Branson Tay Course Review: Infinity Accelerator Worth It?

Are you looking at Branson Tay's latest course, Infinity Accelerator? Today I'll be showing you exactly what you get and whether it's worth $197?

On his channel he talks a big game about his course, which is pre-launching now but doesn't actually start until January 10th. It will be a 6 week course which videos unlocked each week until the end of February 2020.

If you're reading this review after February then you'll probably get access to all videos at the same time. Infinity Accelerator is an affiliate marketing course that claims to show you the entire A-to-Z process to getting started.

In his course, Branson Tay claims you can make a "wildly" profitable 6-figure affiliate marketing business with your first commissions coming in the first 42 days.

Who is Branson Tay?

Branson is a Youtuber who quickly rose up the ranks after a few of his videos went viral. He's only been around for a couple years but now it's time to launch a course and cash in on those subscribers.

His videos are pretty much ripped from other Youtubers and rehashed into his own format.

Some of his most recent clickbait style videos include, "5 Best Ways to Make Money Online in 2020", "Earn $283 on Google per Day.'' It's highly unlikely he actually makes his money doing this. 

He is actually a member in a course I recommend called Savage Affiliates. He only joined a month ago. Now why would a new guru selling his own course, need to join an affiliate marketing course?

 Well either he's really keen to learn about affiliate marketing, maybe get some inspiration?, seems unlikely given he's already got videos on this on his channel about this topic, or maybe he's going to steal all the content from Savage Affiliates for his own course?

branson tay course review

Branson Tay Scam

Now we probably should give Branson the benefit of the doubt here. We don't know for sure why he joined Savage Affiliates, which just so happens to be the best affiliate marketing course out there right now, also priced at $197.

But I decided to checkout his refund policy, which was created a few days ago too.

And guess what? It's a copy and paste of the Savage Affiliates refund policy.

I used Copyscape premium so there's no shady business here, it's a 98% copy of Franklin Hatchett's refund policy which was created by a legal team. Branson clearly spent 60 seconds copying and pasting this.

Now if you're still thinking, Branson Tay is a good guy, take a look at this. His opening launch offer to you all is to use his $100 coupon to bring the price down to $97 one time for lifetime access. But in his refund policy he says, no refunds if you use a coupon. So you can have a refund if you pay $197 but no refund if you pay $97.

So basically there's no refunds and the money back guarantee stinks.

Branson Tay Course Review

The training is positioned with a total of 6 weeks, each week is unlocked so you have to wait for the content to unlock each week. Talk about a ball ache if you just want to start your own affiliate business today

Here's the breakdown:

Week1 - Affiliate Marketing Quickstart Accelerator

Week 2 - Winning Products Codex

Week 3 - Automated Selling Machine

Week 4 - Underground Email Marketing Blueprint

Week 5 - Traffic Secrets Unleashed

Week 6 - 1% Affiliate Domination Formula

There's also a Bonus which I'll update once the course launches.

You also will get access to his Facebook community with other students so you can help each other. I found the group on Facebook, there's currently one member, not a bad start but you might not learn too much as most members go dormant in Facebook groups once they start to get successful.


I'm on the waitlist for when Branson Tay's course drops and if there's even so much as a single video copied from another course you can guarantee i'll let you know via this Infinity Accelerator review.

He's already copied the refund policy and joined Savage Affiliates for some reason.

Branson has built his Youtube channel up over the last year by creating clickbait videos on making money online. It's clear he's full of shit and simply cashing in on beginners struggling to make money online. One of his most recent videos talks about earning $200 every 10 minutes using your smartphone...

Then he spends months creating a $97 course on affiliate marketing. Yeah, right. Whatever.

Why would you need to sell a course for $97 if you're making $200 in 10 minutes using your phone, earning $55 for simply tapping your phone or earning $243 per day on Google or $500 for typing 500 words. (His recent Youtube videos)

Yeah if that's the guy you want to learn from, I'd buy this course.

If you call bullshit, like I do, then you probably should skip his course and buy a reputable course instead. 

Why Did Branson Buy Savage Affiliates?

Clearly Branson bought Savage Affiliates for a reason, probably because it's the best affiliate course out there.

You should consider purchasing it too and see for yourself just how good it really is. I've done a full review on the mega course here, or you can actually checkout the sales page and see for yourself.

Franklin Hatchett has been around for years and probably isn't going anywhere soon. 

Last Updated on December 25, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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7 thoughts on “Branson Tay Course Review: Infinity Accelerator Worth It?”

  1. Branson Tay is a total scam fellow. For those of you who follow him stop it. Recently he was promoting TEARZ-PROFIT software but he created a payment link to his personal account. He sent me a purchase link for that software at 12.94 dollars. I paid for the software but after receiving the money Branson Tay went quiet. Has not delivered the software update. Neither has he acknowledged receipt of the payment. The payment went to PayPal Bfulton account. Early on he indicated that the product is on warriors but he created a link which starts with warriors, which during transaction the link is then redirected you to some Facebook account and then finally disappears .I have written to Branson Tay twice about the payment but he doesn’t reply. Yet he continues sending other promotional stuff to my email.

    I will continue exposing Branson Tay if he doesn’t refund my money.

    • Yes he is a scam I dont like him he send me link that was scam for getting 1700 dollars in a week on his Instagram turned out it was scam and took all my PayPal money and locked me out. I told him on DM on Instagram and he blocked me I plan on exposing him when I DM him

  2. Hi Richard

    Well done for saying it out . You can’t imagine how many people you have saved from this scam just by writing this.

    Go on social medial tell them your story, surely he will be know by every bird in the air. To me social media is faster than anything else.

    Really feel sorry for you!


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