Commission Seeker Review: Is Cynthia Benitez Course Legit?

Commission Seeker promises a lot, such as learning how to make $186.83 in a day with an unsaturated method, created by Cynthia Benitez. But is it a legitimate and guaranteed way to make money, or is it another overhyped Warriorplus special offer?

What is Commission Seeker?

The sales page claims it's an underrated method that allows you to make commissions fast, and can make $100 per day with barely any effort. 

The course is an over the shoulder training, where by you are shown the method step by step. No experience is required and it's a repeatable method. 

Of course the sales page doesn't actually tell you what the method is, it's one of those typical Warriorplus offers that is designed to capture your email (for endless emails in the future) and offer you a method to success. 

That method... is creating a Youtube channel. 

And the course costs $7.95. 

You get access to 10 videos on the entire process, followed by some bonus content on how to make money online and built a list fast. Additionally another course called Secret Weapon, a freebie page and a random $67 software program. 

Who Is Cynthia Benitez? 

Cynthia by self declaration is an internet marketer who helps companies grow their business by building websites and generating leads and using social media. 

She's originally from Spain but is based in London, England and has created 2 products

Her Commission Seeker product has only been sold 50+ times, and her previous product was InstaJackpot which was sold over 100 times. 

It would appear she's worked with some big clients and she has a 5 step process that she follows when working with them. 

Her websites claim she is a super affiliate and she's a promoter of Jono Armstrong's course, Ministry of Freedom which is a high ticket offer. 

She is classified as a top 25% affiliate on Warriorplus which could back up that claim. 

Lastly you can find Cynthia over on Youtube, where she currently has a small following. 

commission seeker review

Commission Seeker Review

Like most Warriorplus products, they are pretty crap, as they are designed to capture your email address, by offering a 100% commission to anyone who'll promote it for you. 

In return you collect an email address that can be used for promoting other people's products in the future, where you'll get 100% of their product.

Then you get 50% of any upsells, split between both of you. 

And that's what I can see with Commission Seeker, it's a relatively short course of 9 videos, bulked out with some bonuses and this is followed by four upsells.

OTO1 upsell was actually her other course called InstaJackpot. 

Course Content

It's split up into 10 videos as I mentioned including: 

  • Welcome
  • Overview
  • Account Setup
  • The Research
  • The Research Part 2
  • The Contact
  • The Waiting
  • The Agreement
  • The Result
  • Conclusion.

In a nutshell here's what you're going to learn. Start a Youtube channel about your topic and then contact other Youtubers with larger channels and offer them something to promote your product or channel to their subscribers. 

It's the same method that's been around for years, it's called affiliate marketing! 

And if you bought this course, you probably already knew this! Or don't want to put your face on camera to start a Youtube channel. 

But the most controversial part is that her sales page says you won't be required to make videos and no product creation is needed. 


It's a typical Warriorplus offer that's there to mislead you into a unique business opportunity. The creators clearly don't do this method to make money, they create courses and use email marketing to sell you on future courses.

You can learn how to affiliate marketing yourself, without creating Youtube videos. There's so many options out there including content creation, website articles, sales funnels and more. 

But you're not going to learn affiliate marketing in a Warriorplus course, you're going to need something more advanced with over 130 videos on an A-to-Z setup. 

That's why you should checkout my number #1 way to become an affiliate marketer. 

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