Bye 9 to 5 Shopify Course Review: Jordan Mackey Worth $75?

Bye 9 to 5 is a Shopify dropshipping made simple course by Jordan Mackey. It’s currently priced at $75 and claims to help guide you to quitting your day job and working from home TODAY. With a sales page full of success stories and screenshots of winning stores, is it the best course to learn?

Who is Jordan Mackey?

Jordan was a business analyst who started his first successful company while studying his masters degree. After getting his first job which he hated he decided to leave. After making over $150,000 in sales in the last year with Shopify dropshipping he decided to start his own course and share his experiences.

Over on Youtube, in just over a year, Jordan Mackey has 18,500 subscribers and a wide variety of videos in the Youtube, Shopify and make money online niches. Most videos have two to five thousand views which is probably due to the clickbait style cover photos.

It appears Youtube is his main focus currently with videos such as, ‘Making $22,000 in one month from Youtube.’

Jordan has launched several other courses including Youtube Advanced Masterclass and Make Money on Youtube Made Easy.

Bye 9 to 5 Shopify Course Review

bye 9 to 5 shopify course review

The course is hosted on the Teachable platform which means video and audio is great and they load perfectly on a wide variety of devices including mobile, tablet and desktop devices. As mentioned earlier the course costs $75 and gives you instant access upon payment.

It’s not obvious how often the course is updated but you get lifetime access.

The course is split up into 11 modules, although some only have one or two videos in each.

Module 1 looks at creating your Shopify account, quite basic stuff, you’ve probably already created a store if you’re thinking of drop shipping.

Module 2 then goes on to setting up your Shopify store further and installed a theme such as eCom Turbo and installing Oberlo.

Module 3 looks at choosing a niche and includes a long video on niche generation and case studies. You could also use Sell The Trend.

Module 4 looks at creating a custom domain name, creating a logo and adding pages such as privacy, terms, checkout and menus.

Module 5: Products

This module includes videos on how to spy on your competition and the best pricing ideas.

You’ll then learn how to find products on Aliexpress and import them into your store with Oberlo.

Next you’ll learn how to price your products, write product descriptions and create collections.

You’ll then learn how to manage your inventory, set up prices and edit shipping details.

Lastly you’ll get an over the shoulder look into what apps Jordan recommends you install.

A decent module with lots of interesting videos.

Module 6: Facebook Ads

Learn a basic insight into Facebook Ads with videos on creating your account and store page and importing the pixel.

Next learn about Facebook ads demographics and launching your ad.

Then learn about conversions vs engagement campaigns and how to get cheap engagements.

Laslty learn how to study your results and analytics.

There’s only seven videos in this section, most content is out of date now in 2019 and there’s a lack of scaling and retargeting mentioned.

Module 7: Product Testing

This module shows you how to test multiple products on Facebook and scale winning products.

Nothing ground breaking here but it’s a good 20 minutes of content.

Module 8: Order Fulfilment

You’ll learn how to fulfil an order with Oberlo and your store.

You’ll also get an understanding on how to provide customer service and deal with refunds and returns.

Module 9: Social Media

You’ll learn how to get free traffic from Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest.

There’s a short ten minute video on Instagram Influencers and getting shoutouts.

Module 10: Conversion Optimization

This module looks at private labeling and using sales tactics such as free plus shipping and upselling.

Module 11: Taxes and Legal Information

The last video is for US people on how to setup store taxes and reporting taxes for earnings.

Refund Policy

You can get a full refund if you watch less than 25% of the videos within 7 days. Clicking and opening a video counts as a view so exercise caution if you’re unsure if it’s the right course for you after signup.


Bye 9 to 5 Shopify course is a good basic overview and insight into the world of dropshipping, however if you want a course that’s relevant in 2019 the Facebook Ads and Instagram section is lacking a lot of content in my opinion. However you are only paying $75 so you’d need to weigh up your options. Do you want a fully fledged course or just a taster of the eCom World.

You can definitely follow the advice provided by Jordan Mackey in this course.

There are other courses out there that cost not much more and go into much more detail on other areas of digital marketing such as Facebook, Google Ads, Google Shopping, Snapchat, Pinterest, Bing Ads, Twitter, Pinterest, Search Engine Optimization which I believe are crucial for successful eCommerce beginners.

If you compare this course to eCom Elites which is the same price ($197) there is over 5 times the content on various topics (read my review here) mentioned above.


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