Best Clickfunnels Alternatives: 7 Platforms I Recommend

Until recently I was a huge fan of Clickfunnels but their lack of updates and announcement of a price increase for the professional plan encouraged me to start looking elsewhere. After months of research, testing the latest platforms I've found the best Clickfunnels alternatives. 

There's far too many platforms out there that claim to be the best sales funnel builders, when most of them are actually just landing page creators. There's not many platforms that let you link pages together, accept payments and combine everything together. 

However I've found 7 platforms that could easily rival Clickfunnels and some might say they are actually the best Clickfunnels alternatives you should be using right now. 

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Clickfunnels is a web based sales funnel for entrepreneurs to increase their sales and exposure.

The platform was born in 2014 and now claims to have 100,000 members that can share their products and services across the world. 

best clickfunnels alternatives

Clickfunnels makes web based marketing simple to understand and navigate; geared towards potential members that may not have the necessary skills or resources to code or program to build their online presence and generate leads and sales within minutes.  

Members are guided through the whole sales process thanks to Russel Brunson's extensive coaching with step-by-step guides and can track their leads and traffic via the dashboard. 

Clickfunnels offer a free 14 day trial to start, but then require a paid account. The first is the Clickfunnels plan at $97 per month, which offers a generous but limited number of funnels, landing pages and traffic.The second is the Etison Suite which is currently priced- at $297 per month - offers unlimited access and numbers of funnels landing pages and traffic generation.

Both offer A/B Split Tests and email integration as well; allowing smaller or newer entrepreneurs to still get similar services.

It’s handy to note that both the ClickFunnels and Etison Suite plans offer a free 14 day trial to test it out.Simply cancel before the plan renews. Accounts are billed month to month. 

ClickFunnels is hosted in the cloud, which means that members can conveniently access it from any location, manage accounts remotely and build all of the pages in their funnel from the members area.

There are also additional features such as the Etison Editor that allows users to create and edit in a software editing tool, ClickFunnels Backpack which runs affiliate programs inside user's funnels, and Follow-Up Funnels that create smart email, texts and messenger follow up Funnels.

Members can also integrate autoresponders and shopping carts into their ClickFunnel account, a 24/7 support team and free software updates, giving their users to tailor their accounts to best suit their individual needs. 

Best Clickfunnels Alternatives

1. Simvoly

Simvoly is a platform to build business websites and highly converting sales funnels that converts visitors into customers. It works by providing a selection of tools supported by in-house software, making it accessible for entrepreneurs and without the need for additional programmers or marketing agencies.

The user has full creative control from start to finish.

Some of the core features that Simvoly offers is a website builder, funnel builder, CRM engagement as well as eCommerce integrations.

Additional services such as web design templates, themes, marketing education and API means that Simvoly is an inclusive and opportunistic platform for freelancers, entrepreneurs and agencies alike.

With 13,000 active users and increasing, prospective members can choose between 4 different plan options - ranging from personal businesses to larger agencies.

Each plan comes with its own terms and services available, with the most popular being the ‘Business’ plan.

The cheapest available is the ‘Personal’ plan at $12 per month and is the most basic option.

The Business plan is $24 per month, ‘Growth’ plan is $59 per month, and the ‘Pro’ plan is $149 per month. With both the ‘Growth’ and ‘Pro’ plans, users can expect ​all features unlocked.

Users can also utilize Simvoly’s additional services of Website Design and Website Design+, priced at $249 and $399 respectively. This service provides skilled in-house designers crafting a completely tailored website/page according to your specifications and preferences.

Simvoly also offers one click upsells and downsells, the ability to sell subscriptions & memberships on websites, and a White Label partnership that gives freelancers and designers a 35-55% discount to build unlimited sites and funnels for potential clients.

Simvoly is also compatible with multi-platform integrations such as Zapier, Google Analytics, PayPal and Mailchimp to further streamline the process of digital marketing. 

Simvoly Benefits:

  • Create amazing sales funnels
  • Enhanced checkout pages
  • One click up/down sells
  • Sell membership subscriptions
  • White label agency partners

Editor Says:

Simvoly is a relatively unknown platform but it could easily be one of the best Cickfunnels alternatives out there. 

Offering a range of plans and a full suite of features including checkout and one click upsells it's a serious contender. 

2. Builderall

The Builderall platform started in 2011 with a clear goal of generating real online results for companies all over the world. As a complete digital marketing and online business platform, Builderall currently has over 40,000 users, where entrepreneurs large and small, can manage their online presence, marketing and sales process.

Starting off with a simple test website, users can then build and curate an eye-catching result catered to their needs as well as landing pages, sales funnels and so much more. 

This platform supports a myriad of features such as its Canvas Funnel Builder, Directory Builder, CRM tool,Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics and Marketing automaton that make the behind-the-scenes work easy to use and appealing to new users.

Additionally you get access to other powerful tools such as a Webinar creator, multi-platform sales integrations and even options to sell or share websites and sales funnels with others.  

Builderall’s features and resources are available through a premium membership; the cheapest being the Essential Plan, perfect for beginners. At $29.90 per month, it offers basic tools required to build business growth. To get full advantage of the Builderall suite you'll need to choose Premium.

A premium account grants unlimited access to all of Builderall’s extensive tools and at $69.90 per month it's a fraction of the price of Clickfunnels making it a very good alternative. Prospective members can have a one-to-one demo with a Builderall team member as well.

Builderall focuses extensively on not only creating a strong business module, but also the management and continuation of sales services, peer and customer support and building product/company credibility; granting users with the comfort of an all-in-one stop shop with industry professional-level backing at their fingertips. 

Builderall Benefits:

  • Much more affordable
  • Access to a 7 day trial
  • Create any type of content
  • Built in webinar software
  • Month to month billing

Editor Says:

If you're looking for a well known Clickfunnels alternative then this competitor could be your best option. Low monthly fees, a 7 day free trial and access to powerful features. 

One of the best features is the built in webinar creator avoiding third party software. 

3. Convertri

Convertri started as a platform for a small team of dedicated designers and programmers who wanted to build landing pages exactly how they wanted, quickly, without the need for fancy tools or software.

Today, Converti has served up over 65 million pages with global entrepreneurs all over the world with a strong membership base.

New users can expect a fully integrated platform with valuable online marketing tools attached - a Funnel planner, Drag-and-drop page builder, Mobile Editor, efficient CDN, integrated shopping carts and payment providers as well as split-testing.

With all these tools in one place and backed up with with numerous video tutorials, modern graphics designs and helpful customer support, users can take comfort in having all the design tools to freely create the best business model for themselves.

Convertri offers a free 14 day trial for new users, which then can be upgraded to a choice of 3 membership types.

The Standard plan comes in at $53 per month and would suit those just starting out. The Pro plan at $58 per month offers more features and would suit more demanding users that need more features, while the Agency plan costs $166 per month for bigger teams and larger companies. All plans are billed annually by default.

One of Convertri’s highlights is its mobile platform that enables users to create, manage and update their business on the go, thanks to their extensive editing features, API integration as well as publishing tools - users have a wide range of options to choose from; from in-house templates to adding in custom codes. Additionally there is live testing and premium analytics.

Strong in both behind-the-scenes features as well as in front of the curtain, Convertri combines leading industry features, competitive page technology and e-commerce integrations to deliver fast and realistic results. 

Convertri Benefits:

  • Create sales funnels in minutes
  • Similar interface to Clickfunnels
  • Ultra fast loading pages
  • Integrated shopping cart
  • One Click Upsells

Editor Says:

Convertri is the closest like for like platform to Clickfunnels but they offer far more features such as guaranteed page load times that are great for SEO. 

Additionally get access to cheaper pricing with features that include a generous helping of impressions, funnels and pages. 

4. Unbounce

Unbounce is a landing page platform that helps users create custom websites without any coding or programming required. With over 15,000 brands under their belt, Unbounce has thus far supported over 650 million conversions globally.

Unbounce offers a myriad of different features such as a built-in Landing page builder; allowing for extensive customization and editing straight from the website, a Target and Trigger tool to optimize visitor experience on the page while simultaneously promoting products, API integrations that support other marketing and CRM tools, modern analytics, lead tracking and the option to embed third party tools such as Drift, Calendly and HotJar.

For the less experienced users among you, you can head to Unbounce’s ‘Learn’ section where daily updates are announced, marketing resources as well as various tutorials can be found to provide step-by-step support and ease of use.

Unbounce offers a free 14 Day trial for prospective members which then turns into 3 tiers of membership types. The Essential plan is $79 per month and includes all necessary tools for building, testing and creating conversions. This plan is perfect for new users and those with limited online marketing knowledge.

The Premium plan costs $159 per month and offers twice as many landing pages as the Essential plan, combined with additions such as client sub accounts, premium integrations and AMP landing pages.

Both the Premium and Essential plan offer up a free 14 day trial before commitment and are great avenues for freelancers or independent entrepreneurs.

At the top end of the scale, there is the Agency plan starting from $399 per month geared towards more established companies that offer custom-built options to suit the client’s needs.

Partnered with a Dedicated Launch Specialist, Customer Success Manager and the option of at least 15 client sub accounts, users of this particular plan have industry professionals in their corner. There is no free trial available for this option.

All in all, Unbounce provides an informative and supportive platform for users of all backgrounds and needs with the necessary tools and resources they need to boost their businesses

Unbounce Benefits:

  • Create amazing landing pages
  • Popups, lead gen form builders
  • Integrate with many other apps
  • Manage clients via main account
  • Worldwide CDN, faster loading.

Editor Says:

Unbounce is a landing page creator and if you're trying to create sales funnels it can be complex and not worth it compared to Clickfunnels.

However if lead gen pages, landing pages and basic 2 step funnels are what you're after then Unbounce is definitely a good option. 

5. Leadpages

Leadpages is a landing page builder targeted towards small businesses who want to collect leads, increase their online reach and connect with their audiences. 

They offer code-free templates for all types of entrepreneurs that are also supported on mobile apps as well as browsers. Being an online platform means that users don’t need to download any additional software or external tools to create high quality, revenue generating websites.

Leadpages supports the user right from the start with a library of free resources - including webinars, podcasts, blogs and customer stories.

Upon creating an account with Leadpages, members can expect a complete conversion toolkit, code-free publishing, professionally designed templates and API integrations such as Google Analytics and Calendly, amongst other useful tools available to them tailored to suit their business and vision.

Leadpages offers 3 plans which currently cost $25/mo, $48/mo and $199/mo. All plans currently offer a 14 day free trial, no credit card required. The main difference between the standard (cheapest) and the pro plan is the number of sites allowed, A/B split testing and the ability to sell products and collect payments. 

The fully fledged advanced plan includes all the features Leadpages offers and at $199 is still much cheaper than Clickfunnels which is $297 per month. 

Additionally, there is an extra plan for entrepreneurs who only need to build a website to draw in customers. For $15 per month, users can build and edit a beautiful website that’s ready to convert.

What sets Leadpages apart is that users can have unlimited landing pages, leads and traffic, the autonomy to fully create the website they want loaded up with all the marketing tools, analytics research and intuitive customer management interface.

Overall, Leadpages is an easy-to-use platform that is available to entrepreneurs of all sizes and backgrounds. 

Leadpages Benefits

  • Create full sites or landers
  • Create sales funnels
  • Collect credit card payments
  • One click upsells
  • Lower monthly fees

Editor Says:

Leadpages has been around for years and they have one of the most robust offers out there. New features are constantly added.

Don't be put off by 1 site on the lowest plan. You can still have unlimited pages, just only 1 domain connected at a time. 

6. Ontraport

Ontraport combines different types of marketing tools in one place to help entrepreneurs complete their advertising campaigns. Users can manage their CRM, create landing pages, and generating conversions and maximizing efforts that improve their business.

As a service, Ontraport collects marketing data, manages contacts and emails, utilizes marketing analytics and as well as generating predictive data for future investments.

This all culminates into an extensive range of helpful features for behind-the-scenes management as well as online business presence.

Ontraport serves businesses from consumer services providers, B2B services, speakers and bloggers, as each individual website or page can be exclusively tailored to suit particular needs.

Prospective users can try out Ontraport’s all-in-one CRM and marketing software with a free 14 day trial that includes free setup calls and training as well as free templates for web pages, forms, emails and campaigns.

Ontraport offers 4 different priced plans. The ‘Basic’ plan is $79 per month and provides simple customer data management, while the ‘Plus’ plan is $147 per month which includes additional eCommerce features.

The ‘Pro’ plan at $297 per month includes extra benefits such as a larger number of contacts as well as additional account users - this is a good option for small businesses.

The ‘Enterprise’ plan costs $497 per month and allows for a much higher number of data to be collected, eCommerce capabilities as well as personal Customer support services to help aid the user.

Entrepreneurs also have the option to customize their plan with account add-ons with ease. For more information on features such as Business Process Automation or Marketing Analytics, Ontraport’s website provides more in-depth explanations and customer support teams to answer any questions or resolve any issues.

Users, entrepreneurs and developers can also gather to collaborate on Ontraport’s Facebook community - with over 10,000 active users globally - to create dynamic solutions. 

Ontraport Benefits:

  • Complete CRM / Marketing Platform
  • Priced on contacts and features
  • Create landing pages, sales funnels 
  • Lots of integrations
  • Industry leading platform

Editor Says:

If you've got a deep pocket and are looking for a complete CRM that includes landing page and marketing tools you can do no wrong here.

One of the best Clickfunnels alternatives as they offer various price points depending on your current business situation. 

5. Instapage

Instapage is a web based platform that helps entrepreneurs create successful landing pages easily and quickly.

Some of its clients include skyscanner, ebay, hellofresh and vimeo.

Without the need for programmers or external marketing agencies, Instapage allows users to directly manage and control their output, have full creative freedom straight from their dashboard.

Some of Instapages’ features include AdMap to connect ads to relevant post-click landing pages, personalization of pages to increase visitor engagement, A/B and multivariate testing for precise data analysis, as well as collective collaborations and strong customer support services.

Instapages’ service allows users to be involved from the get go - building the ads to managing the post-click automation (PCA) of advertising funnels in order to maximize advertising conversions.

Instapages also support external integrations from Zapier, Salesforce, Marketo and HubSpot to further streamline the digital process.

Account types are split into Business and Enterprise plans. The former has all the tools required for entrepreneurs to start building and optimizing PCA for higher conversions.

Priced at $199 per month, users have a good range of resources at their fingertips to grow their business.

The Enterprise plan is geared towards more heavy users and larger companies and offers advanced features and services to scale advertising options and maximize ROI. This plan has no fixed price, but instead is customized directly with the client to best suit their needs.

Instapage offers no free trials for their standard plans, however they include a free Demo for those who are interested in using the Enterprise option.

As one of the world’s first PCA provider in the current global industry, Instapage provides a highly qualified, specific service for their customers. 

Instapage Benefits:

  • Customize post click landing pages
  • Fastest page editor
  • Ad map structures
  • 1:1 page personalization
  • Visitor behavior tools

Editor Says:

I was using Instapage back when it was $67 per month and it's now one of the most expensive landing page creators but for that it's an analytical CRO's dream.

They offer a ton of features that other companies could only dream of offering. Worth a look if you need something unique. 


If you're looking for the best Clickfunnels alternatives, you can checkout any of the seven platforms recommended today. I personally love Builderall and Simvoly. They offer two of the same experiences as Clickfunnels and offer features such as one click upsells, subscriptions and the ability to create funnels. 

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