Commission Hero Review: Is Robby Blanchard’s Clickbank Course Worth It?

The world’s largest Clickbank affiliate has finally launched his own course called Commission Hero which is a $997 package that claims to show you how to make money with affiliate marketing and replicate similar success.

Commission Hero claims to show you how to make your first $1,000 per day using Clickbank using various strategies. I have to question why a bloke who claims to make $920,000 per month from CB affiliate offers needs to launch a course for $997.. that includes live training.. something doesn’t quite add up there.

This course is very similar to other Clickbank affiliate courses such as Quit 9 to 5 and Profit Engine

I came across his course when I saw Robby Blanchard posting his Clickbank screenshots in most of the affiliate marketing and Facebook ad groups offering free advice, where he drops his outrageous Clickbank figures which were averaging $35,000 per day.

The problem is, he never shows the actual retention rate, you know, those figures that show how much he made after refunds. I’ve used Clickbank before and refund rates can be as high as 50%.. you don’t get a mention about that.

Here’s an sample from my own ‘Transactions’ the only page that really matters.

Don’t let an affiliate marketer show you his or her Clickbank dashboard.

March 2019: This is my own Clickbank account.

We also don’t know the cost of his traffic. Anyone can run paid traffic to a gateway page and then a Clickbank offer but how much does it actually cost to get a customer? That 920k per month he claims to make might not be anywhere near the net profit.

You’ve seen the posts of businesses doing 5 million dollars in sales but losing money.

This course focuses on running Facebook ads to gateway pages and then offloading your traffic to Clickbank affiliate offers. It’s important to note you can’t send traffic directly from your ads to affiliate offers. You need to warm up your traffic with a compelling offer or blog post before redirecting them.

Who is Robby Blanchard?

Robby claims to be the world’s number one Clickbank affiliate with monthly sales of over $920,000. He’s shared screenshots of the CB leaderboard which do confirm this claim and his IG is full of the claim too.

He makes money running traffic from Facebook to gateway pages and then onto Clickbank. Personally I’ve never seen such an ad pop up on my news feed for a Clickbank offer and given that volume of sales I’d have expected to see something.

He also owns physical businesses in the cross fit niche as well as a keen golfer and traveler. There’s no overhyped photos like we’ve come to expect from affiliate courses.

Commission Hero Review

commission hero review

The sales page really does try to sell the dream of working once and making money for life with the concept of affiliate marketing. Making money 24/7/365 is something Robby want’s you to achieve and he claims by following his course you can get there.

I’d make sure you look at the actual content you’re getting access too rather than the overhyped sales pitch that clearly someone else has crafted.

You get access to the following content in Commission Hero:

  • Ready made landing pages
  • 20+ proven to work ad images
  • Facebook Super Profits Training System
  • Hours upon hours of content
  • Access to his private coaching group
  • Bonus 1: Live training with Robby
  • Bonus 2: Rolodex of contacts
  • Bonus 3: Ad account training.

You can already tell you’re not really getting access to much content for $997. Everyone who bought the course is going to be using the same landing pages and proven image ads alongside the same training modules for running traffic to those offers.

I read online somewhere that Robby also shares winning products to promote which will also saturate any chance of making money from similar offers.

The one pro is you are learning from the #1 affiliate on Clickbank but I’m not sure why you’d launch a course for such a low price if you’re making over 50k per day from doing, well.. as Robby puts it.. nothing.

The course is very similar to another course recently launched called Profit Engine. Maybe the owners are friends or maybe he simply copied the content from that course into his own, who knows.

Why I Hate Clickbank Affiliate Offers

I’ve been there, done that. I’ve used Clickbank and it’s a piss poor platform for affiliate marketers. The main reason is customers can request their own refunds and will get them 100% of the time direct from Clickbank.

The problem is Clickbank takes the customers credit card and processes payments. They hate chargebacks and have to deal with the fees imposed on them by their backend provider and will do everything they can to make the customer happy.

The problem as an affiliate is you don’t know why that customer wanted a refund. Was the product you’re promoting really that bad? Did the vendor not reply to their concerns? or has the product not been updated for years?

Many customers know the Clickbank refund loop hole and will simply buy a product, download it and then request their no obligation refund. They do this many times and get away with it everytime.

Now you as the affiliate might make $1,000 per day but 7 days later when refunds come through thick and fast you quickly start to see your commissions drop. If you’ve paid for traffic from social media you’re the one footing the bill.

The best bit is that Clickbank can actually remove you as an affiliate if your refund rate becomes too high. I’ve seen affiliates working on a 50% refund rate.

So is the problem Clickbank’s shoddy offers or shady marketers? You decide.

Refund Policy

Robby’s course offers an unusual 12 month success refund policy. This means you must wait 12 months to actually apply for the refund. If that’s not the biggest red flag in this course then I don’t know what is. His business could simply disappear next year and you’ll never see your money again. Likewise you’ll need to show a full 12 months of effort to quality for the refund.

I’ve never seen a refund policy like this, ever.

Final Verdict

Before you rush out an buy a course such as Commission Hero for $997 you really need to factor in the additional costs such as running Facebook ads, creating content, setting up and working with Clickbank and dealing with refunds and chargebacks.

You definitely can’t buy this course and expect to make $1,000 per day without spending a dime on traffic. I’d say you need to budget atleast $500-$1000 to learn the process and even then you might make no money at all.

The refund policy stinks too.

Personally, learning to promote Clickbank offers is a fairly obsolete method and there are far better affiliate marketing techniques out there including content marketing and social sharing.

You can write content yourself and get started for free with content marketing. You could also checkout fully fledged courses such as Savage Affiliates that offer lots of content on a whole range of affiliate techniques.

Lastly it’s it ironic that his own course doesn’t use Clickbank? Probably because it’s so easy to get a refund as I mentioned earlier.

I’d avoid the overhyped course, Commission Hero.

Last Updated on June 1, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Thanks for your review. I literally just finished watching his webinar and I am so glad I came across this article. I agree with you 100% about how some marketers show total sales but do not talk about refunds, how much to spend on ads, etc. I have noticed this a lot with Amazon FBA courses. They all want to talk sales but the majority of them never mention paying for ads, refunds, and, the possibility of your account getting temporarily suspended. It certainly is curious why Robby is not using Clickbank in his own course.How did you discover that?


  2. I just watched this guys webinar! You my friend just saved me $997 and you are right, these marketers never show the full picture of running these types of businesses. Thanks for your review

  3. Great review – the age old question – if it is so good, why don’t they just scale up, hire cheap outsourced people to run with it …. instead they sell a how to course, about how to

  4. Basically they are all MEGA “BS” artists! It’s the same as if you were speaking to a DEGENERATE GAMBLER who only tells you if the times he or she won big but never tells you of the many more times they lost! You know if any of these people are truly making what they say they are and teach people to do the same at no cost or pay a small fee AFTER they make they’re first “monies” it would then put that course at the very top of the list!!
    Then the course owner would 10-100 fold theiri income! I know there would be a lot of wasted paper because of tire kickers but anybody with half s brain would want a course proven to work by regular everyday people,,,, I know I would!!!
    Thanks for your review!

  5. Great Review. Thank you.
    Robby has his product list on ClickBank.
    I agree with Paul and John… same old BS.
    Will check out Savage Affiliates.

  6. I appreciate your review so very, very much. I’m in the midst of one of Robbie’s webinars at this very minute. He certainly “sounds” honest enough. He discusses net vs. gross revenues per day; and he makes an uncommon Money Back Guarantee (for a whole year). While I believe his system could offer me much, I know I cannot afford Facebook ads at this juncture.

    It is also curious that he wants to help so many of us but still charges $997 for his course. A truly philanthropic spirit would probably want to put his course more in range, say, $397 (even while acknowledging that $397 would be much less than the value of the course).

    And finally, your criticism concerning Clickbank charge-backs is so very valuable. That’s something I hadn’t given any thought to. Imagine having earned $1,000 on Monday, having $0 the subsequent Monday because of charge-backs, and owing Facebook $400-500 on top of it! Oh, yukkkk!!! Thank you so much for your light! Please keep up the great work!!! This webinar, which is concluding, has definitely not been a waste of my time. It led me to you!

  7. With the rest of the comments here, I am also one of almost a victim of this course. Thanks for your review.

  8. I cannot disagree more, Im currently a student of commission hero and the content is really good. Its unfortunate that you guys are unfairly saying this about the course and Robby Blanchard.
    Everyday I see students posting in the fb group their success. Robby’s course is very good and well worth your money. I cannot say enough good things about the course and Robby, he’s very honest and willing to help you become successful.

  9. So i am looking at this Course and to be quite honest 997 seems a bit pricey plus can someone tell me if there is any OTO up sales in this as i presume.

    Then Click Funnels is pretty costly also for the new starter.

    Then Running ads on Facebook

    Sorry. but i’m sure you would need deep pockets before you even started

    Great review

  10. I have just watch its webinar and I ask him about its net income, and he told me that is 40% after removing facebook advertising cost and removing the refunds. So if you really earn 400 USD of 1k is still ok, I think.
    And yes he is now using Clickbank to sell its product. Maybe before he wasn’t

  11. How can you write a review without having done the course? It offers a 12 month money back guarantee so people should try it for themselves and if after 3 months not making money get a refund. Do as he suggests and get the PayPal interest free credit for 4 months. If it’s not working use the refund and pay back PayPal. That’s what I’m going to do. You can’t knock something until you’ve tried it.

    • Who hasn’t done the course? Where does it say I haven’t been through the course?

      Clearly you’ve misread the refund policy which is actually this,

      “Refund requests can only be considered in 12 months.”

      So you don’t like it or it doesn’t work for you, you have to wait 12 months to get your money back. During that time his business could be dissolved and you’ll never see a dime ever again.

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