Course From Scratch Review: Danielle Leslie Worth $1,997?

Danielle Leslie popped up on my Instagram news feed with an ad that was dated June 2018 but clearly it's working for her as it came up in early 2019 claiming she made $1.2 million dollars from the comfort of her own home. Now she's willing to share how she did it with 1,000 members inside her inner master class.

The course costs $1,997.

1,000 * $1,997 = $1.97 million dollars.

Now that I've got your attention, it's really easy to run an Instagram ad showing your Stripe dashboard telling people to pay you money and you'll show them how to do the same. I'm sure you've seen those Shopify guru's promising to get rich from a laptop while sipping a mojito.

First impressions are the same with Course From Scratch.

The problem here is that you're none the wiser as to the costs of doing business. I could show you a million dollars from my own Stripe account but I know deep down my take home is only 10% off that. But would you buy my course if I said I made $100k or if I made a million dollars?

You're right, the latter, of course. It's an overhyped sales pitch.

The screenshot shown in the Ad I came across showed a payment today of $394 which makes sense as her Courses From Scratch course is available as a 6 month payment option of $394 or 1 x $1,997.

Anyway, I took the bait to see what this course is all about, it seems to talk a big game so is it really worth it?

course from scratch review

Free Insta Course Sales

The free course link actually takes you to a webinar which claims to be live once a week. Good to see it is actually live rather than a fake one that starts within 15 minutes of landing on the page.

You're told you're going to learn the basics of starting a course,

Topics include selecting your topic, creating content, how to create a premium upsell and then how to find your most premium buyers using social media.

There's a few case studies and figures thrown around about how Danielle Leslie makes her money.

First impression was good, then it goes into the hard sell on the $1,997 course.

Surprise, Surprise.

Who Is Danielle Leslie?

We're given a brief introduction as to who she is in the webinar. If you (like me) randomly came across her Instagram Ad then you may have no idea who she actually is.

Prior to 2017 it would appear she was relatively unknown and then created her course, Course From Scratch which made $85,000 in the first calendar year. Then in 2018 made $1.2 million dollars.

I'd be shocked if this was from free social media traffic so I highly doubt her income was anywhere near that much, but it's a nice sales pitch as I mentioned earlier.

Early traces I could find was she started selling on Udemy and launched a few courses there. Udemy is rubbish if you want to make serious money from your course as they regularly have $10 sales meaning you'll get less than $5 for your course. They decide when they have sales, you have no say whatsoever.

Prior to that she was a marketer for silicon valley startups and now is a speaker and content specialist helping businesses make money from their content.

The real money comes from her course, telling people how to start a course.

It makes sense.

You could probably do the same.

Course From Scratch Review

The course is on the teachables platform which is also the platform she recommends you use for starting your course. The sales page said you could create your course for free but you'll actually find that's only for the first 3 months which then costs $97 per month. You do however get a saving of $197. Teachables has a one month trial for anyone.

The course is split up into a step by step training to create and launch your own course in 60 days.

You also get a private community to discuss with other course creators.

Then there is a bonus email list building course of 7 days which is apparently worth $497.

Then there is group coaching calls which in effect is a massive webinar where you can ask questions and get help launching your course.

Pay In Full Bonus

If you want the two premium bonuses you need to drop $1,997 on the course right away.

These include a live call with Danielle Leslie where she will apparently sit down and create content with you. Next is the $100k course launch breakdown which is a worksheet on the launch timeline, emails to send out, ads to create and strategies she used in her $167k launch.

I would have assumed that was included for all members given it's a vital part of launching a course.

Training Content

The course is split up into 5 modules and then includes bonus content modules and the weekly webinars.

From what I could see the content was originally created in 2017 and unsure how often it's updated.

The principals of starting a course should be the same then as they are now.

  • Module 0: Welcome to #CourseFromScratch
  • Module 1: Minimum Viable Course (MVC)
  • Module 2: Course Topic & Customers
  • Module 3: Content & Culture Add
  • Module 4: Conversions
  • Module 5: Advanced Course Launch

The videos are confusing and hyped, it's not very straight forward, I'm struggling right now to provide enough information for a review on each module. Videos are titled with acronyms to add to the confusion.

These are methods specific to Danielle and would make no sense posting in a review.

The content is long but there are areas that could be expanded such as traffic generation, there really is no content on this. Great you've got a course, now what? If you've got an existing business then you'd be well placed, but a newbie, how do you make money from your course?

Other modules include,

  • Tech Tools
  • 3 Month Teachable Trial
  • Webinar From Scratch Series
  • Success Series
  • Email Optin & Squeeze Setup
  • Live Q+A Calls
  • Live Coaching & Calls.

For someone who claims to tell people how to launch a course, I'm shocked by how confusing the layout of the course is. There are videos all over the place, modules that could be combined together and others that could be included in the introduction.

It's clear to me that content has simply been added and added, but not moved to the correct location.

Following on from the training is all the live coaching calls from June 2017 until February 9th 2019. That means there has been NO live coaching since February. We are now nearly in May.

So consider the fact the live coaching hasn't been forthcoming in the last few months.

In fairness there is well over 25 coaching calls in the last two years which range in length from 30 minutes to 120 minutes. There's lots of value in there, you just have to sift through and find it.

Refund Policy

You're pretty much going to have to prove you followed the course, did all the work, time and date stamped everything you did, proved you ran traffic and failed and do this all within 30 days to be eligible for a refund.

Personally it's a pretty weak guarantee for a course claiming to be $1,997.

Course From Scratch Final Verdict

The first question you should ask yourself, is this Course From Scratch worth $1,997? I always get a lot of hate on the comments section from people who bought the course saying a course is worth what someone is prepared to pay.

I'm unsure why those people are looking for a review though.

And as we can see, over 1,000 people have bought her course already.

But. And it's a big but. How many of those people started a course, made their money back and are making enough money from their course to travel the world without looking at their bank account.

Very few.

Most people want fast results with limited work and unfortunately with that mentality you probably shouldn't buy a course at all. You'd be better buying an established business.

How I see the world of courses,

Creating a course is easy. You can get a Teachables trial yourself for free.

Recording videos, training content and audio is fast and free. (Do it yourself)

Creating a money generating course is difficult.

Creating a course making a million dollars a year, nearly impossible.

But it's really easy to tell other people how to start a course. 

But remember this is my opinion, checkout the 100+ testimonials she's included on her sales page. My advice is to actually look at what they achieved after spending $1997-$3997 on the course to get those results. Clearly everyone was asked to give their testimonial and whatever incentive they received for doing so is unknown.

Start A Real Online Business

Want to start your very own online business from anywhere in the world?

Millions of business owners need your help​ to market their goods and services
Get actionable over the shoulder training. Course taken by 15,000+ students.

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Last Updated on April 20, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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101 thoughts on “Course From Scratch Review: Danielle Leslie Worth $1,997?”

  1. I’m sure that people who have no idea of how to start a course, or need their “hand held” step-by-step, might benefit from Course From Scratch. The price is worth it if you can make that amount back from your course. I imagine that some will, and some won’t. Personally, I don’t have $1,997 to pay for the course, but if I did, AND, I had the time to follow the course day and night for about 30 days, I would pay it.

    • @Brian L.
      There is nothing online that you can’t learn. People like you are the one who make these online Instagram influencers 1.2M. If you research enough there are a lot of ways to learn. Def not for 2k!! But what you have to realize is the outcome and result. Let’s assume she has 1000 students and of them if let’s say 50% of them are successful, that is fine… but if only a handful of them are says something. Doesn’t it?

      • It costs $100.000.00 to get a university college Degree. You come out of university with no job guarantee and in a hell of a lot of debt. I haven’t bought Danielle’s Course but people like you surprise me that you run down someone who is offering people an alternative that she has proven works. Expand your energy another way my friend. You
        might just make the money Danielle is making.

        • As someone who has taken numerous courses, I’ve found most don’t actually tell me what I need to know. That’s the thing. They all say the same thing without the actual formula. That is why “people like me” trust reviews. The author of this article isn’t stating no money can be made. The math on this is simple. Get 1000 people to buy. However, the equation MUST include how many in ads is being paid out to social media to get the traction. That is the number no one talks about.

          I looked at another coach yesterday, Gina Vee and turns out it’s a lot of work I’ve already done. So for me to pay $10k for things I’ve already done, no thank you. Reviews help people. Sitting on the sidelines asking why people don’t spend their life savings (which some of us are out of work looking for solutions or living off savings) I think it was a fair review. People want to weigh their options, not blindly dive in only to realize they are half way through a program and have to pay another $100 per month for the platform, another for the shopping cart, another for a functioning website, oh… and zoom you can only have x amount of people tune in for free to do webinars, then they charge… the list goes on.. Yes, people pay buku bucks for email campaigns that work. As for me, I finally got fed up of writing my own copy, being told I was wrong for doing it that way, and then just started copying all the ads I see on instagram. So… tomato tomato… FINAL THOUGHT: There are a lot of people CLAIMING they make what they don’t. Also, to have a million dollars and live in california is to be average. It all depends on perspective.

          • I was ready to buy too but something said do more research. As professional speaker, corporate trainer, coach and author I am familiar with this concept. After reading the review I fear that she probably has fallen into the same mistake most people who sell content fall into. No take-a-ways. Just a lot of talking but no real tools where people need it. True….building a course for the content you know does have a method. I am able to do this seemlessly because I have over 20+ years as a corporate trainer so I deliver and develop courses all the time. I have a trainer mind. So what I would like to pay 1997 for is how to build the system to market my courses. I am not a social media guru, I’m not familiar with all the tools used and I don’t consider myself an expert in marketing this kind of stuff. That is the true key to making 6 figures. According to the review, the course lacks any true tools around that. It sounds like she gives you a few things but that’s about it. If that is the case, all I need to do is find a “market your widget using social media” course and would probably pay much less. Her ads are very compelling. I am not going to knock her much because I haven’t taken the course. But if it is helping anyone to make the “next steps” to financial security, hey….go for it. I agree with one writer who said there are many who spend much much much more on a college degree and never get a job but left with mounds of student loans. All investments are a risk. You just have to choose what type of risk you want to take.

          • You are a loser, simple and plan. It used to be said those who can’t do teach but in today’s world, those who can’t do give unsolicited and unqualified reviews about those who so. If you haven’t tried it, you have no qualifications to say whether it works or not. The glimpse into you is when you said you have tried several courses and none worked. None? Really? And it’s not you?….Get a life and leave this lady alone and let these people invest their earnings how they see fit. Who reviewing you? Oh that’s right, you done nothing reviewable….Just saying

      • True, information is free but people aren’t willing to put in the time and effort on their own to get good results; everyone wants fast results. Danielle found her niche who is willing to pay! Very smart woman though, we’ve got to give her credit!

    • The course is made up of 5 modules and you don’t really learn anything until the 4th one. Shes motivating and inspirational until she breaks down how to SELL your course in the 4th module. Not how to CREATE one, how to sell it.

      Its not a complete waste of money, but she does a really good job at selling her course with her ads and free webinar. It definitely isn’t worth $1997.00 and I’m still pissed that I bought it. It’s only worth it if you can make your money back. And you can go on YouTube or buy a $30 Sales book to get the kind of knowledge she gives you. Best case, you split the course with a friend. You’re welcome 🙂

  2. Thank you for this thorough and reasonable review. She’s clearly a master at marketing, and that’s really the whole deal right? She’s basically saying anyone can make a million dollars selling a course about any random thing… because she did. And if you price it high enough, and make the money back guarantee difficult to get, you don’t really need very many people to sign up. And the course doesn’t need to be good quality, hence the “MVC” concept. Cheers for the review!

    • Yes, I think so. Generally… developing the skills you need to market yourself or the skills you already have; knowing your target market and the like, and sharing with others. I am still researching.

  3. I was actually going to purchase this course but after this review; I think I’ll research and ask more questions. Thank you for your honest opinion and feedback based on your experience of purchasing the course.

  4. Thank you for this review, it is just as I thought. It seems that the people teaching these sorts of platforms all come from a marketing background. They talk about not making any money on their original offerings (which don’t include their course on ‘how to market something’.) Then they claim these great incomes using the strategy they are teaching. But their big income seems to come from teaching marketing, not from selling some sort of product. People who are desperate to sell their own creations are rarely successful because the marketing strategies don’t actually work!

    • They are obviously marketing something. Their courses.. LOL!
      This is my intake if someone says I made millions and I will teach you for 1k or 2k, it is so easy to see what they are selling and how they made it. It is just common senses.

  5. Very very helpful review! I appreciate that your opinion is balanced. I was also considering this course but I now plan to do some more research first.

  6. Thank you thank you thank you! I own 3 agencies and run all 3 in one brick and mortar location. My online platform is coming soon as I help people with finances and entrepreneurship. It takes time and normally when you don’t know something you have to pay for it. I say if it’s not helping You finacial you tube and research everything! She definitely has something abs I am going to listen to her. As I tell my clients the best teacher is you reading and learning for free if you can afford the money invest in her program!

    • I got some good things from the webinar but will not be buying the course. I like the idea (new to me) of creating a business from my own story. I was previously a practicing attorney so I have never really thought about creating my own business. I plan to write my own story based on this idea & see what I learn. I do also like the framework she created for imagining a course one could teach and market. It opened up a whole new world for me of imagining how my life experiences (including mistakes) might be valuable to others. After the webinar, I found this review and the comments and I asked her if she could explain the overhead costs involved in starting an online course and she never responded. Still, I was inspired by her creativity. Perhaps those well-versed in entrepreneurial culture already know these things but I had never thought about them or about working online. Thus, the free webinar was helpful to me and I will be exploring these ideas further. Thanks for the review!

      • This is basically the setup of the majority of online courses these days. It boils down to whose personality do you vibe with the most. Almost all of the internet gurus/millionaires are selling the same promises…

      • I’m in the same boat. Loved the inspiration – then emailed asking for the specific percentage of her students that end up making a profit, and got a very non-answer from one of her email minions. Still very interesting ideas re – discovering the value (monetary and educational) of your life experiences. I like the idea of a knowledge economy – as long as there’s actual knowledge underneath.

  7. Thanks for this review. I was debating b/w using her or Grace Lever. Has anyone heard anything about her? $197/per month membership fee and a free pass to 2 U.S. conferences.

    • Don’t use Lever either very similar scam.. took ages to get my money back and even then was not in full as promised

  8. I was very interested in the course too, but hesitated due to lack of clarity on what it costs to launch your course. As it was pointed out most people are not making money on courses that are advertised for free. If there were more transparency regarding costs I would purchase this in an instant providing that it made financial sense. Lacking that information makes me hesitate. I believe that more people would be interested in purchasing if the testimonials included what the actual costs involved were.

    Thank you for your review which was very helpful to me.

  9. I ran across her ad and it instantly peaked my interest. But something made me type her in google and find out more on how she achieved these goals in this period of time. Boom, then this article popped up. This is exactly what I was looking for…a review of some sort detailing her program from someone that has purchased it.

    This was extremely helpful. You just saved me some money! I appreciate this!!

    • Same here! I did the very same thing and found this review and I’m so glad I did! It doesn’t take much to do a little research before spending money I just don’t have on something that may only leave me feeling confused and back at square one.

  10. I’m still amazed how many commenters assert they’d still try her course despite no evidence that it works and acknowledging these types of offerings are basically (pointless) ponzi schemes, where the payout is merely ‘word of mouth’ testimonials/hope – benefiting only the marketer.

    I can see how these ‘marketers’ can easily make money just by selling to these types of people – who will basically try anything once. Once is all you need.

    Thank you for your review. Amazed how fair and balanced you were considering losing $1,997

  11. There’s no way I would pay for this course. For $2000 I could get someone to create it for me. LOL Your review just proved my gut instinct was right…rubbish…the old I got rich by selling my book angle.

  12. I’m actually in the course right now. I bought it for $1797. There are in fact live calls every single week… one for new members every Monday, Q&A for all members every Tuesday, and if you paid in full, you schedule a live group call for Danielle to assist you with writing your TASTY content and more.

    The community that she has amassed in it self pays for the course. I have found a tremendous accountability partner (free) in the group who I connect with weekly. I’ve also found affiliates to help promote my brand within the group. And the posts people share in the private Facebook group (questions, wins, or whatever) have helped me grow immensely.

    I personally have gotten paying clients into my new course and other business (I’m a real estate agent) by following Danielle’s methodologies and coaching.

    For me, and for a lot of other people who have paid, it’s worth the cost.

    And no I’m not a paid spokesperson… just someone who is in the course right now.

    • Thank you Shanelle for your feedback . I’m soooo on the fence about investing in this. I have the $2k but for someone as big on SAVING, SAVING, and SAVING as I am this is a hefty price to pay. But would you say that for someone who may need their “handheld” ( I’m someone…someone is that this is good? I’m a Chef wanting to create culinary courses and am slightly intimidated by the whole “digital marketing” and “course creation” aspect of my business as it is usually so hands own ( in the kitchen or in person)? Would love to get your feedback!

      • You can go through YouTube! I’ve seen a lot of people sell courses through there. They have a great channel with great content and people want to learn how to do it. I’ve seen baking, candy apple making and more. Try it!

  13. I actually contemplated taking her course in 2017, but the pitch just didn’t sit well with me. Since then, her ad pops up on my feed once per month! I would assume she’s spending thousands on ads between FB and IG. She doesn’t have any real testimonials on her IG account tagging her successful students/business accounts so for all we know, those are fake testimonials. So glad I never took the plunge!

    • Boom. YBF entrepreneurs love reposting their clients who post about them on their story. I’m on the fence too. I thank this guy for this review… I’ve learned half of the stuff she would teach on my own through research… Maybe I should launch my course then launch another course teaching people how to launch their course like her!

  14. Thank you Shanelle for your feedback . I’m soooo on the fence about investing in this. I have the $2k but for someone as big on SAVING, SAVING, and SAVING as I am this is a hefty price to pay. But would you say that for someone who may need their “handheld” ( I’m someone…someone is that this is good? I’m a Chef wanting to create culinary courses and am slightly intimidated by the whole “digital marketing” and “course creation” aspect of my business as it is usually so hands own ( in the kitchen or in person)? Would love to get your feedback!

  15. Reviews like this aren’t really fair. Now if you took the course willing to put in the work and stay dedicated then gave a review after you did follow I could understand. This is like me saying out of the 1,000 people who bought Tae Bo live boot camp classes not many loose the weight. I have taken the course and it’s not “easy as you stated”. She breaks out everything that many people like get stuck on. Creating a course topic, platforms that’s necessary, finding your audience and building one. As for the live coaching calls I’ve talked to her many times directly and via email when I have questions and attended live calls. My course started in January. I now have a wait list. My course averages 10K to 15k. So yeah. I’m not a Stan I could find some things she could improve on but I’d rather email that to her and her team. The benefits outweighed any doubts or small tweaks she could make. She has also relaunched CFS 2.0 with updated material so yes she updates

    • That’s the power of the internet. This is my review, not yours. There’s plenty of positive ones out there too from her affiliates, which also may seem unfair, but no one complains about positive reviews, only negative.
      Your comment could also be seen as unfair as we have no idea who you are and whether you’ve been paid to spread the love.
      I do welcome your comment, which is why it’s been posted on the site.

  16. Thank u for this review without bashing her. I always believe that things happen for a good reason when it comes to things in my life. I had connection problems when 1st trying to sign into her webinar. I then logged onto 3 of my other media devices where only one connected me for the next webinar which was 30 minutes after the one I originally signed up for. A few minutes into the 2nd timeslot, I was able to reconnect into the original one, so I had both playing. I thought it was weird that her videos overlapped with her responding to the same people in the same way, but not to me or others who asked specific questions. I know nothing is free & the real content would cost, but I didn’t know how much. Seeing that she didn’t answer certain questions & believing her webinars were prerecorde, I decided to Google her & VOILA!!! I’ll give it to her for being so clever, but I don’t have anything I’m an expert at, so throwing 2K to produce vast results within 30 days is out of my league. I wish her much success!

    • My live with her was not pre recorded. However she did not answer alot of questions and that to me was a red flag as she only paid attention to those who bought the course and not those that was asking about buying later or buying certain parts.

  17. I’ve known Leslie from the time she worked at Udemy til now. She’s been working on that course for a few years and over time it’s gotten better and better. I can’t say that I would spend that amount of money for a course but what I can tell you that she has definitely made the amount of money she claims to make and that there are some people out there that would spend $2000 in a heartbeat. I recently ran into a guy in the credit repair community that spent $10k on a similar course and was only making about 15k a month from his credit repair training book and platform. Now he’s making well over 50K per month and the 10k is justified. He made that back plus additional 40k the first month after taking the course. All he needed was someone to give him a facebook ad marketing strategy that showed him how to triple his income.

  18. Thank you, Rhys, for this review. I paid for the course, was very excited to begin, locked in the group calls and did another couple of things to fuel my enthusiasm to get cracking… then I found your review and my hopes were dashed! It made me look a little deeper and certainly became wiser.

    What I discovered was those who chose to create a course that helped make people more money were the most successful in CFS ($50,000 or so). Those who created a course that helped people in their relationships and the like didn’t make so much money (in fact one of them had made about $6500 …which means after the cost of the course the return was ok, but not great). So, it’s not about whether or not CFS works, it’s more about what your own course content is, which is not explained in the CFS advertising. And as you point out there’s a much cheaper alternative.

    What I find really off about CFS is how they make it pretty much impossible to claim on their guarantee. Basically, it’s a 14 Day guarantee, but you have to show that you went through all the steps in the program to completion and how it failed. Considering that it’s an 8-week program and it’s locked up until you go through all the steps, 14 Days is pretty crappy and impossible. I question how much integrity sits in the DL company. Their lack of confidence in their product to deliver says more than anything I can express here!

    I am happy to report that I got my money back in full, I won’t say how, but I got it back fast!

    • Good for you Iain Gardiner. I didn’t even attempt to get my money back because time lapsed as the modules were locked until a specific date. So I felt as though I was stuck. I appreciate you boldly speaking up.

      • Thanks April. I’m sorry it didn’t work out so well for you. I hope it turns around for you.

        If it helps, I found a lady called Bushra Azhar who runs the Persuasive Hacks Lab (among other things). She has great suggestions on persuading potential buyers. There may be something there that could ‘spice up’ your delivery to encourage people to sign up.

        Warmest, iain

    • Thank you Iain Gardiner, I too bought the course last week, I realized on the first day that this was for me. I emailed course from scratch stating I would like to cancel the course. . I was told that, I will have to show that I went through all the steps in the program to completion and how it failed. They refused to refund my money, and now I don’t know what to do. Please help me if you can to get my money back.

    • Iain,
      I would appreciate help with getting my money back. I bought the course and then the next day I decided to ask for my money back. Something didn’t seem right to me. I never opened any links or even signed up to make an account. All I have gotten is the talk about doing the course and then maybe getting your money back. It seems like extortion to me. I’ve talked/emailed numerous times to no avail. Do you have any tips for me? I really need the $1797 that I spent on this program. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      I’m beginning to panic!
      Pam S.

  19. I watched the Course From Scratch Webinar for about 11 minutes. After about 5 minutes in —I found myself on another screen hitting this VERY review. I have no clue what types of individuals have the patience or the intellect to even wade through what Danielle Leslie is saying . I have a BA in History, a Series 6 & 63, several years experience in a myriad of fields, etc etc etc and I have NO clue what this peppy millennial beauty is speaking of. I say find a more straightforward, less expensive way to reach the masses.

  20. I actually purchased Danielle’s course this past March. I must say that the pitch was what solidified the purchase for me. I bought it with the intention that I would sell my knowledge and get people to buy into my brand. NOPE!!! Hasn’t happened as of yet! I “paid in full” and got all the bonuses and still haven’t gotten a paid client – although I’ve come really close. So I haven’t given up because I do believe it can and will happen someday.

    This would not be my first business but my first online business and as with any business you have to continuously work it in order to reap the benefits. Was the pitch misleading? I would have to say YES because I actually thought I’d have a “profitable online course in 60 days”, as she advertised. But then the 60 days passed by and I began to go back through the material again to see if I missed something. What I failed to realize is what she meant when making that statement was… in 60 day’s you will have designed a course that would or could be profitable. I thought I would begin to make profits in 60 days. Silly me! LOL!
    Is it worth $1997? That’s a very personal question. For me, I would have to say it was not worth the $1997 I paid. And since purchasing the course I’ve spent more money than anticipated because I thought it would help me get sales.

    So to those who are on the fence, if you $1997 to give away, give it to her. Just know that you have options. I found one cheaper.

  21. I have been seeing the advertising on my IG and FB. It’s so elaborate and exciting to seem someone so called success. I recently took a online course and half way through it I realized “her comes a sales pitch”!!! 🙁

    I followed through and then as I knew BAM THERE IT IS!!! Please pay 499.00 and you will get full access to my tools, that will teach you how to make money!

    Fast-forward….. I honestly wanted to research this as well. So I went through the advertising ads and this one was one! I find this review and bam!!! All my assumptions we answered!

    Guess what? IT WAS FREE (love free)!

    All I’m saying is many people here are saying, this must have worked for this chick! Well duh!!!! She found people gullible enough to cough up the money! But clearly this reviewer is merely giving their opinion as to “DO UR RESEARCH” (smh)! Yes, research if you search long enough you will find that the information you are looking for is on the web! I PROMISE ITS THERE!

    I’m no millionaire, but I make enough money to cover my bills, my hobby in cooking and travel❤️.!

    If it was easy to become a millionaire believe there will be many! And if she was one the need to advertise on social media would not be necessary! (Just saying)

    Don’t fall for bullshi rather please know the review article was a VERY GOOD ONE! Again it was free and cost you nothing!

  22. I’m new to the world of blogging and my head is about to explode because it is filled with so much information and sales gimmicks and pitches about blogging and passive income and blah blah blah. I just turned off Danielle’s “free” webinar because she started pitching her course. Then I found your review! Yay! Thank you for being investigative and skeptical enough to give your honest views about her course.

    I am one of those who got duped into purchasing a “blogging course” and now I’m stuck with it and I guess I’ll have to go through it. 🙁 I don’t know if I will come out a good blogger in the end but I quickly learned that next time I need to be more like your review and to thoroughly do my research! Thanks again!

  23. This review comes across very honestly, allowing people to make their own minds up. I was tempted but having never heard of Danielle, I didnt make a decision. I have worked in formal education for nearly 20 years, but after having my children I looked into options for income, I decided to just use what I knew already and see if I could make it into a business to generate some income. I am not a marketer at all!! I was tempted with Danielle s course, but decided to take a step back and simplify the process as it just seemed way to complicated for non marketers (like me!!) My passion was Herbs and Oils, so I wrote a course teaching people about my passion – I started my 1st course in January this year (2019) & so far, I have run 3 cohorts, all 3 have been fully booked. I work for myself, around my kids school, I LOVE teaching people my passion. I have taught myself and tested and changed things as I have gone along. Ive recently been asked quite a lot from people about the process I followed, believe me I made it very simple!!
    I loved my formal teaching job, but I managed to replace it with teaching online. Its not as hard as everyone makes out until you want to scale your business up. Good Luck everyone on your Course Creating – is is very possible & anyone can do it if they are passionate eneough xx

  24. So all the people who are claiming to make almost million dollar a month are actually selling courses showing how to make million dollar a month. In the end only one person is going to get rich and that is the seller, not you. But its not a bad strategy if you can mint couple of million dollars in an year and then start something new. May be buy some local business.

  25. She has another launch tomorrow night for CFS. I signed up thinking this might be the thing to help me generate cash even though I have no idea what my course would be. Something told me to look online for unbiased reviews and I’m glad I found this one. I now know I won’t be buying the program. Maybe if I had $2,000 to play around with but I don’t. Thanks again!

  26. Thanks for the review and for the indepth overview of the course -its better for the consumer if you know up front that the courses are date locked, maybe you cant complete x in y amount of time. But my question is can you post some resources about the best ways to advertise your course online once you build it in Teachable. There are soooo many site saying sooo many things – how can a course builder know which way is better to attract the audience they are looking for.?
    Many thanks.

  27. At first I thought this would be an endorsement disguised as a review. But…seems to be a legit review. I appreciate how thorough you are. I’m gonna go ahead and pass on the old “I make money selling a course” routine.

  28. Finally a site with honest reviews, not “reviews” that are really pitches for affiliate products they want to sell. To make serious money from a course you need a strong list, an irresistible topic, credibility in your own right and a believable promise.

    Btw, if you really want a refund, go to your credit card company. I’m not a lawyer and this isn’t legal advice. But if you can demonstrate that the ads were misleading, or they didn’t deliver what they promised, you may get a credit. It takes awhile and can be a hassle. Also try government consumer agencies and even the attorney general. You should not have to do all the assignments to get a refund. What if you don’t understand the assignments?

  29. Thank you for this thorough review. I think you are spot on!

    It seems the real money comes if you copy her content and make a course about making courses, instead of “telling your story” which she emphasizes. No thanks.

  30. For me, integrity is EVERYTHING.

    When her webinar has all of these people commenting that this is in fact a LIVE webinar, but she is talking about starting your course Dec 1st and it is Dec 4th and other telltale signs that it was not in fact live…that turned me off immediately. When someone’s plan to get clients includes misleading them…I am out the door.

    Thanks for the review. Confirmed my gut feelings.

  31. Hey loves, thank you for your honest reviews, I almost began looking for ways to take a loan. I do have a course that I really would love to share with the world, for healing depression.. and I honestly freak out every time I do research. I’m comfortable on video, have all the information & message. does anybody have suggestions regarding a person/platform that could help me feel comfortable navigating the online world and reaching those who need?
    Thanks a bunch

  32. Create cooking courses with you doing just that!!! I’d be interested. Just look at the reams of cooking vids on YouTube. Which I watch as a way to unwind. Like someone commented: go to Teachable, learn course creation and DIY

  33. I came here to research this course but for reasons I can learn and bring back to my course “Mindfully Shifting Your Career: A-Z of Career Development” but as a consumer and reading the comments, I have to be true to myself. Its hard to charge 1997 for a course, although my course has 13 modules and 37 sections (thinking about scaling back some) but how do you truly market your course and receive the return you believe its worth? My price is an absolute steal but its not about that with me. For me its about getting the information to the career professionals who can benefit from my course. I almost just want to do a honest ad posting and just tell the truth to ask them to buy the course and hope someone does….but that’s not logically. Just like there are people who create websites to do reviews on expensive courses they’re also people who believe cheap courses aren’t beneficial. There is never a happy medium and you can never please everyone so why not just focus on what you have to offer others instead and not focus on the negative? I suppose I just answered my own question.

  34. It’s interesting to hear everyone’s take on the course from scratch from Danielle. I tend to be skeptical and discerning on many marketing initiatives; which is why I can appreciate the shared views. Many do not have cash to throw away and making a sacrifice takes a lot when you wouldn’t normally entrust your funds in someone’s vision to birth your own. I personally was almost persuaded to join. I’m glad for Danielle for her achievements and I’m glad for the shared reviews. It’s all about choices.

  35. Totally agree with this review. A friend who bought the course, allowed me to review the contents. I have paid up to $10k for courses, so I have no problem spending the money as long as the ROI makes sense. Just a few golden nuggets of info can be well worth the price.

    I found this course to be thoroughly confusing with all the acronyms (an attempt to make old ideas sound new). I had to keep going back to earlier videos to remind me the meaning of the acronyms which was a real-time waster.

    The layout was all over the place and not organized well. It seemed like the most important info was vague. I found some valuable info in the recorded coaching calls but they were over an hour long. I don’t have the time nor the desire to spend hours of my time sifting.

    There are much better courses out there for less money. I found Dan Henry’s to be some of the best courses for the money. Check out his Sold Out Courses. It is a well put together, a step-by-step, linear style course and it’s only $997. I am not affiliated with him in any way-this is just my 2 cents.

    I am currently building the foundation for my course and plan to be up & running within a few months. Good Luck!

    • I like the diversity of comments on this site. It is very hard to find real review sites these days. I agree with Maria, there are many people who have money and would not hesitate to purchase this course and do absolutely nothing with it. I also like that her objection as is the reviewer, based on layout, organization, and delivery. It may seem as though this is a lot of money if you are desperately looking for a lifeline and have little money, ideas, or support (not being condescending), I am speaking from experience. Business 101, the value of your product is what people are willing to pay. It is entirely subjective. I think the marketing spend is no different then any others I have seen throughout the years since the internet started in mass. I believe if you have any doubts you should move on and find something you can get behind. Belief in your ability to succeed is half the battle. And nothing comes easy but an opinion.

  36. The reason that I am even commenting on this post, it’s because as an entrepreneur it is hard to do all the things you need to do to be creative and successful, or having lots of money to hire someone else to do the things you can’t. Most of us have no real available money, to really do what is necessary to become rich… because everything cost a whole lot, and if you need help you have to pay for it.

    I came across Danielle’s course ads and was very impressed, just to know that there were options out there, and I had never seen an ad like hers before, offering to help me start a course from scratch. I was curious and wanted to purchase her course.

    So, I consulted with my business coach first, who basically provides all of this but in a different way and told me that regardless of her “my business coach” opinion it will be entirely up to me on purchasing the course.. sorry “INVESTING” because she says information is all about investing in yourself.

    What she advised was research, research, research, and although Danielle’s stuff was more attractive, because of the hype and ads, I learnt later on that my investment in my BC was the way to go first, because although some of the same things offered by Danielle seems different, ITS NOTHING NEW UNDER THE SUN, but my BC actually covered that but in a different way, but because she is not out there like that it seemed to me at the time as though what Danielle was offering was newer. My BC never stopped me from being curious or purchasing Danielle’s course.

    This is one of the major reasons I love my BC, because she’s a realist, and is not afraid of her clients supporting another competitor, if it helps her client “meeee” overall. I guess she’s to confident about her results in what she offers, so its neither here nor there with her.

    I saw the latest ad put out by Danielle and said.. well someone is endorsing her so why not, and what I have to say about all of this is that experience, as my “BC said you can learn from anyone, at anytime even if no one else gets it, you will just pay for your learning curious experience”, and I did learn, I learnt that I am to stick with my “BC” because she has my back and my businesses back always.

    Just as Danielle’s scratch course may not be for everyone, my business coach is the same, she can be an ice-queen with her methods but at least I made back the money I put out with her. Thanks for the course, but my bc style is good enough for me at least, especially in marketing and branding my business, it really takes more than a course, whether it’s Danielle’s course or any other course, after the course how do I stay relevant in business, were some of the questions we spoke about, we all need a backup and that is what the course does not really have available to me, the one on one.

    I really thought the pre-template duplication thing was for me in saving money, but I need a one on one support system, and although information was given by Danielle, I needed another pov to break stuff down. The take away is.. the wheel is already invented, and unless you plan on inventing something that is not out there yet, its all recycled information! and remember SOLD OUT COURSES does not necessarily mean anything, what matters is are you making money after you PAY for these courses, is the question and if I have $10k it is not going into a Course it’s going to my BC because at least with her I make my money back!

    Lesson learnt.

  37. Great review! Very helpful. I was surprised I couldn’t find more reviews online. I did benefit from Danielle’s free webinar…I gave me some things to think about but I will not be purchasing the course.

    Thanks again,


  38. Thank you. Your information is priceless! I almost bought into the idea from seeing her on YoyTube until I read tour review.

  39. Thank you. Your information is priceless! I almost bought into the idea from seeing her on YoyTube until I read tour review.

  40. I took the course. Danielle throws together a bunch of other peoples processes and then calls it her own. She uses Jeff Walkers Launch, Scott Olfords customer journey model and Russel Brunsons webinar model and more swipes from already successful marketers. I agree that throwing those numbers out there are bait for low hanging fruit, as that’s what I guess I was when I had to have the course. The worst part about the course is the guarantee and disclosure. You literally can’t even say anything negative about the course publicly (guess I’m violating this right now). That’s how she’s able to keep growing. It’s like a cult, once you’re in, you have to keep silent about what’s really going on. How you’re not making any money. Or, how you made a few thousand dollars but couldn’t build a sustainable business with the course training. How the only people crushing it with her course are people with money, brands, networks or followings. Crazy! Wish I never invested!

    • Thank you so much for this review and to the person who write the article, its so soo helpful as its tricky to find other reviews on the course.

  41. Teachable, and many of the other course platforms, have ebooks and courses that will teach you how to sell on their site for free.

    If you’re tempted to buy a course, try this trick first. Copy the modules on the sales page of a course that you’re tempted to buy, and then google each of the modules yourself to learn how to do whatever is being taught in that module. You will often times find the answers through blog posts and YouTube videos.

    Most people pay for courses because they want a guaranteed solution to their problem, but there are no real guarantees with any of these courses. Don’t be afraid to find a solution on your own by trying things out to see what works for you.

  42. It does not appear that she is the only doing this so kudos to her if people are willing to buy. As for me and after my research, I am not willing to pay $1997. I would be nice to hear from those that purchased this course and how they are doing. I mean really doing.

  43. First off, it is not a live stream that she does, that’s the first tip-off! The entire presentation is a lot of, “lezzzz go” and bragging about how much money she has made and how much money others have made from her program. she’s a good salesperson though. Because she conned a bunch of you out of your coin.

  44. BRANDT MAND – the person who posted the rude comment posted the SAME EXACT COMMENT on a different reviewer’s site.

    @brandtmand is probably an employee or associate of Danielle Leslie.

  45. I joined 2 weeks ago. An hour or so after joining, I changed my mind. I have sent over 12 emails requesting a refund. Two people responded trying to tell me that I have lifetime access and then I don’t hear from them again. I feel like I’m just out of $1797, just like that! I guess there’s no integrity with certain people.
    Be careful people when you signup!

  46. you guys creating a course is very simple. And this is coming from a business coach.
    Here Are some Tips
    Course planning:
    1. What industry do you want to share information about?
    2. What are the problems or need within that industry?
    3. How does your knowledge in the industry solve a problem for the consumer?
    4 Now break what you know into categories or you can say chapters
    5. write down details for each chapter
    (example: at home schooling chapter one title “qualifications” Chapter 2 “application process”
    6. Tell why each section is important but also tell them how they can apply the information with actionable steps
    7. Each chapter is a separate lesson in your online course
    8. After you have completed your outline it’s time to record, you can also make PDF’s if they help your students to better understand each section
    9. Upload to a course platform.
    10. Now you must create a marketing strategy. I say IG and FB is best for ads but YouTube can be awesome if you aren’t afraid to get in front of the camera because it is owned by the biggest search engine which means if you title your videos right it’s easier to find! And then skip paying for ads altogether if you are on a budget! Dont worry about millions of views. Only focus on giving value because a video with a 100 views can bring you 3-7 students, so if your class is only $100 that is $300-$700,,,,and the best part???? YouTube helps create passive income, so as long as the video is up and still generates traffic, it will continue to bring you more students.

    11. Use ads for traffic and not to sell a product.

    Now you didn’t have to pay me $2000, but I can assure you I am a business coach, who have online courses, make money from my courses and would rather give actionable step than to take people money and lose my integrity. I hope that my post will help any and all of you guys who need assistance and felt like social media is just full of scammers who use high pitched voices and words like “wow” and “I cant believe it” to take your hard earned money. This post isnt super detail but it is literally all you have to do to create a course! Blessing to you!
    And by the way I am here because I wanted to see what made her course so special to charge $2000….and I am not saying it isnt special, just curious. I guess it’s true that if you make something $5000 and say it’s on sale for $2000 people will pay that before they pay for a course that’s $200 that is the exact same thing because of FOMO (fear of missing out)….. people still need and want what you have to share so don’t walk away from your passion to help others through online course!!!


    ‘DANIELLE LESLIE’ called me at 10:08 pm just last night. That is violation of the TCPA (Telecommunications Privacy Act), which OUTLAWS telemarketing calls after 0900pm local time.

    If ‘DANIELLE LESLIE’, is willing to violate FEDERAL LAW, then ‘she’ is a SCAMMER. And, so is her ‘husband’.

  48. I bought it and I can tell you this – the refund policy is BS so if you’re not sure – don’t do it. I asked for a refund WELL WITHIN the time frame they claim their “money back guarantee” covers and they had allllll the excuses NOT to give it to me. I did all the courses and it just wasn’t what me and my partner were looking for with all the pre-recorded videos etc but the administrator said “you do not qualify for a refund” BULLSHIT WE DIDN’T. That being said I got it back from my bank anyways but don’t do this course if you aren’t sure. They are all about getting and keeping your money whether you like it or not.

  49. I appreciate that you paid $ and took the time to investigate the course and leave an honest review. I had considered her course, but knew I didn’t need a lot of the info in it. I was hoping there was some hidden gem within the course I needed to know that would help catapult me to the level she’s been able to achieve within it. Glad I didn’t buy it. Thank you.


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