Brizy Cloud Review: Best Platform To Create Lead Gen Sites?

As I grow my local lead generation business here in the tiny country I call home, I have been looking for the best platform to create local lead gen sites.

You see, creating sites fast and easy is difficult. Most people prefer to use a CMS such as WordPress, in fact this blog operates on that platform. But when it comes to quickly creating websites, WordPress is troublesome.

But have you noticed all those sites ranking at the top for your local lead keywords such as 'best towing?' Yeah they are using HTML websites, Google seems to love them.

So I started looking for the best platform that allows you to create HTML websites quickly using blocks. It took a long time, I quickly ruled out Wix, Weebly and all those page builders that seem free until you're hit with premium addons.

Then I was introduced to Brizy Cloud. And boy, am I in love with this platform.

I picked up a good deal via Appsumo, it's only $49 for a lifetime. Once this deal finishes the price will likely be a monthly fee, but don't let that put you off.

Below I'll show you why I think it's the best platform to create local lead gen sites.

Brizy Cloud Review

Now Brizy Cloud is different to Brizy which is the standard WordPress plugin. You might have seen other reviews on Brizy so don't get confused, I'm only looking at the web based platform.

brizy cloud review

 There is a plugin that lets you integrate the cloud design tool to your WordPress site, similar to builders.

You can use their cloud platform on any web browser from anywhere in the world. This is a big bonus for me, especially with all the travelling I do.

The four stand out features from their cloud offering are:

  1. Template Creation & Storage: You can store all the templates and blocks you've designed and make them available for future projects.
  2. Landing Page Hosting: Personally I use my own hosting but you can use their own hosting to store sites.
  3. Server Sync: You can make real time changes without updating the source code.
  4. Integrations with marketing apps such as Zapier, Mailer Lite and Hubspot. 

Brizy Cloud Unlimited

One of the main reasons to choose their platform is they offer pretty much unlimited everything.

This includes the ability to:

  • Create unlimited landing pages
  • Create unlimited multi-page websites
  • Get unlimited traffic (if hosting in-house)
  • Use unlimited sub domains
  • Add unlimited team members
  • Export all data in HTML/CSS
  • Use Live Sync landing pages.

There really is no restrictions on any features offered by Brizy Cloud.

How Much Does Brizy Cloud Cost?

At the time of going to print, the price is $4.50/mo or $8.50/mo. Each are billed yearly. 

Now don't let the yearly fee put you off. For $54 per year you'll get unlimited sites, landing pages and hosted domains. That means you can buy a .com domain name and host all your lead gen sites for free in the $54 fee.

Now if you compare the cost of a WordPress site, assuming it's $3 per month for a fairly stock standard hosting service. That would cost you $36 per year, per site. Now if you've got a local lead gen network you might have 50+ sites. That cost can add up dramatically.

Brizy cloud pro lets you host unlimited domains. However most people like myself choose the 'Live Sync on your server' functionality which let's us host the sites locally. Maybe in Singapore if that's your intended market. 

To test out Brizy you can use their free plan. 

Brizy Features Coming Soon

One of the main reasons I bought Brizy is their roadmap. They have some huge plans coming and these include:

  • Collaboration tool
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Sales funnel creation
  • Popup wizard creation
  • Alert bars creation
  • Custom SSL for your domains.

Wow, what a bunch of features they are going to implement and if you got in early you'll probably get access to all these features. The best one's for me will be the analytics and tracking which means you won't need to use Google Analytics to manage stats.

Linking many websites to one Google account is never a wise idea especially if you're link building or gaming the system like many lead gen guys do. So using third party analytics is a wise move.

The other benefit is the sales funnel creation which will ensure Brizy rivals the likes of LeadPages, Unbounce and Instapage which cost upwards of $29 - $150 per month!

With Brizy you'll get most of the same features for a fraction of the price!

Marketing Apps Integrations

Another awesome feature is the ability to start collecting leads automatically with the integrations built in to the platform and the huge benefit of having Zapier which allows you to integrate with thousands of other apps. 

By default you can integrate with e-goi, campaign monitor, mailchimp, sendinblue, Convertkit, ActiveCampaign, GetResponse, drip, mailjet, mailerlite and hubspot. 

Zapier opens up doors with over 1,500 other apps. One really good idea here is to integrate with a call tracking platform for your local lead gen sites to keep track of leads. 

Full documentation on how to use each is included. 

Using Brizy Cloud

Once inside the platform you'll notice just how simple their platform is. The main dashboard is white with the ability to create projects. You'll see squares show up as and when you create projects. 

You'll now be able to change the project name and open the editor which looks super clean.

Below you'll see the 'blocks' of which there is currently 251 different ones to choose from. Since I've been a member this figure has gone up dramatically. I assume it will keep increasing. 

On the top menu you can add full site templates if you're on a premium plan.

My favorite template is 'Beach Resort' but if you want something more lead gen style then you can do no wrong with the 'Car Clinic' template. Alternatively create your own.

I wish they had more full site templates, currently there's only 15. It's my only complaint. Another option would be to include a marketplace where others can share their designs for say $5-$10. 

Once you've got your design or standard blocks only page it's time to start editing.

I found it difficult to understand the icons. For some reason the tool tips take a while to show up on my screen. As someone who likes to work fast I did find this rather frustrating to start with, however with time it will be more clear and obvious which icon to click on. 

What do they mean?

Some of the standout features I really like are:

  • Ability to drag and drop elements instantly
  • Ability to right click and delete, copy and paste
  • Easily create new columns and rows
  • Instantly add blocks anywhere
  • Instantly duplicate blocks
  • One click save and preview on subdomain.

This button is awesome

In terms of mobile and tablet support you can easily view the landing page in the respective size by choosing the different views on the left menu. Most themes and blocks look great on mobile but you may need to tweak some extra settings specifically for mobile on Bizy.

When you're ready you can publish your landing page. 

For those of you looking for SEO you can edit pretty much any part of the code. You can also include meta information such as titles, descriptions and additional information as you can easily edit the header/footer.

Additionally you can inject code and add custom CSS. 

You can do this via the settings menu. 

You can also create menus similar to WordPress style and incorporate them anywhere on the page. 

Publishing Your Brizy Pages

From the dashboard you need to click the little icon in the top right of your project square. From there you can 'Publish your landing page.' 

Whatever option you choose, full instructions are included to get you setup. 

If you're creating a portfolio of local lead gen sites then I'd recommend using 'Server Sync' 

It works like this:

  1. Download the .zip files
  2. Upload via FTP or cPanel hosting
  3. Open and browse the /index.php files to see your site
  4. Edit in real time on and see changes 🙂

Final Verdict

I'm amazed at how good this platform is and it's only just launched. Give it time and I think they will be serious contenders to the likes of Leadpages, Instapage and Unbounce which are pretty expensive.

They need sales funnels, analytics, heat maps and the ability to process credit cards and then they will be right up there with the best. 

However for the ultra low price of only $4.50 per month for unlimited sites and landing page creation it's a steal.

The best features are the editor which is fast and has a ton of blocks preconfigured. There's also live sync for controlling an empire of websites or local lead gen pages without much work! 

Hope you enjoyed my Brizy Cloud review. I'd seriously consider joining. 

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  1. Hi Rhys,
    Interesting review. Not sure why it only got a 3.3 in the end?

    Anyway, can you recommend any lead gen training courses out there for us to learn all about it.

    Along the lines of ppl like Franklin and Tristan etc.

    I’m keen to get into to it, but want some legitimate training, in the form of a online course.

    Cheers Rod

    • Looks like the score is a mistake, thanks for advising.

      I don’t know any good lead gen courses, it’s not an area I’ve looked into yet sorry.


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