Blinkist Review: Best Mentorbox Alternative For 2021?

Are you looking for a blinkist review that has been updated for 2021 then you’ve come to the right place! Blinkist is often referred to as the best Mentorbox alternative and today you’ll find out if it’s worth signing up or running a mile!

blinkist review

Blinkist gives you access to key insights from 2,500+ best selling nonfiction books that are transformed into powerful packs that you can download, read and listen too in 10-15 minutes.

Blinkist offers you the ability to never read a book again, if you don’t want too that is, by summarizing the key points into short blueprints (called blinks) that you can listen on the go, before bed or when your traveling. They offer a fully fledged mobile app as well as a online website version.

After recommending Blinkist to my readers, the up take of their free trial was huge. Nearly 50% of my email readers took up the offer, with 10% opting for the yearly package which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than Mentorbox.

Blinkist Review

Blinkist is quite possibly the #1 book summary app for the self-development, entrepreneurship, life hacking, biography, fitness, history, and science genres with many more added on a regular basis (19 currently).

Blinkist offers an audio book feature in its paid version, Blinkist Premium. Almost every book you can think of in the genre is in their library as a summary with more added every month (40 new titles), currently there is 2,500+.

Anyone that signs up is entitled to a free 7 day trial which is completely free of charge with no obligation. If you want to renew your plan it costs $79.99 per year with regular special offers.

You can, read a 2-minute key message while you wait in line or a whole 15-minute insight summary over lunch. It’s entirely up to you. All files from your library can be downloaded and listened too offline so no need for 4G connection on the go.

You can also send your reads direct to your kindle if you’ve got one, pretty cool right?

Blinkist Sign Up Process

You simply go to the official website and signup for your free 7 day trial. Put your email address in and once confirmed you’ll have uninterrupted access to the platform to see if it’s right for you.

If you decide to upgrade you can put your credit card details in and you’ll be setup for one year of premium access. They offer a competitive money back guarantee as well if you’re not happy with the ongoing service.

How does it compare to Mentorbox?

Mentorbox offers a monthly subscription to premium products that are delivered to your address with an online version available too. You’re paying a subscription whereas Blinkist is a one time yearly fee with no hidden charges or upsells.

Mentorbox costs $7 per month for the online content plus $130 per month for the physical books to be delivered and has various upsells ranging from $199 to $6 per month.

It would be fair to say Blinkist focuses on people who don’t want to read full books but still want to expand their knowledge in various areas. Tai Lopez, founder of Mentorbox always talks about knowledge and Blinkist does offer much more knowledge building at a much more affordable price.

Blinkist Verdict

Blinkist is a great resource and offers a free trial with a low yearly fee if you wish to subscribe to their platform. You can put your money away and spend this on other things compared with other competitors on the market.

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