopify Template?

Are you looking for a Debutify theme review? If so you've come to the right place. We'll look at what you get, how to install it, how to customize it and whether it's really free or not. Could this be one of Shopify's best free themes?

Debutify claims to be a free theme that is regularly updated. 

It's main features include being 100% mobile friendly, super fast and clean and simple code. It sounds great and if you've checked out the demo you might be very interested.

What Features Does Debutify Offer?

The quickest way to see what features Debutify offers is to view their demo store.

However when I viewed the store, it wasn't clear what features are included in the free or premium versions of the theme. It's only after you install the theme are these made clear. 

If you refer to my article title, is it really free?

Sort of.

You get the basic layout and styling but there are 17 features which are only available on the premium plan.

You can get 3 of your choice for $5 per month, 7 of your choice for $13 per month. All 17 are $20 per month. You can get a 40% discount if you pay your plans yearly which can lower the price to $3/mo, $7.80/mo and $12/mo. 

Debutify Premium Features

You can choose 3,7 or unlimited.

Paid Addons

  • Add to cart animations
  • Chat boxes
  • Add an add to cart button under collection items
  • GDPR Compliance cookie box for EU visitors
  • Display an approximate date of delivery
  • Display a custom F.A.Q page for your store
  • Display Instagram feed above store footer
  • Include a mega menu with advanced columns
  • Display a newsletter popup with coupons
  • Add product tabs to product pages
  • Add product videos to product pages
  • Add sales notifications for other buyers
  • Lock your content down to stop content thieves
  • Sticky add to cart bar
  • Trust badges under checkout and cart pages
  • Upsell popups when adding product to cart.

Is Debutify Premium Worth It?

Firstly the theme is free and if you compare that with a premium theme that might cost $180+ you're already saving money by installing the basic component for free. 

Adding any additional apps to your store can usually result in monthly fees of $3-$30 depending on the app. If we look at the premium apps you get access too, they are probably more expensive than $20 or $12 per month. 

You might not need all the addons either, 7 might be sufficient for you which is $12 or $7.80 per month. 

This still is much cheaper than going out and finding 7 additional apps. Plus your store will load super fast as all the apps are in-house rather than external apps connecting in to your store. 

You can see how the premium addons worth in the demo or watch the free videos included in the Shopify app by clicking on each addon. 

I'd say Debutify Premium is definitely worth the price. 

How To Install Debutify?

The theme has been designed as a 'one click install' - to do this they request you enter your Shopify store URL and then you'll login. The theme installs as an application and I was a little concerned as they were asking for permissions to access store data.

I'm always security conscious and I don't agree with the way Shopify shares your personal data with app creators. After subscribing to a few apps, I am constantly getting spammed by some app creators who have added me to their email distribution lists.

In terms of adding the theme, there should be no issues with Debutify and they claim to have over 8,000 customers. Over the last few weeks I have only received 2 emails from Debutify, one thanking me for installing the theme and another to join their Facebook group.

Once the theme has installed you can activate and then customize away.

debutify theme review

Debutify Theme Review

Debutify 2.0+ offers a dashboard where you can customize your store in real time. It's a sleek affair with easy to use sections for each page. You can drill down further with theme settings. 

Here's an example of what the dashboard looks like, editing the homepage. We've removed the slider and extra collections in our example so it's easier to see. 

By expanding an option on the left you can instantly edit or make changes. It's very responsive and is very easy to use, even someone who isn't too technical can edit their store within minutes. 

Under theme settings you can customize pretty much everything such as this:

If you're using the premium features of the debutify theme you'll be able to see them show up here and customize them as you wish. If you're using the free version you'll see something similar to my screenshot above. 

Where I think this theme looks amazing is the product pages. It's so simple and sleek. 

It incorporates variants as you like. Want those pages that look like the demo store? You'll need premium. 

Adding to cart edges out from the right menu or you can proceed directly to the full cart. 

While the cart page looks similar to most other themes, you can customize colors and add buy now buttons. 

Debutify is a great looking theme, that is most definitely free but to get the full features you do need to choose a premium plan which you can pay monthly or save 40% and pay yearly. If you combine the fact many apps are extra you can probably save a lot of money by buying Debutify Premium. 

Last Updated on December 30, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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4 thoughts on “Debutify Theme Review: Best Free Shopify Template?”

  1. Is the free version better than Turbo tho? Because I have a turbo theme license and opening a new store, was thinking of using Debutify but if the Turbo is better, I most likely would go for it anyways

    • Depends what you’re looking for, Turbo has a lot of features but if you need something fast loading and simple then debutify might be a better option.

      • Well, im all about speed and I had false expectations about Turbo Theme (the one by outofthesandbox) being the fastest theme for Shopify, that’s atleast the impression I got from their advertisement but I struggle to get Gtmetrix under 7.1 on mobile when removing blank spaces in code , of course faster in use.

        I have looked into premium debutify but haven’t really tested it yet, have you done any significant testing yourself? If so, did you see any faster loading speed and higher conversion as I see lots of people being impressed by.

        I appreciate the reviews you bring us, they’ve helped me make some great business choices.

        • I don’t believe the premium is faster than the free version, however generally the more apps installed the slower your store goes. All themes claim to be fast but I believe that’s when they are first published, not when they are are a few months or years old. To answer your question I haven’t done any testing, I use Gtmetrix and Pingdom as a base but you’ll never get higher than a B/C rating as Shopify doesn’t use expires headers and a lot of http requests and dns lookups.


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