Over the last few years I've bought and purchased a wide number of courses. Some have been amazing, others have been poor, and some are clearly scams. 

I've created a number of guides on the best courses out there. Click the read guide button to view all courses reviewed. 

Make money selling products you don't even own with this business model that allows anyone to setup their own eCommerce business for $29 per month. 

You only need one product to go viral and you could be cashing in a small fortune. There's many courses out there ranging in price from $97 up to $9997. 

#1: eCom Elites

Make money promoting other people's products and services. They do the hard part, the selling. You get a commission on each sale up to 75% of the total.

There's millions of affiliate programs out there, but how do you setup your own mini niche sites? There's a few courses out there from $197 up to $1997. 

#1: Savage Affiliates

Small business owners are great at their trade, but they aren't so great at getting new clients. That's where you come in, offering a range of social media services to them. 

Charge a monthly fee, pay per lead or a retainer. It's the best business model with zero startup costs. There's a few courses out there from $497 up to $2997. 

#1: Smma Blueprint

How Much Should You Spend?

It's a question I get asked nearly every day. Is that course worth $1997 or are there cheaper alternatives. Ultimately the value you get from a course is up to you.

Why is the course creator charging such a high fee? Can you get the same knowledge from another vendor who's only charging $197? 

Remember, a lot of courses fail the mention the startup cost of doing business. You'll need money to start your business and buying a course isn't the answer to all your money issues.

You can start with $1,800 after buying a $200 course, or $200 after buying an $1,800 course. 

More expensive courses tend to offer a smaller community than cheaper courses that have a larger community. This can be a positive or a negative. 

Spend how much you're prepared to spend. If it's a seasoned pro, then you've got to ask yourself why are they creating a course for $2,000 when they are making 8 figures a year? Why would they waste their time for such a small fee?