Clickbank For Beginners Review: Paolo Beringuel Course

There seems to be a flood of affiliate marketing courses hitting our social media feeds lately and Clickbank for Beginners is the newest course from Paolo Beringuel who launched a course last year for $4,997.

Thankfully I didn’t buy or review that course, he’s now giving it away for FREE.

This course is priced at $497 for 12 modules and claims to show you step by step how to promote Clickbank affiliate products and get your first commission.

The course is an outline with the exact strategies Paolo uses to generate six figures from Clickbank affiliate marketing. Currently the course is priced at $497 and is hosted on the Teachable platform.

While you can’t download the videos, they are reasonable quality and video/audio is OK.

Who is Paolo Beringuel?

Paolo claims to make money from Clickbank and his Youtube channel does offer lots of value however most of his videos are either rehashed from other marketers or are quite basic.

Clickbank is still a good way to make money but personally I think there are far better affiliate programs out there to promote for more reliable commissions. With that said, if you’re just getting started, you can make money with Clickbank.

You won’t see Paolo driving around in leased supercars to promote his course either.

Clickbank For Beginners Review

clickbank for beginners

The course was super short, just like his previous course. I’m always curious if a short course packs a lot of value and unfortunately this course doesn’t. There’s lots of umming and arring. If you’ve watched his Youtube channel you’ll know what I mean and it’s the same in the course.

The course is split up into 12 modules, although the last three are simply links:

  1. Clickbank (setup)
  2. Landing page
  3. Thank you page
  4. Autoresponder
  5. Tracker
  6. Test funnel
  7. Getting traffic
  8. Email marketing
  9. Clickbank reporting
  10. Join FB group
  11. Get 1 on 1 training
  12. Bonus training.

In total the course lasts less than 90 minutes, for a $497 course I’m not sure how much affiliate marketing you will learn. I certainly have seen all this content before (over 5 years ago on Warrior forum).

Module 1: Clickbank

This section included two shorts videos on creating a Clickbank account.

It went on to show a video on three profitable niches and a video on choosing niches.

Lastly a video on copying your affiliate link for offers.

Module 2: Landing Page

Three videos on creating a landing page with Clickfunnels and adding an autoresponder code.

Module 3. Thank You Page

An 80 second video on creating a thank you page.

Module 4: Autoresponder

Four videos on creating an auto responder, email list setup and connecting Aweber to Clickfunnels.

Module 5: Tracker

Click Magik setup guide, setting up your tracking links and updating pages with new links.

Module 6: Testing Funnel

Two videos on ensuring your funnel works correctly.

Module 7: Getting Buyer Traffic

Five videos on using Udimi to find a solo ads seller, send a solo ad email out and collect leads.

Module 8: Email Marketing

Three videos on creating a follow up campaign in Aweber.

Bonus video and download for copying his successful email swipes campaign.

Module 9: Clickbank Reporting

An 80 second video on checking your stats in Clickbank.

Modules 10-12: Links & Bonuses

As mentioned there is a link to join the Facebook group and buy 1 to 1 coaching with Paolo.

Module 12 includes a download for Facebook Ads alternative and a video on getting more sales and leads from Facebook Ads.

Final Verdict

I’m not sure if Clickbank for Beginners course is incomplete or if it really is for absolute beginners who have absolutely no idea how to make money online and want an old fashioned technique that may or may not work. Yes you may get your first sale, but you’ll never get rich doing this.

Yes it’s a great way to build a list but the training offers no guidance on how to sell to your list, provide ongoing value or turn a list into a cash cow which beginners surely want?

For $497 you get less than 90 minutes of content on creating an account for Clickfunnels using his affiliate link, creating a simple one page lander and sending a solo ad out via email using Udimi (which you have to pay for) and hoping someone fills in their details, to send them an email follow up of your Clickbank offer.

Guys, this might work if you’re extremely lucky and yes you might get optin’s but you can’t honestly expect to get serious sales by sending out a random email to cold leads on Udimi. You need to warm them up, provide value many times before going for the sale.

I was expecting a lot more from Clickbank for Beginners given the quality of content on Paolo Beringuel’s Youtube channel. I’ve watched his free videos and he offers the same content in those videos that he does in this expensive course.

If you compare this to cheaper courses such as Savage Affiliates which offers 100+ videos on the world of affiliate marketing (also includes videos on Clickbank) and at a $300 cheaper price, there’s really no comparison. Have a read of this review and compare the two courses and see for yourself.

If you don’t see value in Savage Affiliates, I’d pass on both.



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