How To Create Sales Pages With SamCart

Recently I voted SamCart as one of the best sales page funnel builders in the market but if you’ve signed up for a free trial you’ll realise it’s actually quite difficult to create sales pages, upsells and downsells.

The problem is SamCart only gives you an HTML box to add your custom content too. If you’re not very technical then this can be quite a daunting process and you might be unsure where to start. I’ve spent all afternoon creating a new sales page for one of my products and decided to share the experience with you.

So here’s my guide on how to create sales pages with SamCart.

I think the idea behind SamCart is that you have your default website with sales pages created with a platform such as Optimizepress, Instamember or WP Profit Builder and then redirect to Samcart to handle the payments.

However they do have a template called, ‘Sales Page No Header‘ and that’s the one we need to use.

So go ahead and create a new product and choose that template(as below).

how to create sales pages with samcart

Now you need to complete all your product details as usual.

Then look for the ‘custom content’ text box (as below).

Now, If you know what you’re doing with HTML and CSS you can go nuts in this box and create truely awesome designs. If you’re like me and have limited coding experience you can focus on a graphical sales page.

So you want to create an infographic style sales page and you’ve got two options:

  • Head over to Fiverr or Konker and pay someone to do it
  • Create your own in Microsoft Word.

I opted to use Microsoft Word and here’s how to get started.

Create your sales page in a new document. Make sure you are using 90-100% which will look quite small on any laptop over 13″ but that’s OK, any larger (i.e. 120%+) is too big.

Here’s an example of what your page should look like:

Now you need to find some awesome sales pages to seek inspiration from. The good thing about Word is that you can do literally anything, add images, banners, bullet points and headlines.

Now you’ve got two options, if you’re working with a one page document you can copy and paste this into another document as an image and save this, then upload it to the web as an embeddable image.

The problem I quickly found with SamCart is that you can only have ONE image. What a ball ache.

So the solution?

Each page take a screenshot of your sales page. So if you had 8 pages in your document you’d take 8 full page screenshots. Ensure you go right to the edges (nearly identical) each time.

Here’s an example.

Eventually you’ll have 8 different images. If you’ve got an image editor such as Photoshop you’ll be able to merge these together easily enough. If you’re like me and don’t you can head over to a site such as Filesmerge.

Add all your images and then realign them. A good way to ensure you don’t mix up the order when saving is to use, etc.

Now you’ll be able to download your ‘infographic’ looking sales page.

Next you need to host your image somewhere. You can checkout places such as Photobucket, Tinypic, QCTRL or use your own web hosting account.

The final step is to integrate the image into the SamCart box from earlier.

This is the code you need (you can remove the ‘my website link’ if you don’t want to link to your site from the sales page, wrap center tags around them too. The width:100% style ensures your image will shrink on a mobile device. Don’t worry if it looks massive in your SamCart configuration page, once you view the product page it will be back to normal.

You can now repeat this step for Samcart’s upsell and downsell pages. The only difference is that you’ll add a ‘No Thanks’ link at the bottom of each page.

There you have an easy way on how to create sales pages in SamCart. If you’ve got the right technology and skillset you can definitely do much better in Photoshop but for a quick solution under budget, I hope my tutorial will help you out.

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