Best Shopify Theme For One Product: My Personal Review

If you’re looking for the best shopify theme for one product then you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been drop shipping for many years and with the arrival of social media advertisements such as Instagram and Facebook Ads, many entrepreneurs only actually need to sell one product to make money online.

Video/Image Ad >>> Product Page >>> Cart >>> Upsell >>> Checkout

So with that said, most traditional Shopify themes look awful when you’ve only got one product and a few up sells to sell. Thankfully many vendors have come to the party and created themes specifically designed for such use case scenarios.

Best Shopify Theme For One Product

Without further a do, here are 5 of the best shopify themes for one product, that I’ve personally used over the last 12 months for various niche stores.

1. eCom Turbo

This is the best theme for one product stores I’ve come across which only costs $97 for a single site license and can be downloaded and installed within minutes. If you’re planning on creating future stores then you’d be better to buy the unlimited license for only $147.

This theme, created by Franklin Hatchett has been used to process over a million dollars for dropshippers all over the world. It looks great on both mobile and desktop while offering all the premium features you’d usually have to install via apps.

Some of these premium features include scarcity timers, sales alerts, fake traffic volumes, stock levels and

One of the best features is having the add to cart button above the fold on mobile which stops your users having to scroll down to get more information.

If you combine this theme with a premium upsell app such as Intercart or Carthook you’ll be getting 10% higher conversions compared with other themes out there.

Demo | Download

2. Shoptimized Theme

shoptimized theme review


Shoptimized is another theme that is perfect for one product stores, although it is designed for having multiple products. It’s unique design helps to offer high conversions. It’s built for mobile first because that’s where the majority of your traffic comes from and because it’s based on a mobile-friendly and responsive template, it offers lightning-fast load times to help improve your search engine results and also conversions.

The template was built and developed by Conversion Rate Expert, Bradley Long who created this awesome theme to include all the elements proven to drive higher conversions, sales and profits. It’s definitely a theme that most people have heard of when it comes to one product stores.

The cost is very similar to eCom Turbo however has recently been increased now costing $127 for the 1 site license and $297 for the 10 store license which does put it beyond some peoples grasp. All licenses include all features which also include the 10 additional premium apps that install right out of the box, very similar to the other themes mentioned on this post.

Demo | Download

3. Shopify Booster

Another theme suitable for one product stores is called ShopifyBooster which costs $197 for a one time license and can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes.

The theme allows you to sell one product and also provides a ton of different plugins such as countdown timers, fake sales alerts, fake traffic volume, stock levels and various call to actions.

The theme is designed to work on all platforms including desktop, mobile and tablet and is fully customizable. All colors, buttons, menus and logos can be updated through an easy to use client interface.

Probably the best feature is the ability to create various up sells such as buy one get one free, buy two and get something free, or buy one more and get free shipping. These can all add tremendous profits to your sales and you no longer need additional apps or plugins to achieve such results.

Check it out now.

Best Shopify Theme For One Product

4. Ap Strollik Theme

At nearly $70 cheaper than Shopify Booster but without the fancy plugins this theme is developed by a Themeforst elite vendor with many sales. It’s a theme designed like a web startup with a free flowing top to bottom approach for your sales page.

Similar to the booster theme above it’s responsive and designed to work on all devices, includes mega menus, RTL support and has sliding banners. The Ap Strollik theme is also much better optimized for SEO.

Other features include a 360 degree viewer of your products which is a nice feature but hard to implement to begin with. It also comes with various pre-defined pages such as FAQ, About etc that can be customized.

Installing the theme took less than a minute with the vendors, ‘1 click install’ and it truely was 1 click.

ap strollik one product shopify theme

5. Single Store Shopify Theme

While the name of this Shopify theme isn’t very imaginative, it does exactly what it says it will and looks like a more professional version of Ap Strollik, although slightly more expensive at $75.

The theme is responsive and includes a homepage that scrolls from top to bottom. You can then also edit the sales page for the single product and use this instead of the homepage or use both together.

The theme features many add ons such as mega menus, sliders, wishlists, ajax add to cart options and is also fully customizable through the admin panel.

Single store is created with SEO in mind similar to Ap Strollik theme and also comes with pre-defined pages for quick installation. Speaking of install times, it took slightly longer than both previous themes.

Screen Shot 2017-06-02 at 3.08.48 AM


Final Verdict

If you’re looking for the best shopify theme for one product then I recommend choosing one of the three above. Over the last 12 months I’ve used all three for various projects I’ve worked on in the drop shipping industry. Please let me know in the comments section if there is a specific theme you’ve used that worked well for you too.

Last Updated on June 1, 2019 by Rhys Dale

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