Best SMMA Courses For 2023 (Plus Full Reviews)

Are you looking for the best SMMA course for 2021? If so you've come to the right place. This is the original and best resource that has bought and used all the best social media marketing agency courses in the market, provided reviews and ratings.

The thought of starting your very own social media agency is amazing, it seems like one of the best businesses you can truly start with limited investment. Your clients will be the ones forking out for ads, content and reputation management while you pocket a monthly retainer and commissions.

By now you might have watched a few webinars or explored a wide variety of courses and are still not sure which way to go, so let me help guide you.

While some courses cost $497, other's can cost thousands and you might be unsure if they are really worth the excessive price tags or not. Others are created by successful entrepreneurs while others are created by guru's jumping on the bandwagon to cash in on the next big business model.

Without further a do, here's the best SMMA courses.

Best SMMA Courses For 2024

1. SMMA Blueprint

The SMMA Blueprint course is created by two powerhouse figures in the social media marketing world, who both operate an agency that's making over $600,000 per month.

David and Derek are co founders of their agency Vital Traffic Labs and they started their first course called, SMMA Hacker which was rebranded in 2020 to the Blueprint.

Their webinar isn't too pushy and you actually get a sales page where you can browse through their course content and bonuses.

You get access to four modules, they like to keep it simple but those modules are rammed full of content across 100 over the shoulder high quality videos. The camera and audio equipment used is high quality and if you've got a decent connection you can watch in 1080P quality.

The course offers a great Facebook mastermind group with many members and the ongoing support from the two coaches is worth the money.

Both David and Derek have many success stories. It's a course worth $1,497 but is discounted currently to $749., and readers of this blog get the best price guaranteed.

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Highlight: Best well rounded course, suits every entrepreneur.

My Rating:

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Readers of this blog get the best price guaranteed. The SMMA Blueprint is one of the most affordable social media marketing agency courses available on the market right now. You can learn from over 100 videos and 20 hours of content, along with regular group calls and a community of like minded students who all bought the course, to learn!

2. 30 Day SMMA

The 30 Day SMMA course was one of the first courses to get a feature on this blog and was created by two individuals under the marketing brand, Choose Pristine. They claims to be making 5 figures per month through their own agency too.

They are younger entrepreneurs and if you want to learn from younger people (maybe your own age), they are both good speakers on camera.

Their course doesn't have a sales page so if you close the webinar you'll not get access to the sales page. Their course has consistently been featured in SMMA reviews online and they specialise in showing over the shoulder case studies.

You get access to a wide variety of modules and over 50 high quality videos. The video and audio quality was no where near as good as the course above but it is a cheaper course if you're on a tighter budget.

Choose Pristine offer a large Facebook group with many members however the content isn't as popular as other courses.

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Highlight: Lowest price, younger course creators but may not suit everyone.

3. Six Figure SMMA

This course is owned and operated by Iman Gadzhi who claims to be making over $50k per month through his own social media marketing agency. He is only 18 years old so some people might be inclined to think he's too young to be selling a course on the topic.

There are many complaints about his own questionable Youtube and Instagram subscribers but the course content is ultimately what's important and it does offer over 50 different videos on the entire SMMA process.

This course is the most expensive of all the courses featured here but does come with the biggest Facebook mastermind group. The original course was launched back in 2017 and while most of the videos have been updated, there are many that are still outdated.

The video and audio quality of the course is good and there are many self rated bonuses included.

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Highlight: Most expensive price, youngest course creator.

4. UnHustled Agency Accelerator

It's questionable that this should be included but it is related to SMMA however Sean Donahoe recommends reselling his own agencies services under a white label agreement, lining his own pockets with your sales. If you're looking for a complete overview on social media marketing, it might not be the course you're looking for.

If you want a course that is more hands off, allows you to focus on getting clients as a marketer and someone else does the work then it might be a good option but it will cost you a minimum of $1,008 to get on board. That's broken down as a $9.99 Master Class fee followed by the actual 8 week training program which is $998.

Business is hard and online business is even harder but Sean and his co founder Phil Newton claim to have made it easy for anyone to start an SMMA business the same day.

If like me, you actually want to grow an agency that you have full control over, you might not appreciate giving your customers away to someone else who's business could fail at any point in time.

There's a ton of reviews for this course online, most of them are positive and all the same. That's because during launch week back in April of this year, Sean was giving away over $130k in prizes to affiliates to promote his course.

Whether the course is worth the money is entirely up to you, that's why I did a full review.

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Highlight: The lazy way to start your business instantly.

5. Tai Lopez SMMA

Tai Lopez needs no introduction, unless you've been living under a rock for the last five years. He's the guy who made Youtube marketing a big deal, by standing in his garage next to some book shelves and two rented Lambo's claiming knowledge is the key to success.

Since then his business has exploded and he's started launching courses on every niche imaginable. If you can think it, or it's trending in the news, Tai Lopez has a course about it.

With that said, does Tai Lopez actually even own a social media marketing agency or is he simply peddling another course to profit from?

Last year he was promoting his SMMA course hard but it's since died down now. It's pretty clear to me, he makes money promoting courses and has limited or no knowledge of the business models he promotes. He simply watches some Youtube videos and rebrands them into his own content.

As you see in all his videos, the results are not typical so exercise caution when seeing those million dollar paydays he uses to promote his courses.

The SMMA course costs $697 although you're not told the price during the initial sign up. You're made to think joining his SMMA course is like an elite membership. For most people $697 is a lot of money and the course lacks a lot of content compared to the other courses mentioned above.

The videos, while vague are filmed in high quality and the platform ensures videos look great on mobile and desktop devices.

Unfortunately if you're looking for real information about starting an SMMA you won't find it in this course including, accounting, contracts, registering your business. You also don't get much exposure to Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, finding clients or actually on boarding new clients.

Isn't this the whole point of buying a social media course?

Highlight: Another course missing lots of info from Tai Lopez.

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Final Verdict

As you can see these are the best SMMA courses for 2020. Some are great while others are a complete waste of time. I'll be regularly updating this article as I review more SMMA courses that will ultimately launch in the second half of the year.

What do you think, do you have a favorite course or one you think I should checkout?

Leave a comment below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best SMMA course right now?

We believe the best course is called SMMA Blueprint which offers the most up to date content at a very affordable price. You can learn more about this course by clicking on our review.

How many SMMA courses are out there?

There are many courses out there, we are reviewing many different courses when we can. So far we've reviewed a wide range of courses.

How much do SMMA courses cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $297 to $1997 for a course. You don't need to spend a lot of money and research has shown the best course isn't the most expensive course.

What does SMMA stand for?

Social media marketing agency is the definition of SMMA.

What makes a good SMMA course worth buying?

You want to buy a course that isn't promoted by someone who clearly makes all their money selling courses rather than actually running their own social media marketing agency. So first make sure they own their own agency and you can see that online.

Next check for course content and done for you marketing materials to kickstart your business. Lastly check to ensure there is a large community who already bought the course so you can get help and guidance when needed.

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  1. Hey Rhys,

    Thanks for the blog post. Very valuable!

    I’m curious and also still hesitating in which course to take… Could you please tell me what courses did you take besides those mentioned here? Did you happen to take Billy Willson’s course or Joe Soto’s course? I heard they were pretty good.

    Thanks! Looking forward to your reply!


  2. Awesome review. Would love to hear your thoughts on Billy Willsons course too. For me its between Billy and SMMA blueprint.
    Have you heard of Dino Gomez with Funnel Consultant society?

  3. Have you heard of or reviewed James Hopkins course? It is more expensive than any of the ones you reviewed and I’m curious as to what you think, I have already had a call with them but I am on the fence so looking for other opinions. Thanks ahead of time.

  4. Have you had a chance to review Cereal Entrepreneur’s Digital Marketing School 2.0? IMO it’s AMAZING and I’ve taken several of the courses you’ve mentioned in this article. Felt like it was the most comprehensive program available.


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