Content Site Autopilot Review: Jon Dykstra Course Legit?

Today you'll be reading through my Content Site Autopilot review and whether Jon Dykstra's course is worth the $147 price tag, and if you really can start an blog empire on autopilot. 

I've been through the content, to show you what you get and ultimately whether it's worth it, or just another overhyped scam (hint: it's not), and what's the best alternative (if there is one). 

Content Site Autopilot Review


Ranked #11 out of 97 affiliate courses (See full list here)


Good basic affiliate marketing course with some automation tips


30 hours, 21 minutes


$147 then $20 per year


Mid 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #11 out of 97 affiliate courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Good basic affiliate marketing course with some automation tips
  • Length: 10 hours+
  • Price: $147 then $20 per year
  • Updated: Mid 2020
  • Rating: 4/5

What is Content Site Autopilot?

Content Site Autopilot is an online course designed to help people publish niche websites that bring in revenue, without constant maintenance.. This is done through increasing traffic to websites for more visitors. It is instructed by Jon Dykstra, who has several years of experience in curating systems that work effectively and efficiently.

Content Site Autopilot is aimed at helping niche business prosper without heavy maintenance and regulation. This program teaches about tracking processes, structure and templates. It also goes through hiring methods and outsourcing.

This course is aimed at online business owners who want a low-maintenance workflow system that saves time, whilst increasing ad revenue. The time saved can be used to study new traffic areas, which are fundamental to keep up with this growing tech industry.

For those who desire a prosperous affiliate marketing business, Content Site Autopilot should definitely be checked out and considered.

The course currently costs $147 one time and then $20 per year renewal. I'm unsure what the renewal fee is for, the sales page doesn't tell us either. I can only assume it's for continued renewal of access to the Fat Stacks Forum which is included when buying the course which just so happens to also cost $20 per year.

Who is Jon Dykstra

Jon Dykstra is the founder of Fat Stacks, a website that teaches individuals how to build niche sites that bring in passive income, without a massive amount of work. Jon has a passion for helping everyday people grow a digital business that can lead to financial freedom in the long run.

For almost a decade, Jon has been creating niche sites that attracts huge amounts of traffic. As of 20202, his websites receive over 1 million views just from Google. He also receives visitors from platforms such as Pinterest and Facebook. He has a number of sites that bring in more than $40,000 per month.

Although Jon is currently a full-time publisher, he went to university where he earned a Bachelors of Arts and Master of Business Administration. Afterwards, he went to law school in Canada. When he completed his law degree, Jon specialised in criminal defense and litigation in British Columbia.

Jon first started blogging on his law office website, where he built various websites educating clients on what services were available at his firm. During the same time that his firm was receiving lots of work, Jon created a non-law blog that successful launched. He left his career as a lawyer and transitioned into a full-time niche website publisher.

content site autopilot review

What’s in Content Site Autopilot

Content Site Autopilot is a course that uses minimal video content, with a focus on actual text.

There is The Process, which goes through the practical aspects of niche sites publishing. Jon shoes his personal workflow, and teaches students how to publish content. He goes through image uses, and implementing appropriate systems. He also uncovers secrets for outsourcing and curating virtual assistant tasks.

Hiring and Firing is perhaps one of the most important sections for publishers with employees. Jon goes into depth about creating ads that are suitable for various positions.

He goes through websites to hire virtual assistants, as well as discussing pay and vacations. Jon also talks about firing employees who are not productive and suitable for the job. Besides virtual assistants, Jon teaches owners the tactics he used to reach writers.

In Employee Management & Training, there is content on mentoring employees to become productive and prosperous. Jon provides information on time tracking, as well as paying staff. There is a section on coaching writers.

In Key Resources, there is a general overview concerning topics such as image sourcing, spreadsheeting formatting and cutting down costs. Jon goes through finding great quality writing at a bargain value.

Content Site Autopilot has several checklists available for publishers to fully prepare. There is a list for SEOs, job advertisements and content briefing.

Jon also provides user-friendly templates on the different types of articles available, ranging from opinion pieces to interviews.

There is a section on content formatting using CSS and meta descriptions.

Content Site Autopilot is a great way for publishers to efficiently outsource and hire appropriate virtual assistants.

Content Site Autopilot also has a big community of like-minded individuals with the Fat Stacks forum, which students get access to.

How much does the course cost?

Content Site Autopilot is available at the cost of $147 per year. There is a renewal fee of just $20. Jon sends out the $20 coupon a month before the course is set to expire.

There is a 30-day refund option for those who are not happy with this course. There are no questions asked.

Are there any testimonials for the course?

Here’s what a happy student had to say:

“I signed up for your courses last week and I’ve been getting your emails, and I have to tell you—they’re fantastic. They’re helpful, they’re motivating, and they keep me focused. There’s always one or two things I learn from them (but not so much that I forget what I’ve learned).

Really great stuff – just thought I’d send a message and let you know.”

How to get a refund for Content Site Autopilot?

You'll be pleased to know there's a 30 days no questions asked refund policy. There's no requirement to have completed a certain number of videos, nor is there a requirement to actually do the work, like some courses have. 

Best Content Site Autopilot Alternatives

1. Savage Affiliates (Franklin Hatchett)

The best alternative (link) that also only costs $50 more, but comes with 10x the content is this course, and it covers the same content, in a lot more detail, but does not include as much 'outsourcing to a third party' as the Content Site Autopilot course. But you learn many forms of affiliate marketing including content sites, through an A-to-Z approach. There's no ongoing fees, and you get access to a Facebook group with 3,000+ other students.


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