CartHook Review: Explode Shopify Sales With 1 Click Upsells

Are you looking for the only surefire way to explode your Shopify sales with one click upsells? If so then you really need to look into the benefits of CartHook and today I’ve written a great review on the platform.

I’ve also managed to get a 14 day trial for readers of my blog. If you’ve been to the website before you’ll know it costs $300 but today you can try it out completely free for 14 days and see how it much value it brings.

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Shopify is great but the problem faced by most stores (mine included) is the inability to upsell customers after they’ve bought the front end product. If you’ve ever used Clickfunnels then you’ll know how powerful this feature can be in turning a $20 customer into say a $300 customer.

CartHook is the secret application used by the 1% club, or more commonly referred to as the 6 or 7 figure store owners. There are other apps that offer a similar service but Cart Hook is the only plugin that offers complete plug and play functionality that doesn’t require technical expertise.

CartHook Review

The real benefit this application brings is when you combine Clickfunnels, Shopify and CartHook. It’s probably the best $500 you’ll spend on your marketing business and here’s how it works.

You’ll run traffic from your Facebook or Google Ad direct to your sales page using Clickfunnels. You know the ones I mean, a video ad with a block of text about why the product is so great. Next you’ll collect their email address in exchange for a voucher code or a free gift and pass them to the Shopify checkout page.

Once they submit their details the fun begins. It’s important to note that it redirects them to a Carthook checkout page that looks very similar to the Shopify one but you can actually customize fields and remove all those nasty requirements forced on you by Shopify. Selling digital products? You can just grab their email…

You can create as many CartHook pages as you’d like. Rather than hitting the successful payment page they get redirected between your up and downsells.

Let’s say you sold a pair of earphones on the front end, you could now upsell an over ear pair, extended warranty, a carry case and an additional premium aux cable. If they buy one, three or none of the extra items they’ll end up on the success page, this is when their credit card is billed.

If at any stage a buyer fails to complete the checkout on the front end, the application will send them an email message asking them to come back and complete their purchase. It pulls this from the ’email field’ so even if you’re not using Clickfunnels and just the Shopify checkout their EmailMagnet technology will kick into action.

You can customize the upsell pages however you’d like and with the funnel builder you can setup and split test within minutes. You can make them as intense or gentle as you’d like. Do make sure you accurately tell visitors of the price rather than simply adding buy now buttons or your refund and chargeback rate is likely to go up.

Who Are CartHook Users?

Glad you asked, whether you’re selling physical products or digital then you can take advantage of this software app. As the plugin uses it’s own checkout page, you can actually customize the checkout fields. This means the software is suitable for a wide range of users including:

  • Drop ship stores
  • Digital products
  • Free book giveaways
  • Membership courses
  • Anything else where 1 click upsells are needed.

How To Install CartHook?

Great news, unlike some other apps on the market, CartHook is just a matter of adding the private app that they provide once you checkout on their website. You won’t find CartHook in the app store.

You don’t need to screw around installing technical code or API keys like you do with some other similar services.

How Much Does CartHook Cost?

CartHook offers both monthly and annual subscription for its enterprise pricing plans.

Basic plan @ $ 300/month and $3000/year

  • For first $100000 in monthly CartHook revenue
  • $100 for each additional $100000 in CartHook revenue
  • Unlimited funnels
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Post-purchase one-click upsell
  • Cart abandonment solution builtin
  • 14-day free trial

Enterprise plan @ quote based

  • Unlimited revenue
  • Custom checkout and upsell pages
  • Strategy and design.

Is CartHook A Scam?

Definitely not a scam and it’s one of the secret tools used by 6 and 7 figure Shopify stores for increasing their average customer order value. If you’re not entirely happy with the way CartHook looks, performs or integrates with your store then you can use their 30 day money back guarantee. Alternatively you can use the 14 day free trial and see if it’s right for you before subscribing to a premium subscription.

Final Verdict

CartHook is the best Shopify one click upsell app and will explode your Shopify sales and increase your average customer order value from the start. If you’re doing $10,000+ per month in revenue then the $300 fee for the app is more than justified. There are other alternatives on the market ($50-$250) but they require technical customization and Stripe/Paypal API keys.

The 14 day trial is a great way to try before you buy and the app is installed within minutes. Integration with other apps such as Clickfunnels and mailing providers makes CartHook a great investment for any Shopify business.

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