Best Passive Affiliate Programs That Pay Monthly Commissions for Life

As we all know, participating in affiliate programs is one of the best ways of earning money on the internet. However, the pay-out might seem low compared with the products/websites that you are promoting, especially ones that land monthly subscriptions while only paying you for that customer once.

Thankfully there are some businesses that have passive affiliate programs which pay you as long as your referrals keep their subscription active!


I have listed 5 of the best websites, that offer passive affiliate programs, below:

1.      AWeber

AWeber runs a highly successful email marketing service which offers numerous powerful features such as auto responders, customizable marketing templates for emails etc. However, unknown to the majority of people on the web, they run one of the best affiliate programs in the market with excellent and recurring pay-outs.

A few features of the Aweber affiliate program are –

  • A generous 30% commission on each sale, recurring for as long the customers keep their subscription active.
  • Template ads and articles to ease the effort needed to market their products.
  • Amazing features that sell themselves to ensure you will have a steady flow of income.
  • Instant notification for each sale you bring them.
  • Comprehensive statistics page to assess your conversion rates, visitors etc. so you can adjust marketing strategies as needed.
  • Cookies to ensure that customers who redirected from your website will still belong to you even if they purchase an account later.

A 30% recurring pay-out is an excellent cut to receive from sales and this is one of the easiest services to sell due to the wealth of features you have at your disposal to market and portray.

2.      ClickFunnels

Speaking of amazing, recurring commission from affiliate programs, this list would not be complete without mentioning ClickFunnels. A firm that provides sales funnel solutions to businesses, ClickFunnels is already a popular option among the internet marketing crowd.

They also run a successful affiliate program that pays well and keeps your commission active as long as your customers continue their subscription. Some characteristics of their affiliate program are –

  • A whopping 40% commission from each sale, recurring monthly.
  • 40% one-time payment for promoting Funnel Hacks (Six-month account and training bundle).
  • Weekly pay-outs ensure that your funds keep trickling in steadily.
  • A dashboard to manage, track and view each sale and customers.
  • Easy-to-sell feature set that requires little effort on your part to sell; as their services are well-known and proven to work.

Although a 40% pay-out is substantial, it does have a caveat – all payments are credited after a 45-day cool down period that allows customers to cancel their subscriptions and obtain refunds.

3.      Shopify

Shopify needs no introduction as it is a popular, if not the most popular e-commerce platform on the web. Offering a variety of features and advantages, Shopify has become the largest E-commerce platform in the world with over 300,000 active stores which have served millions of customers. Selling it to your readers seems like an easy task, right? Great news: Shopify runs a successful affiliate program that will allow you to earn recurring income for every customer that you provide to their website.

Some of the features of their affiliate program are –

  • Ready-to-use marketing templates for banners, posters and handouts that can be customized to suit your website, social media page etc.
  • A monthly newsletter that keeps you abreast of the latest affiliate news.
  • Astounding conversion rates due to the pre-existing popularity of Shopify.
  • An affiliate dashboard that shows payments, customers with a neat interface which will allow you to keep track of your sales as well as change marketing strategies if required.
  • A dedicated affiliate manager, to assist you with your endeavor, is provided by Shopify.

However, the affiliate pay-out is not as high as the others on this list – at 20% of each sale. On the other hand, if you consider the fact that you are promoting a service that has a ton of backing and it offers recurring payments, the conversion rates should net you a healthy amount each month. If you refer a store that grows in size, you can quickly make a large commission each month.

4.      SEMrush SEO Tools

Anyone familiar with SEO tools would have at least heard the name ‘SEMrush’. They offer an advanced cache of tools that will assist their users to rank higher on search engines. Moreover, they offer a generous affiliate program that pays you till your customer subscribes to their service.

A few features that make this one of the best affiliate programs out there are –

  • Excellent customer support to assist you in marketing their products and provide any help you may need.
  • A range of promo materials that are available in 5 languages to ensure that you can market to any section of the market!
  • Advanced statistics page that will track your earnings and show you projected earnings and other analyses.
  • An excellent 40% commission rate, paid each additional month that your customer subscribes to their service.

SEMrush offers all the tools needed in addition to a healthy pay-out for participating in their affiliate program is definitely one of the best ones out there.

5.      GetResponse

Another email marketing platform, and a well-known one at that – GetResponse also runs a great affiliate program that allows you to promote their services to prospective customers using blogs, social media etc.

Some features that make this another great affiliate program option are –

  • 120-day cookie life to ensure that customers you drive to them will contribute to your affiliate account even if they delay their purchase.
  • Top-notch marketing materials designed by professionals, provided by GetResponse, saves you the time, effort and money you would have spent on coming up with advertising material.
  • A healthy 33% commission for the lifetime of the client, as long as your customers remain their customers – you can be assured of a cut of their sales.

A good pay-out coupled with a product that is relatively easy to market due to the materials they provide, make this one of the best 5 affiliate programs in the market.

It’s unfair that websites continue earning through monthly subscriptions from customers, you drove to them, while they get away with paying you only once. Hence, programs like the ones mentioned above should be pursued so you are assured of a fat paycheck every month as payment for your time and effort.

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