Best Shopify Gurus – Who Can You Really Trust To Learn?

You’ve seen them promoting their courses via Youtube, Facebook Ads and Instagram but most sound too good to be true and could be full of sh!t. Well over the last two years I’ve been reviewing the best Shopfiy guru’s -and the worst! In this article I’m going to show you who to give your money too and who you should reconsider before dropping your hard earned cash.

At a rough count there are over 30 different Shopify courses on the market and each guru claims to have the best method for starting your very own e-commerce business. The most common question I get asked is, ‘if these guru’s are making so much money from actually drop shipping why would they charge and teach a course?.’

Most gurus actually do make money through e-commerce and simply want to diversify their income streams. Rich people have multiple income streams. There are sadly some gurus that will happily rent a lambo and sell you the dream and fleece you out of thousands of dollars with out dated training and weak support.

Just for you I’ve spent months reviewing every course on the market so you can find the best Shopify guru to put your money with and won’t get ripped off. Believe it or not, the best gurus often charge the lowest price.

Best Shopify Gurus 2020

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Franklin Hatchett (New Zealand)

Frnaklin know’s his sh!t and is one of the leading ecommerce experts in New Zealand and around the world. His course, eCom Elites has well over 2,000 members and it’s easy to see why, it’s only $197 to get through the door and access over 150 HD videos, a powerful Facebook mastermind group and ongoing support.

Now it’s important to note, Franklin doesn’t offer 1-2-1 support and at $197 you’d be a fool to think you would get personal mentorship. Most students go through the material and start their very own e-commerce stores and then communicate with Franklin and other mentors on the Facebook group.

When you accompany Franklin’s training with his theme, ecom turbo, you’ve got yourself a professional training course and awesome high converting theme for under $300. You can then spent that $1000 you’ve just saved from a shady guru on advertising your website.

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Tristan Broughton (Australia)

The second best Shopify guru in my opinion is Tristan Broughton who hails from Australia. There’s no supercars or rented mansions in his sales videos, just good honest Youtube videos with tons of value. Then when you’re ready to upgrade you can do so for only $197 which gives you access to 50+ videos.

The most common question I get asked is what the difference between Franklin and Tristans course actually is. Franklin offers a complete A-to-Z for beginners and anyone who wants a full hand holding course. Tristan targets intermediates and those with some exposure to e-commerce who want to jump straight in to the product research, marketing and automation videos.

If you’ve got time, checkout Tristan’s Youtube channels and you’ll see for yourself, this guy is the real deal. He actively shares his winning products, losers (yes not all campaigns make money) and countless other tips, tricks and helpful insights. In his course you’ll join 500+ other members with access to many HD videos and a powerful Facebook mastermind.

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Kevin David (USA)

Kevin David is one of the biggest e-com shopify guru’s out there and his course has sold many times at a high price tag of $997 – to $1997 depending on the package you want. Unlike Franklin and Tristan, Kevin actively promotes many courses and it’s obvious he may not make a fortune through this own stores, instead focusing on teaching.

The difference is that he knows his stuff and holds conferences worldwide and buying a course gives you access to these. You also get tons of videos and course material. The course is regularly updated.

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Arie Scherson (USA)

I have to say I am a big fan of this guy, he reminds me of Tristan but an American version. There’s no BS here and no rented lambos for the day. You can view his Youtube channel and see lots of actionable content including tips, tricks and case studies.

The course isn’t the cheapest but does offer a lot of videos and a very informative Facebook mastermind group. You’ll not find as many members here as the other three gurus above but you can rest easy knowing you’ll get the help and support you need from Arie.

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Joaquin Corrales (USA)

The only reason this guru actually got a mention on this post was because of his partnership with Franklin Hatchett. This course goes one further and provides 10 hours of consulting on top of the eCom Elites training program, Facebook page and an additional mastermind training group. It’s slightly pricey at $1997 but 10 hours of consulting is probably worth it.

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Richard Telfeja (USA)

eCom Profit Masterclass is a six week online video training and direct mentorship program that claims to teach you every single step needed to create and grow a massive, profitable Shopify e-commerce business. At $997 it’s a mid range course that comes with a unique theme, weekly webinars and FB mastermind group and Richard is quite interesting to listen too.

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Hayden Bowles (USA)

One of the biggest disappointments in the Shopify guru world, he keeps launching new courses and at over $897 for the latest one offering similar content as his first course, Hacking Shopify it’s probably worth a pass on this one.

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Mike Vestril (Bali)

He’s one of a few up and coming Youtube stars right now and most people think he’s a Tai Lopez wannabe but the course wasn’t that great either. He claims to be making a fortune and actively flaunts his wealth on his channel and in the course. If that’s the kind of guru that inspires you then you can checkout his course.

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Tanner Planes (USA)

Another course by a relatively younger guru called Tanner Planes, he’s 17 yet claims to be making millions on Shopify and Facebook Ads. Course content was pretty short and the video quality was truely awful, probably not worth it.

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Samir Chibane (USA)

The hustlers drop shipping course. If you like to watch overhyped videos and vulgar language then you’ll probably enjoy this course. Fake lambo ownership guaranteed. Personally I thought it was pretty simple and definitely not worth the huge price tag. Coming in at $1998 it’s near the top end of the Shopify courses on the market.

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Dominik Lisowki (Poland)

Incredibly short and very difficult to understand this guru. Probably best suited to people from the Eastern Europe bloc that can understand him. Power point slides were chock full of content and it was very difficult to follow along. Unsure if it’s actually worth $998 and limited Facebook mastermind group.

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David Hermansen (USA)

Not really a Shopify guru as he’s build a brand around e-commerce called Store Coach. There’s lots of good content to be had here and the premium membership only costs $49 and you can cancel at any time. The content is quite dated and there are thousands of members so don’t expect any personal touch unless you’re a high paying member.

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Steve Chou (USA)

One of the oldest courses out there, personally I thought it was very expensive and the content was outdated. Steve claims the course is regularly updated but at $1497 there are far better alternatives out there in my opinion. I wouldn’t call Steve a guru as he was one of the first to create a course years upon years ago but I wouldn’t pay $1500 for the course either.

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Anton Kraly (Vietnam/USA)

Probably the most talked about course of all time, atleast on this blog where I’ve retained top spot for ‘drop ship lifestyle review’ for well over two years. This course gets slammed for how poor the content and ongoing consulting actually is. You know it’s a hard sell when they have a phone number to order an e-commerce course. If you’re seriously considering dropping $5k into a course like this I’d say you’d be a fool.

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Paul Joseph (USA)

It’s not really a Shopify course so it probably shouldn’t get a mention but this guru claims you shouldn’t use Shopify, instead focusing on eBay where the money is too be made. I disagree but you can checkout my review anyway.

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Klint & Grant Parker (Australia)

It’s got nothing to do with Australian drop shipping despite the name. Rumor has it they were originally in Drop Ship Lifestyle as students before branching off and starting their own course with very similar content. Gets awful reviews online and in the comments section of my review.

J Keitsu (USA)

It was once the mother of all introductory drop shipping courses costing around $47 in it’s prime. Unfortunately the income earning screenshots didn’t quite add up for J Keitsu one fine morning live streaming and he was outed pretty quickly. Regardless if you want to checkout a review, I did one at the time.

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Jeraun Richards (USA)

It was an expensive drop shipping course for what it was and eventually he made the course free for everyone and refunded those that purchased the course, unsure what actually happened but doesn’t sound like the best course for learning drop shipping so I’d avoid and checkout some others.

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Sarah Lorenzen (USA)

One of the shortest and most overpriced courses to ever get a mention on this blog. Avoid.

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Johnny FD (USA)

An affiliate website that simply promotes Drop Ship Lifestyle and takes 50% referral commission. He’s recently started his very own Drop Ship Partner Program. He doesn’t make any money from drop shipping any more but will gladly sell you a course and 30% rev share option. Avoid and keep 100% of your business.

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Allan Maman & Abraham Engel (USA)

A disappointing course from two young so called guru’s. If you like overhyped videos and lots of false promises then this course is perfect for you. Avoid.

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Scott Hilse (USA)

Not much to say, super short and definitely not worth $497.

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Last Updated on June 26, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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10 thoughts on “Best Shopify Gurus – Who Can You Really Trust To Learn?”

  1. Awesome reviews. I have been taking some dropshipping courses but now I’m second guessing it. Do you think seo is a more sustainable way to go for beginners? Thank you

    • I think you need to choose if you’re going for drop shipping or affiliate marketing. I think SEO is more friendly for beginners as the costs are far lower but it can take a while to start seeing results. Savage Affiliates is probably the best course right now to learn SEO and affiliate marketing.

  2. Hi Rhys,
    Really love the honest reviews and knowledgeable content.
    I have been looking into Patrick Sargis’ course on Just wondering if you have heard anything about this one as I am finding it difficult to find reviews other than those on his website. In the webinar he convincingly promotes his course and package saying he will provide a done for you premium shopify store, step by step training as well as some consulting for $997. (Limited time offer….of course) I really like the idea of what he including but I have the feeling if something is too good to be true it usually is. If you have any info on this I would greatly appreciate it.

    • Hi David,
      Never heard of him. I don’t believe you need to spend that much on a Shopify package when you compare courses such as eCom Elites and Product Winner Blueprint.

  3. Wow love your review and brutal honesty , I always knew tanner, Hayden and compagny were scammers, now that I understand more dropshipping I understand how hard it is , very very very very hard , plus even when you are successful , it’s not passive at all and they will constantly be many problems to deal with , it will be costly to begin if i have to register an LLC in particular and it’s not as profitable as you think when you only consider profits and not sales, so my question is , do you advice me to begin with dropshipping or affilate marketing or another online alternative?

    • I always recommend it comes down to startup costs. If you can invest money in your business then drop shipping is a good start. If not then affiliate marketing is better as you only need a domain name and hosting and you can use your own time to write content. You don’t need to start an llc, you could just be a soletrader until your income hits a certain threshold.

  4. Hey Rhys,
    Amazing review, glad I read it.
    I have a drop shipping store already and the sales are nothing to be proud of. EverythinI know now is from YouTube.
    I have been looking around for a good course to invest in. I will definitely be looking into Franklin Hatchett Few friends told me to check out Adrian Morrison’s course. Have you heard of him or ever reviewed?

    • Hi,

      I’ve heard of the course but it’s pretty pricey and always ‘closing soon’ so never bothered to buy it and review it. It’s pretty ancient now as it’s been around for a number of years.


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