Biaheza Course Review: See Why I Think It’s Overrated

Are you looking for an overview and insiders insight into Youtuber Biaheza course and whether his dropshipping guide is worth $294. He's famous for his videos on a whole raft of different topics, niches and now, like most Youtubers, he's launched his course, showing you how to do the same.

As you'll see in some of Biaheza's videos on his channel he tries to start stores for as cheap as possible, 'creating a dropshipping business using his phone' or '$100 per day flipping items.' His most successful videos are about making $100k per month through his dropshipping course.


Ranked #21 out of 81 dropship courses (See full list here)


Shorter course, reveals winning products


10 Hours+




October 2019


  • Rank: Ranked #21 out of 81 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Shorter course, reveals winning products
  • Length: 10 Hours+
  • Price: $294
  • Updated: October 2019
  • Rating: 3/5

Who is Biaheza?

Biaheza is an 18 year old Youtube entrepreneur with over 100,000 subscribers, that creates videos on various topics such as dropshipping, rental properties, hustling and supercars. Pretty much every topic that any teenager dreams of.

Some of his videos are clearly clickbait while others show him achieving over $100,000 per month from his Shopify dropshipping store. Alongside this success, he still has time to churn out videos for his Youtube account with the main aim of getting you fixated on the topic of making money online.

Like many young entrepreneurs to get a feature on this blog (I've reviewed 81 other dropshipping courses), I have to question why someone making $50,000 per month (his words from the sales page) needs to create a one time course for only $294.

I really enjoyed listening to Biaheza's videos, he clearly knows his stuff.

biaheza course review

Biaheza Course Review

Rather than creating a complete A-to-Z course which a beginner definitely needs, Biaheza has skipped that and gone straight to the main drawcard by helping you get your leg up in the dropshipping game.

One of the ways in which he does this is by claiming to show you his winning products. Products that actually sell. Now, why would anyone making $50k per month give away their products to you?

That doesn’t make sense. Anyone who claims to show you their winning products knows fine rightly they are no longer winning products.

You get access to 5 winning product examples found using software as well as his personal success story products.

Biaheza recommends using software to find winning products. While he recommends using one tool in particular, I’ve written about 17 of the best ones that can help you to find winning products.

Additionally to this you’ll learn how to actually setup stores using his guided over the shoulder approach. You’ll also learn the basics on creating shipping and legal pages and how to source content for your store. This includes creating product pages, advising visitors of shipping times to avoid Aliexpress backfire.

Driving Traffic

If you’re a follower of Biaheza you’ll know how much he loves Instagram and Facebook ads. That’s why you’ll find content on how to create Instagram content, how to correctly layout themes for your pages and how to use his IG marketing strategy.

You learn how to use Instagram Influencers, which pages to target and how to find new content to post that will encourage viral interaction.

There’s a section on how to create viral ads for your products which was good. This is probably the best part of his course and looking online, other people feel the same way!

There’s an overview on Facebook ads and how to set these up, target and scaling using Biaheza’s strategy. The Facebook Ads section was very short and given how much he loves FB ads, I was expecting to see much more content. You can’t throw an ad together and then check back on it. It takes a lot of time to show new users how to actually use the platform and create basic ads before scaling into other areas.

Lastly you’ll learn how to deal with taxes, customer support.

Verdict On Biaheza’s Dropshipping Course

If you’re a beginner in dropshipping then I don’t think this is the course for you. The main hype around the course is that he’s giving you winning products. Clearly if you’re customer number 481 then the previous 480 people have also now got access to those products it’s not as lucrative as if it was just you getting access. 

If you love biaheza’s brand and ideas and know the basics then this is a good course for you. However if you’re looking for an A-to-Z approach I’d say there’s other alternatives worth considering. 

To give you an idea of content missing from Biaheza dropshipping course that would be beneficial to a beginner, topics such as how to correctly setup your business from the start. How to correctly setup your store to automatically fulfil orders between you and the supplier. 

Other areas that needed work was the Facebook Ads section. I’ve watched courses that have over 50 videos on this process. Showing you the entire process from setup to implementation and scaling.

There’s no mention of Google ads, Google Shopping, Bing Ads, Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Search Engine Optimization.

Again in my opinion these are all topics that a beginner would need to know. Intermediates and advanced users probably have already had experience with them and might not.

Other Alternatives To Consider?

When it comes to dropshipping courses you really are spoilt for choice. At a rough guess there's over 300 courses out there each claiming to be the best. 

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7 thoughts on “Biaheza Course Review: See Why I Think It’s Overrated”

  1. The kid strikes me as sketchy, I only skip through his videos but I’ve never seen him make a profit on any of his ‘projects’. Think his parents might be loaded.

    • I tend to disagree, if you watch his videos of where he makes $0 to $10,000 in a couple of months (4 episodes), you will see in great depth of how he is earning his profit and what he is spending his money on to make profit. Before making a bold statement on close to no research or idea of him, watch his videos first and come up with a reasonable argument of how you think Biaheza is “skechy”.

  2. Hi,
    Please correct it is not a 10hour long course. It is actually 1hr and 30 mins. and completely useless videos just to robe your money.
    I rate it zero starts if there is any option.


  3. Correct that is not even close to 10hour long course!!! NOT EVEN A SINGLE CONTENT “SECRET” everything he already stated on his youtube videos. The course is hardly 1.5 hour long! Don’t buuy! I REPEAT DON’T BUY IT!!!
    0 stars don’t recommend at all!!


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