Best Shopify Chatbot Apps For 2019

If you’re not using chatbot apps in your business then you really need to read this article and take action now. These tools are some of the best ways to increase your conversion rates in 2019 and will be for years to come as they automate your processes that previously a human being would have had to endure.

Today I’m going to show you the best Shopify chatbot apps for 2019 and which ones I recommend using. I’ve used most of these for my own drop shipping stores or have visually seen them in action on my clients.

While some are free, most are premium and the free ones usually have a premium upgrade.

If you do decide to take a 14 day trial, make sure you cancel or update within that time as Shopify doesn’t seen reminder emails before the billing commences so it’s easy to rack up lots of recurring fees if you’re adding lots of apps and don’t remove them from your store/s.

If you want to learn how to setup a chatbot from scratch, eCom Elites offers an entire module on the world of chatbots with an emphasis on social media including Facebook. Definitely worth the investment if you’re looking. There’s also a plethora of free Youtube content out there too.

Best Shopify Chatbot Apps

best shopify chatbots

1. Kai Product Recommender

The best chatbot in my opinion is not necessarily a chatbot as you might think. It’s an intelligent product recommender that engages with customers directly from your store and initiates a conversation with your visitor by asking a series of questions that you might expect a sales agent to ask.

Based on your visitors reply (they may ignore or leave) the Kai bot recommends products to them that they might like to purchase.

An example would be, ‘Hey I am a recommender bot, choose an interest.’

Then provides three options, shirts. watches or sunglasses.

Your visitor chooses shirts, you then ask them a price range with a few options and again they choose.

Then you provide some recommendations based on products in your store that match those two categories.

Can you see the power this app provides in providing a completely customized experience to your visitors?

I like to use the case study of walking into a luxury shop, they have personal shoppers who’ll help you spend your money. Those sales reps sole job is to listen to you and find what you’re looking for and then sell you. Without forking out $20-$40 per hour for someone like that, you can use this free recommender bot.

You can track all your interactions through your dashboard and data is updated in real time.

This app comes with a complimentary 14 day trial and renews at $19.99/mo.

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2. Akohub Messenger Chatbot

This is probably the best Facebook Messenger Shopify chatbot on the market that also offers functionality with platforms such as WordPress, Woocommerce among others. It’s a great fast and easy way to let customers browse and buy your products via messenger.

According to the developers, 85% of clients have reduced their customer service by up to 3 hours due to their app.

By setting a pre-defined list of questions, answers and guidelines, the AI bot will allow you to set auto replies with text messages, web links and carousel templates.

The entire app is customizable including the color scheme, get started button, greeting message and 3 layers of actions in persistent menus.

You can link this to your pages so when someone types said keyword you can instantly start to talk to them!

Other cool features are the ability to directly link to an inbuilt FAQ section for anything such as refund policy, order tracking, order status pages etc. You can also send special deals to visitors or show them the best selling products with the carousel.

This app comes with a 30 day trial then $12/month subscription. 

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3. SallyBot

The SallyBot works in pretty much the same way as the Akobot with some added features including the ability to integrate their app into your customer service emails.

You can link to your messenger bot and then when a user messages, automatically advise them on the status of their order for example.

You can also use the built in notifications to send messages to your shoppers via messenger, email or SMS depending on the location of their order, i.e. processing, shipped, delivered, customer follow up required etc. Sally is also smart enough to use time zones so alerts aren’t sent during the middle of the night if you’re running a geo specific store.

Similar to AkoBot you can add and include an extensive FAQ section.

SallyBot supports over 600 vendors including Fedex and USPS. They are also the only bot that supports afterpay!

Sally even offers upsells to your customers after confirmation of delivery via the tracking urls. More money coming your way from day one with no manual intervention required and no staff expenses required either.

The road map for the future shows more upsell features coming soon.

This app comes with a 14 day trial and then $0.20/sale,$19,$59 or $259/mo plan.

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4. Messenger Abandoned Cart Bot

It’s probably one of the most famous app’s that lots of people still can’t find or work out how to implement on their store. There are regularly rumours floating around ad groups that Facebook is cracking down on said method but as of today it works fine.

The app adds a tiny tick box under the add to cart button which fires when someone clicks the add to cart button. From here you can then message them directly on Facebook if they don’t complete their purchase within a stated time.

Some people make it a few hours, others a few days. It’s entirely up to you.

Now lots of visitors will be shocked to see a message from your store pop up but the conversion rates can be huge! For example you could offer them a discount or coupon code that will impress them into actually completing their purchase. When combining with a cart recovery app you can leave their cart in their browser too.

Additional features include the usual messenger bot customer follow ups after delivery with upsells and additional coupons you can message to people who are still subscribed.

I guess the beauty of this app is it’s nearly impossible to opt out for the average user.

Regardless, CartBack is currently following FB guidelines and all seems well so far!

Lastly all sales and recovery sales are tracked through their dashboard which you can view too.

This app comes with a 30 day free trial then $9,$19,$29 or $299/mo subscription. 

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Final Verdict

There you have some of the best Shopify chatbots for 2019. As you can see most rely on the use of a social media platform such as Facebook to handle the customer interaction. This is because pretty much everyone has a Facebook account and you’ll be running ads on Facebook most likely too.

By using the last plugin you can pretty much guarantee remarketing for free without paying Facebook again for anyone who commited to the cart but didn’t actually buy the product. You don’t need to pay for retargeting ads as you can do this for free using your ad.

Just exercise caution as complaints made to Facebook will likely get your bot shut down.

What’s your favorite chatbot or do you have any other suggestions? Drop a comment below.


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