Best Shopify Course For 2024 (With Full Reviews)

I started reviewing Shopify courses well over two years ago and during that time there have been well over thirty courses that have crept up, others that have sprung up and disappeared and others that have stuck around for the entire time. Today I’m listing all the best Shopify courses into one post to help you decide which course to buy.

Each Shopify course below has a link to the full review where I go into all the course details including pricing, the guru behind the lessons and ultimately whether it’s worth it or not. It’s important to note, high priced courses do not equal better content or coaching so before splashing the cash, checkout some of the cheap Shopify courses.

Best Shopify Course For 2024

eCom Elites (Editors Choice / Best Course)

This is hands down the best Shopify course on the market today and is created and updated by Franklin Hatchett. The course is one of the cheapest, yet most rammed pack full of actionable content you’ll find on Shopify.

Currently there is over 150 videos on everything your Shopify store needs to start making serious money online. You’ll learn store setup, niche selection, Facebook + Instagram ads, Adwords and scaling strategies.

You get access to a Facebook mastermind which includes over 1300 other students who’ve make a few thousand to millions of dollars with Franklin’s training. Backed by a 30 day money back guarantee, it’s a no brainer.

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Product Winner Blueprint (Tristan Broughton)

Tristan Broughton is one of the most well known guru’s that actually makes money selling private label products in Australia and practices what he preaches in his own training course. It’s similarly priced to Franklin’s course and offers lots of content about starting your Shopify business.

The course is much smaller than eCom Elites but it’s targeted towards people who may already have some exposure to Shopify or drop shipping so if that’s you then you may prefer this course.

Backed by a money back guarantee you really have nothing to lose.

Alongside the 50+ HD videos is a powerful Facebook mastermind group and weekly updates. If you’re thinking of starting your Shopify business then you can ensure you’ll learn a lot from Product Winner Blueprint.

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eCom Masters (Joaquin Corrales)

This course is a beefed up version of eCom Elites accompanied by the powerful Shopify theme developed by Franklin Hatchett called eCom Turbo and many hours of 1-2-1 coaching. It’s not the cheapest course, coming in at $1,997 but it is one of the only courses on this mega table that offers true coaching in the world of Shopify.

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eCom Profit Masterclass (Richard Telfeja)

eCom Profit Masterclass is a six week online video training and direct mentorship program that focuses on Shopify and claims to teach you every single step needed to create and grow a massive, profitable Shopify e-commerce business. At $997 it’s a mid range course that comes with a unique theme, weekly webinars and FB mastermind group.

It’s pretty expensive for what you actually get however Richard certainly knows his stuff.

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Hacking Shopify Drop Shipping (Hayden Bowles)

It’s got a strange name, as there’s actually no hacking involved but that won’t stop Hayden sell this course. It’s a Shopify course with a huge focus on drop shipping and most of the popularity comes from his overhyped Youtube videos. A relatively short course but covers most of the Shopify course essentials and is middle of the line priced from $497.

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Internet Lifestyle Academy (Mike Vestril)

He’s one of a few up and coming Youtube stars right now from his overhyped clickbait videos and most people think he’s a Tai Lopez wannabe but the course wasn’t that great. Overhyped. Very short and didn’t include anything different from most other shopify courses on the market despite a promising sales page. A medium priced course at $497.

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Zero To One Thousand (Tanner Planes)

Another Shopify course by a relatively young guru called Tanner Planes, he’s 17 yet claims to be making millions on Shopify and Facebook Ads. Course content was pretty short and the video quality was pretty poor.

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Passion 2 Profit (Samir Chibane)

The hustlers Shopify course. If you like to watch overhyped videos and vulgar language then you’ll probably enjoy this course. Personally I thought it was pretty simple and definitely not worth the huge price tag. Coming in at $998 – $1998 it’s probably at the top end of your budget for a Shopify course.

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BFTBS Course (Dominik Lisowki)

Incredibly short and very difficult to understand the course creator. Power point slides were chock full of content and it was very difficult to follow along. Initially thought the sales page was intriguing but ended quickly.

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Store Coach (David Hermansen)

A good resource for both free and premium members. There’s lots of good content to be had here and the premium membership only costs $49 and you can cancel at any time. The content is quite dated and there are thousands of members so don’t expect any personal touch unless you’re a high paying member.

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Profitable Online Store (Steve Chou)

One of the oldest courses out there, personally I thought it was very expensive and the content is getting pretty outdated. Steve claims the course is regularly updated but at $1497 there are far better alternatives out there in my opinion. Only focuses on Adwords and Shopify leaving a lot of missed opportunities in other promotional methods.

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Drop Ship Lifestyle (Anton Kraly)

Probably the most talked about course of all time, at least on this blog where I’ve retained top spot for ‘drop ship lifestyle review’ for well over two years. Personally don’t like the course, the price tag or the deceptive money back guarantee. Regardless the course is constantly updated, has a large following online and is taught by a well known guru.

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Drop Ship Downunder (Parker Family)

It’s got nothing to do with Australian drop shipping despite the name. Rumor has it they were originally in Drop Ship Lifestyle as students before branching off and starting their own course with very similar content. Avoid.

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Roadmap to Drop Ship Riches (Sarah Lorenzen)

One of the shortest and most overpriced courses to ever get a mention on this blog. Nothing else to say.

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Anton Method (Johnny FD)

An affiliate website that simply promotes Drop Ship Lifestyle and takes 50% referral commission. Avoid.

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