8+ Best Webinar Software Platforms For Better Sales Pages

Want to make the most of your next webinar? Without the best webinar platform that could be easier said than done. You see, webinars are the sales tactic of choice for most internet marketers, guru's and shady salesmen. With this rise in popularity, new platforms are springing up all the time and while most aren't worth their subscription fees, there's a few that are worth considering.

Today I'll take you by the hand and show you 8 of the best webinar software platforms to suit every budget. Whether you're looking for a powerhouse platform or simply something to live stream to a group of students, I'll give you the insights you need to choose the best webinar platform.

WebinarJam is an economical, easy-to-use solution to Live Casting, Event Streaming and Webinar broadcasting flexible for both independent and corporate teams. With over 30,000 members and growing, WebinarJam facilitates peer-level web meetings through real-time communications as well as multicast communications - turning any place in the world into a conference room at any time.

WebinarJam hosts an impressive range of features and tools to streamline the process of content sharing and global collaboration. Some of these features include live presentations with multiple presenters - allowing for customizable meetings.

An inclusive audience and feedback engagement in real-time, a secure and universal streaming service that supports RTMP, WebRTC, HLS and even Flash, video and audio recordings as well as powerful presentation tools such as PowerPoint, Keynote or PDF, which all congregate together to create a full service run off a simple browser.

WebinarJam makes sharing content easier and brings it out of the corporate boardroom into the playground, and by sharing its extensive communication abilities, users can integrate various eCommerce tools and marketing strategies through multi-platform access.

At $39.99 per month, users are assured that all their communications and marketing needs are covered, allowing them to focus on networking and collaboration. 

WebinarJam Features
  • Automatic recording
  • Pre-recorded webinars appear live
  • Handle multiple attendants
  • Incorporate polls and surveys
  • Social media integrations
  • Built-in autoresponder
  • Great customer support
  • Low monthly price. 
WebinarJam Pricing

Pricing starts at $39.99/mo when paid annually which is $479 per year. The pro plan costs $783 per year. 

You can try this platform for 60 days for only $1

EverWebinar is a resource that works in conjunction with WebinarJam - once the live webinars have been showcased on WebinarJam, users can then choose to take the recording of that webinar and make it an automated webinar with EverWebinar.

EverWebinar saves and simulates live recordings on a completely automated operating system - allowing for high conversion rates and the ability to build ongoing promotions, generate registrations and plan events for the individual business.

The automation of EverWebinar makes it extremely easy for users to understand, eliminating the need for extra technical knowledge. EverWebinar covers anything from a fully functional scheduling system, pre-made landing pages to maximise registration, and advanced simulation tools to increase conversions.

Presenters can also connect with their audience and manage data effortlessly, while the set-and-forget tools means that webinar registrants are automatically subscribed using either EverWebinar’s built-in autoresponders or the users’ own choice of integration tools.

Whatever the user needs to share their content and generate visitors, EverWebinar has it all. Fully supported on Android and iOS; entrepreneurs of any type are assured that their message is being shared.

EverWebinar is currently running a promotion where users can buy the program at a discounted price of $497, and considering the amount of features included in the service, it’s money well spent

EverWebinar Features
  • One click swap from WebinarJam
  • Create a fake audience count
  • Make past live events appear live
  • Start a new webinar upon registration
  • Advanced scheduling system
  • Time zone detection
  • Low price but billed annually. 
EverWebinar Pricing

You need to purchase annually which currently costs $597 but you get a $100 discount when you signup making it $497. 

WebinarNinja is a resource that not only provides high quality Webinars for training and coaching, but it also allows users to easily host, share and attend webinars easily and effortlessly.

WebinarNinja comes with industry leading designs to create professional looking presentations, an all-inclusive platform that supports anyone from beginners to experts, a comprehensive set of marketing tools to engage with audiences and grow online presence and also contains additional software with built-in landing pages and funnels.

WebinarNinja’s ease and accessibility lies in its place in the cloud. This means that both attendees and presenters can join or create any webinar with any browser, desktop or mobile device - making it an invaluable 21st century business accoutrement.

WebinarNinja supports live, automated, series and hybrid webinars, each coming with a full range of design features and helpful tools straight out of the box. This allows users to focus on the content that they want to share and the people they want to reach.

The in-house Page Builder eliminates the need for external programmers or developers. Its integrated CRM and eCommerce tools record statistics and data in real-time and can even play nice with other integrations such as ClickFunnel, Squarespace and MailChimp. This means that WebinarNinja lives up to its name and acts as a central nexus for all facets of an online business.

WebinarNinja offers a free 14 day trial as well as 4 different plan options - ranging from the ‘Starter’ plan at $39 per month up to the ‘Power’ plan at $199 per month. All plans come with a healthy amount of features that aren’t limited by budgets. 

WebinarNinja Features
  • Industry leading designs
  • Marketing tools to engage audiences
  • Live, automated, series, hybrid series
  • In-house page builder
  • Integrates with Clickfunnels
WebinarNinja Pricing

You can get a free 14 day trial which 4 different plans on offer starting at $39 per month for the basic plan up to $199 for the power plan. 

EasyWebinar is a platform designed for intuitive user experiences and business growth. A combination of automated and interactive webinar software allows for presenters to share their content and engage with their audience easily and effortlessly, while the additional integrations allow users to build their sales funnel with any combination of integrated tools from a wide range of software platforms.

With over 11,000 agencies and users, more than 31,000 webinars hosted and over 6 million attendees, EasyWebinar has the results to prove their worth. Rather than stopping just at sales, EasyWebinar combines the power of a full-sized marketing resource with the effect of face-to-face interactions, bringing an interpersonal touch to the vast playing field of online businesses.

Through EasyWebinar, users can generate leads, sell both physical and digital products, build credibility and grow their customer base all from the comfort of their desktop. EasyWebinar also connects users who are new to webinar marketing to successful campaigns through a supportive and intuitive sign up process.

EasyWebinar offers 3 different types of paid memberships - the ‘Standard’ plan costs $78 per month, the ‘Pro’ plan at $129 per month and the ‘Enterprise’ plan at $499 per month depending on budgets and needs, but all users can take comfort in the fact that all accounts come with a great range of features and tools as well as the option to try out each plan in a free trial before commitment. 

EasyWebinar Features
  • Designed for intuitive user experiences
  • Used by thousands of agencies
  • Supportive marketing tools
  • Integrates with many providers
EasyWebinar Pricing

There is 3 different price points starting at $78 per month up to $129 for the pro. Enterprise users can use the $499 per month plan.

A free trial is offered to all new users.

StealthSeminar is an online platform that manages and organizes live automated webinars used by independent businesses and corporate entities alike. Running pre-recorded webinars that have the same feel as live ones, streamlining the technical aspects and removes the urgency of time-sensitive presentations.

StealthSeminar offers all the tools and features required straight from the starting line - from generating leads and sales with pre-fabricated templates and tools to funnel leads and sales into webinars, to keeping track of engagement statistics to optimize results for growing businesses.

Users of StealthSeminar can be confident in knowing that while the inclusive program is fully supportive and intuitive to use, they will also learn how to demonstrate authority and generate profits.

Through StealthSeminar’s wide range of educational resources, training modules and live webinar coaching, even those who come in without any prior knowledge will soon be at the top of their online game.

The various marketing integrations that StealthSeminar has to offer also means that users get more out of this service - they get real-time data and analytics, freedom to combine with their favourite integrations to make the webinar process seamless and effective.

StealthSeminar offers a free trial for new users to explore their catalogue of services, before upgrading to paid memberships. The ‘Starter’ plan is great for newer and less experienced users to get their bearings, and at $69.95 per month, it’s cheaper than hiring another professional.

The ‘Growth’ plan suits growing businesses to expand their online presence while simultaneously having access to a majority of StealthSeminar’s resources for $135 per month. The ‘Power’ plan is a customizable option for entrepreneurs to directly utilize in-depth industry knowledge to their advantage to build a strategy that best suits them.

All of StealthSeminar’s plans offer full access to their tools; to highlight their commitment to supporting content creators of all sizes and budgets. As far as webinar platforms go, StealthSeminar provides everything a presenter needs to produce high quality and successful businesses. 

StealthSeminar Features
  • Host unlimited webinars
  • Webinar templates
  • Custom email reminders
  • SMS alerts to attendees
  • Attendee auto-detection
  • Facebook reminders
  • Integration with providers.
Stealthwebinar Pricing

Plans start at $69.99 per month for the starter plan with the growth plan being $135/mo. A $30 registration fee is required for starter. Attendees are quite low and require an upgrade (extra $).

2 months free if paying yearly. All accounts get a free trial on first sign up.

LiveStorm combines elegance and simplicity with modern communication tools to create a seamless platform for webinars and video meetings. Focused on user experience, marketing insights and automation, LiveStorm create successful landing pages to positively engage visitors and customers alike.

With the options to upload both live and automated webinars, users can better manage the schedule, quality and effectiveness of their webinars. As a web based webinar platform; users can find all the design, creation and management features here without the need for additional software.

LiveStorm is accessible on both mobile and desktop; allowing for users in all kinds of industries to create on the go. Active audience engagement tools such as live chat, real-time polls and surveys, as well as co-hosting options allow for engaging and interpersonal communications.

Integrated Analytics and reports allow users to manage the effectiveness of their webinars, while the in-built emailing logistics help build a stronger customer base, leading to higher conversions and sales.

A highlight feature that LiveStorm provides is extensive data integration; downloading data directly as CSV, Zapier integration with over 1000 industry apps and real-time notifications mean that users can monitor their business from anywhere.

LiveStorm’s simplicity extends to its pricing models - all plans offer unlimited webinars and registrants, the only variable is the number of attendees. The monthly plans range from free to $99 per month, which is a decent industry price tag considering the amount of resources that LiveStorm offers.

LiveStorm Features
  • Live, on-demand and automated webinars
  • Instant meetings, scheduled meetings
  • Custom templates
  • Integrates with third parties
  • Dial-in by phone
  • Setup paid webinars with Zapier.
LiveStorm Pricing

Simple pricing from $99 per month if paying yearly or $109 month to month. You get up to 100 attendees. It's free for your first 10 attendees to try the service. You can also run groups of up to 8 participants for only $31 per month, good for 1-2-1 coaching. 

Zoom offers a consistent enterprise experience for the online entrepreneur, making video meetings, global conferences and web-based communications easier than ever.

Whether for independent businesses operating out of their homes or multinational corporations, Zoom covers all the features of modern communications.

With this platform, users can organize meetings or training sessions, create webinars, build digital conference rooms, and utilize its cross platform messaging and file sharing, thus maximising results with minimal efforts.

Zoom is also invested in the industries of Education, Finance, Government and Healthcare - providing specialized tools and resources to improve workings within those industries and raise efficiency while supporting those who work in them. Zoom also includes various integrations and marketing tools to further enhance their enterprise experience.

Zoom offers a variety of plans for their users; ranging from free of cost for independent entrepreneurs up to $15USD per month for medium sized businesses. Large enterprises can also create customized plans to best suit their business needs. In terms of pricing, the great thing about Zoom is that users on any level have access to Zoom’s resources and tools without being limited by their budget. 

Zoom.us Features
  • Host upto 24 hours per webinar
  • Control features and users access
  • Customer personal meeting ID's
  • Cloud backup recording
  • Join by dial-in phone call
  • Real time reporting
  • Custom branding (Pro)
Zoom.us Pricing

You can get started for free if hosting up to 100 participants. Over this it costs $14.99 per month per host for 100. 300 costs $20 but requires 10 hosts so might not be suited for gurus or internet marketers. 

You can use the free account to test their service out. 

JetWebinar is a specialized platform targeted for marketers, B2B and eCommerce entrepreneurs to utilize in webinar creation. Hosting both live and simulated-live webinars; this resource allows for industry professionals to share their content while generating positive leads and conversions to better sales.

JetWebinar is designed by marketers, for marketers with global streaming channels for larger reach, simulated webinar automation to ease management, multi-host capabilities to facilitate content collaboration and fully integrated landing page builder software to enhance every webinar experience.

Supporting users in all aspects from front-end design and coding, to back-end analytics and CRM tools, JetWebinar fully supports the user from start to finish.

Since JetWebinar isn’t only a hosting platform, but also offers customization and additional features, their pricing plans take that into account, but even the most basic ‘Silver’ plan at $63 per month still offers full access to all of JetWebinar’s features.

The most popular plan is the ‘Gold’ plan at $157 per month and the ‘Platinum’ plan at $397 per month can support 500 and 2,000 live attendees respectively. JetWebinar also offers a free trial for all plans. 

JetWebinar Features
  • Live, on demand webinars
  • 8 x predesigned templates
  • Drag and drop page builder
  • Customize webinar pages
  • Early abandoned emails
  • Take action on completion
  • Real time analytics
  • Third party integrations.
JetWebinar Pricing

Silver: $63 per month

Gold: $157 per month

Platinum: $397 per month

All accounts are entitled to a free trial on a try before you buy basis. 

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