Best Watermark App: Stop Thieves Stealing Your Images

Running a blog is difficult, it’s even more difficult when some low life comes along and steals your entire articles and images because they are too lazy to come up with their own content. One of the best ways to deter would be image thieves is to simply watermark your images. Today we’ll look at the best watermark app.

Whenever I pay top dollar for a course, the first thing I always do is watermark my dashboard and members area screenshots. There are far too many copy cats that simply copy all your content and try and pass off other people’s reviews as their own.

Since implementing this watermark to my posts, I’ve noticed a decline in sites re-sharing my content.

But the real question is how do you find the best watermark app on the market?

By best I’d say it’s low price (or free), offers bulk upload, bulk download and offers lots of functionality.

After months of searching, I finally found Watermarkly.

Best Watermark App

best watermark app

The app is owned by Ivan Nikitin, a developer from Poland and boy what a great app he’s developed.

The free version of this app allows you to instantly upload and watermark up to 50 photos in 5 minutes directly from your browser.

Unlike most apps I found initially, I didn’t have to download any messy software on to my Mac or Windows desktop. Within seconds I was able to add custom watermarks with my own logos and text as well as using various opacity features for the best results.

Other cool features include the ability to preserve EXIF information, resize photos before publishing, change the quality and more.

All of this is FREE. Yes you read that correctly, Watermarkly is free for 50 photos per upload.

Watermarkly Pricing

You can upgrade to basic for $19.95 for standard residential users and $29.95 (plus) or $39.95 (premium) for commercial use.

Given we all want to make money from our blog you should be using the commercial version which includes:

  • Up to 3 watermarks per image
  • 200 premium fonts
  • Use on 2 devices maximum
  • Up to 50,000 photos at onc
  • Desktop application if required
  • 30 day money back guarantee.

There is a premium version which is the top offer gives an extra 200 premium fonts, unlimited watermarks per image and can be used on 10 different devices. I opted for this version when I bought my copy as it offers the best one time life time license with ongoing updates.

How To Use Watermarkly

Simply open up the app which requires no registration (bonus) and you can select up to 50 images to import.

You can choose to upload photos from your computer, dropbox and/or Google Drive.

You then click the next button and can click on the top menu to add your logos or text.

From add text you can choose:

  • Text to input
  • Font – choose from standard, 200 or 400 premiums
  • Color – choose the various colors or hex codes
  • Size – change the size
  • Tile – choose how to display logos
  • Opacity – change how faint or dark text appears
  • Effect – change the style, I prefer the 3rd one along on the top row.

Then you simply click on ‘Watermark Images’ and then you can choose a quality and download.

You can either download as a .zip file or individually.

The free version adds ‘Protected with Watermarkly’ but it’s impossible to see it unless you’re working with lots of colors.

There you have the best watermark app that offers both a free and a premium service. Let me know in the comments if this guide helped you protect your images on your own website.

Checkout Watermarkly today.

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