Best Ways To Host Videos That Won’t Break The Bank!

Hosting videos for your courses is a hot topic and with so many options available, what are the best ways to host videos that won’t break the bank. In this article I’ll show you the best options available to you from the top end to the bottom and everywhere in between. I’ve personally used all the following solutions and each have their pros and cons.

Monkey Playr Youtube Hosting

Starting with my personal favorite and a product I recommend on this blog to my readers is Moneky Playr. This web based software allows you to take any Youtube video and place the public facing url link into the system and transform it into a hosted video link. You can then do things such as block the video controls, add monetization (overlays), setup auto play or resize the window.

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A question I get quite a lot is, couldn’t visitors right click and then view on Youtube and see all my other videos? The short answer is No as Monkey Playr does not allow them to see the Youtube right click options. Simply make all your videos accessible by the URL only and then enter them into Monkey Playr and then embed the new links onto your website.

Price: $20 for the basic version or $40 for the pro (allows monetization) one time fee. Check it out here.


Wistia Business Video Hosting

Getting into the more professional video hosting options is Wistia which markets itself on video hosting for businesses and corporates. Combining word class video hosting, analytics and marketing tools it’s a perfect platform for hosting your video content.

wistia video hosting review

Wistia┬áhave a range of plans ranging from $5 through $50 and a free option which adds a nice little ‘Powered By Wistia’ across the top of the window. If your hosting only a couple of videos you can make do with the free option which includes 200GB bandwidth for free as well. The pricing is structured based on the number of videos, for example $5 allows you to host 5 videos and $50 allows for 50 videos. From there you can pay $100 a month and get 500 videos hosted which is more than enough for most internet marketers needs. All plans include 200GB free bandwidth which is enough for most, but extra bandwidth can be bougtht for 33 cents per GB.


Vimeo Pro Video Hosting

Similar to Youtube, Vimeo has built it’s reputation for high quality video streaming and has established itself as a reputable video hosting platform for many online marketers and creative minds alike.

vimeo pro video hosting review

A little more expensive to get started than Wistia, they offer a pro account for $199 per year which includes unlimited bandwidth and time limits, HD video, the ability to customize your own video player, enhanced analytics and reporting and much more.

Another cool feature is the ability to monetize your own content and allow viewers to ‘tip your video’ between $1-$500 through Paypal or Credit Card – a good way to earn a bit of money back to spend on your video hosting.


Spout Video Hosting

Another premium business video hosting solution is Sprout Video which helps you to integrate video content with your marketing strategy. For example you can add call to actions, email collection forms and specific analytics tracking how individul users react and interact with your content through heatmaps and other data.

sprout video hosting

Things such as how much of the video did they watch, where was my video embedded, what country was the visitor from and what did they do before and after are such analytics that you can report on.

Sprout Video offers a long list of privacy settings such as checking logins for each video, removing from search engine results through their Video SEO option and much more.

Sprout works on a monthly payment plan with a 14 day trial on all plans. The $25/mo plan is suitable for most people with the $50/mo plan offering the enhanced metrics and analytics.


Vzaar Video Hosting

Vzaar is an alternative to Youtube that offers a wealth of video hosting features at a low price starting at $25/mo or $20 if paid annually. They also have a free plan which offers plenty of video hosting controls, from uploading to content delivery.

vzaar video hosting review

Monetization is allowed through pre, mid and post linear advertising and you can upload videos from web, mobile or desktop platforms. You control the desired quality and dimensions of your video player and control what domains can or cannot play your videos.

Vzaar offers a wide variety of analytics and can integrate with Google Analytics too – although the free plan doesn’t offer this facility. If you do opt for the free plan you can host 50 videos without link back to the main site.



There you have some of the best ways to host your videos online. Let me know in the comments section of any other solutions you’ve come across and I’ll look at adding them to the list.



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