Better eCom Course Review: Peter Chan Jr Course Legit?

Are you thinking of buying this course by Peter Chan Jr? Checkout my Better eCom course review, and whether it's worth the money or if it's another dropshipping scam.

At $197 it's one of the cheapest dropshipping courses out on the market, and offers over 10 modules of content along with 5 unique bonuses. There's a large Facebook community group too. So let's dive right in and checkout the course. 


Ranked #16 out of 81 dropship courses (See full list here)


Very long, lots of videos


Over 20 hours


$197 one time


Early 2020


  • Rank: Ranked #16 out of 81 dropship courses (see full list here)
  • Content: Very long, lots of videos
  • Length: Over 20 hours
  • Price: $197 one time
  • Updated: Early 2020
  • Rating: 4/5

You can currently enroll in this course for only $197. They regularly offer discounts for Black Friday and Cyber Monday so you may be able to get it even cheaper.

Who is Peter Chan Jr?

So Peter Chan Jr claims to be a Shopify expert, marketing genius and online entrepreneur. He runs a Youtube channel where he discusses Shopify dropshipping, Facebook Ads and then links out to his paid training course. 

He's popular on Instagram where 13,000 followers get inundated with pictures of his Nissan GTR and luxury watches. Some pictures get thousands of likes while others barely get 200. 

There's plenty of student success stories on his Instagram, and many people seem to be doing well with his training. Some names are blanked out while others aren't. 

Peter focuses on high ticket dropshipping within the USA, but also from Aliexpress and Print on Demand. Not too many courses focus on high ticket dropshipping, especially for beginners. Given the world of Coronavirus right now, local dropshipping can save you a lot of time and money. 

First Red Flag - Inaccurate Testimonials

On the sales page for his very own course is a video of a student who claims to have made $140k in 90 days after joining the course. The video is actually titled on Youtube, 'Student Earns 500k after training' which is of course incorrect. The dude in the video actually says he made $104,000 in 90 days. 

Peter claims he earns $140k, but this is clearly wrong. So there's two mistakes there from the only testimonial on the course page. If you were so confident in your testimonial wouldn't you have him take the video again, or better yet actually get the figures right in your sales page/file name? 

Another testimonial on the sales page is of this dude. The video is titled, $1000 per day student. But guess what, this student isn't even making $1,000 per month as he clearly mentions at the end of the video himself (2mins). Yet Peter Chan has titled the video that he's making $1000 per day student. 

There's a difference between 30k a month and 1k a month. 

The clincher for me is Peter Chan has a testimonial from Kevin O'leary who clearly has never bought or watched the course. He gives a few shoutouts that Peter is a genius and leader in the marketing space. 

Peter has most likely in my opinion paid $1200 via Cameo, where Kevin is well known as reviewing products and services by reading off a script. 

I'd go as far as to say, Kevin O'Leary has no idea who Peter Chan is, or what he's actually selling. Kevin probably hasn't even heard of 'Better eCom Course.'

Kevin O'Leary doesn't mention Better eCom course once. 

You can pay Kevin $1,200 to talk about you and your business. Is this a genuine review then or a fake one?

A final testimonial is from Marissa Romero, another affiliate entrepreneur from Youtube who promotes get rich quick schemes. She talks about the notes he gave her from a conference he attended and how they are good friends, so again nothing to do with the course. 

So are the testimonials legit? 

My Better eCom Course Review

The course offers a range of different modules, 10 in fact, as well as 5 bonuses. Today we'll go through these in detail and decide whether it's worth the $197 price tag, which does make it one of the best value for money dropshipping courses out there. 

Module 1: Basics

You get an introduction into the world of dropshipping business model, as well as the entire world of eCommerce. You'll get an overview on the entire process and training you'll experience over the next modules. Lastly there is the 4 components that will help you to start and scale profitable ads.

Module 2: Essentials

This module goes through the differences between general vs niche stores, and how to choose the right one for you when starting out. 

You will learn how to create a Shopify store using the 14 day free trial, as well as how to create a store from scratch. You'll get videos on various topics here such as choosing a theme, adding important pages, setting up your navigation menus and color schemes. 

A pretty basic module, but for beginners it's got everything you need with over the shoulder training.

Module 3: Dropshipping, POD & High Ticket

It's good to see a few different options in this course rather than focusing on China dropshipping. You can choose to do print on demand, USA or China dropshipping. 

However the main focus is on how to use USA suppliers to dropship high ticket products, giving you higher margins, but in my opinion opening you up to huge losses if you get a return or a fraudulent order which your supplier refuses to help you with. 

You'll also learn how to use Power Ad Spy, to find and steal successful Facebook Ads product ideas. There's a range of other tools out there you can use too. 

Lastly there's a video on fraud protection which you definitely want to pay attention to if you're going to go into the high ticket dropshipping space. 

Module 4: Facebook / Instagram Ads

This module is huge and goes through the entire process to setup and manage your Facebook and Instagram Ads. You'll learn everything there is to know about the pixel, fan pages, and the Business Manager, which is pretty confusing for beginners to use. 

I could bore you to death here with all the videos in this section, but needless to say it's got everything you need to know about creating an ad, split testing, scaling, retargeting and look a like audiences.

Module 5: Bing, Snapchat, Youtube

It's great to see alternatives to Facebook Ads that are expensive for beginners. You'll have access to 6 videos on Bing Ads, as well as videos on how to use untapped sources such as Snapchat and Youtube.

You get an introduction to Google Shopping which is coming up in it's own module below, but I'd love to see some videos on Pinterest (huge source) as well as TikTok.

Module 6: Google Shopping

Learn how to setup and connect your Shopify store to your Google Shopping Merchant account for instant wins with targeted buyer intent keywords. 

You can dominate the first page of Google serp results with the content taught in Peter Chan's videos here, but like anything you need patience, lots of money and split testing.

You'll learn how to scale your GSN ads, as well as implementing a negative keywords strategy campaign. Plus you'll learn how to automate everything using a Shopify app.

Module 7: Marketing Automation

Learn everything about email marketing and creating an automation strategy in this section. Additionally there's videos on push and messenger marketing using a third party app.

This can dramatically increase your click through and return visitor rates as email marketing is becoming less and less important to eCommerce businesses, especially small dropship stores. 

There's an entire module on setting up campaigns with copy and paste templates. 

Module 8: Outsourcing & Automation

Basically an entire module on how to setup a remote team using virtual assistants whom you can pay $2-$5 per hour on sites such as Upwork, Freelancer and PeoplePerHour.

Not much else to say here but I'd avoid doing this until you have an established store. Plus you might like to outsource your live chat to reduce refunds and chargebacks by providing real time support queries and most importantly, parcel tracking assistance.

Module 9: Systematizing Your Business

A module on having the right mindset for your business including how to plan tasks, to do lists, creating a process and system that works for you.

Peter Chan shows you his eCom Shield System that helps you to track ad spend, revenue and profit to ensure you remain in the green. There's actually apps out there that can help you do this better.

Module 10: Best Shopify Apps

The final module includes a bunch of free and paid apps that can be added to your store. One thing Peter forgets to mention is that the more apps your store has, the slower the page load time will be, as all these apps are connecting to their API's and web hosts to load your data.

You will however see some of the apps he recommends. My personal favourite is Lucky Orange and I use this on my own dropshipping stores to check for most visited pages, and why people aren't converting, i.e. where are they abandoning the checkout page. This is an invaluable tool that only costs $10 per month for a few websites. 

The Bonuses

You get 5 bonuses if you join the course 'today' but this is always included for as long as I can recall. You will get access to 11 videos on high ticket dropshipping to accompany module 3. 

Additionally you'll get 6 videos on how to implement and use Bing Ads. This is pretty handy as most courses only cover Google Ads, leaving Bing a sitting duck for opportunistic marketers.

You get constant updates to the course from 2019 through 2020, which I've seen the course updated a few times, mainly to reflect the changes in technology such as Facebook Ad manager.

Lastly you get access to the Facebook group, which I'll discuss below. This goes along with a t-shirt called "99 Problems But A Boss Ain't One", and mine never showed up.

Better eCom Course Refund Policy

The course claims you get a 30 day refund but when you click on the refund policy link on his website it redirects to another website called which is no longer published.

Seriously? is this another copy and paste refund policy or is it another one of his websites? 

Regardless it doesn't look professional or trustworthy as the link is broken. 

However the refund policy is no questions asked, but I'm yet to request a refund so I can't guarantee this is how easy it is to actually get your refund.

As Seen On Forbes? - Not Really

Peter Chan Jr claims he was featured on Forbes, or 'as seen on Forbes,' as he likes to put it on his sales page. After doing some research I could find reference to him in an article titled, 'the evolution of eCommerce' when he was running his Tee Marketing Academy course which is now a 404 page. 

This article was written by Steve Olenskyi, who's actually never actually worked for Forbes, he's a Forbes contributor which anyone can signup to become and allows you to submit press releases and your own articles which live under Forbes sites, not the actual official website. 

We can clearly see this on the Forbes website under, '' 

So yes Peter was written about in the users website of Forbes as part of a write up of other eCommerce entrepreneurs. But was he actually on Was he in the magazine? Was he written about by a paid staff member at Forbes? No he wasn't. 

I could most likely have reached out to Steve and pay him a few hundred dollars and get myself seen on Forbes, but why would I do that? And Steve no longer has posting rights, I wonder why. 

Copied Earnings Disclaimer?

I always checkout the earnings disclaimers on certain websites and Peter Chan Jr has an identical earnings disclaimer to Amy Porterfield. In fact the email to contact for a review discount is [email protected] on Peter's website, which is either a mistake and wasn't changed during the copy and paste, or these two individuals are related. 

Amy Porterfield has a course on starting a course, so maybe it is part of her course as copy and paste templates and were just never changed. Regardless it's another minor detail that should be fixed. 

Better eCom Course Facebook Group

Currently the Facebook group has thousands of members, proving the popularity of the course. However it's important to remember this course has been around since 2018, when dropshipping was the hottest new business opportunity on the block.

Final Verdict

It's a popular course and with good reason, Better eCom Course is affordable and offers lots of knowledge that some of the expensive competitors struggle to offer. Plus you can join an established and thriving community via the Facebook group. 

I do question a few things such as those testimonials and 'as seen in Forbes', especially the Cameo ones. Also why are the video testimonials overhyped and incorrectly stating the facts. Are they fake? This part causes me some concern, as does the lack of a refund policy, disclaimer and terms of service.

Is that enough to cause me to go elsewhere? Probably. 

Best Alternative To Better eCom Course?

It's not hard to tell what the best alternative is likely to be. At the same price, but with a similar level of content and quality is eCom Elites by Franklin Hatchett. 

It offers similar topics such as store setup, niche selection, Facebook ads, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Ads, Bing, Snapchat, email marketing, retargeting and chat bots. 

But all the testimonials are accurate, and Franklin isn't using Forbes and other news logos to promote his course. Has he been featured there? Who cares, the content and training is what matters. If you have to bend the truth on these things, it's not worth it, in my opinion. 

You can get $300 off on eCom Elites right now, or you can read my full review.


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