Best Grammarly Alternatives: 8 Platforms to Use Instead

Grammarly is an amazing tool for writers, students and professionals who may not have the best vocabularly or writing technique. While the free version is adequate for most people, there are some serious limitations which you'll quickly run into using Grammarly free. 

Upgrading to their premium plan is easy but comes with a high yearly price tag, often scaring a lot of users away, especially the younger generation. Today we'll be looking at the best Grammarly alternatives you should consider using instead. We've researched all 8 platforms. 

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Grammarly is the world's number one writing assistant, integrated with leading applications such as Microsoft Word, Gmail, Outlook, Google Chrome and a wide range of other apps such as Slack, Salesforce, Google Docs, Medium, Facebook and Twitter.

You can control your grammar and spelling, tones and writing styles. Made a mistake or structured something in the wrong tense? Grammarly will automatically correct you, or provide a recommendation on how you can resolve the problem. 

Grammarly is perfect for students, professionals and any one who spends most of their day in front of the computer typing a lot. Their platform allows everyone to become great writers fast. Gone are the days of shoddy and slow typing, now anyone can become a powerhouse writing documents. 

Currently they offer a free plan which is good for most users however the premium option does offer way more features such as their Ai which offers the ability to write fluent and concise sentences. You also get more compelling vocabulary and lively sentence varieties.

Premium also offers tone detection, formalities and inclusive language. Premium also checks your work as you write for plagarism by comparing 16 billion websites for similar content. 

Premium costs $139 per year which is often off putting to a lot of users. So today we'll be looking at the best Grammarly alternatives you can checkout instead. 

Best Grammarly Alternatives

1. ProWritingAid

best grammarly alternatives

If you’re looking for a writing tool and editor to boost up your literary prowess, look no further than ProWritingAid. It’s rich with features that will do anything from correct your spelling to teaching you new writing styles.

The best part is, it’s available both in desktop and mobile formats, and Mac or Windows friendly, which makes ProWritingAid a truly inclusive software to keep under your belt.

Whether you’re a personal blogger or professional journalist, ProWritingAid integrates with MS Office, Google Docs, Chrome extensions and others to maximise your time and efforts.

After an easy installation into your OS, ProWritingAid enables quite an intuitive system - it’ll appear as an icon whenever you’re editing text.

A menu will come out and you can choose from a myriad of features that will analyze your writings and guide you based on your individual writing styles and needs. Easy, right?

This is great because it goes one level more to actually provide explanations and information for you to learn. So as your writing skills improve, ProWritingAid follows alongside you. It is truly a worthy companion for any author.

This software also covers US, UK and general English.

You can install the Chrome extension for free and it will test for grammar, cliches, styles, sentence structure, length and any number of revisions.

Alternatively, you can support this incredible tool for a yearly subscription of $70, or, to truly get your value for money, a one-off Lifetime subscription of $240.

This is a very magnanimous price considering all ProWritingAid does. The plans are supported with a 14 day money back guarantee. They do not include any translator, but in our opinion generally, it’s not considered a mandatory component in a proofreading tool.

Although they provide a plagiarism checker, it will cost you an additional amount. All in all, ProWritingAid combines the skillset and precision of a professional copy editor right at your command. 

2. GingerSoftware

In a world of texting, emojis and new lingo popping up like weeds, GingerSoftware’s cute name hides an impressive arsenal of features to spruce up your writing, turning your good piece into a great one.

Created by a company that focuses on productivity, it’s no wonder that Ginger is the right lady for the job. This intuitive tool makes writing both efficient and fun. And easy!

Gone are the days of double-checking and triple-checking. Ginger analyzes as you’re clacking away, providing everything from punctuation and sentence structure to contextual spelling and synonyms.

The software utilizes NLP (Natural Language Processing) and statistical algorithms to enhance the grammar and linguistic structures your piece needs.

Great for native speakers, it’s also a powerful tool for ESL (English as a Second Language) speakers to review texts for misspelled words, look up dictionary definitions and even a translation extension that supports over 40 different languages.

You can install it straight onto Chrome or Safari, Mac or Windows. It will appear as an icon for any text editing page and you can go straight from there.Compatible with Microsoft Office and gmail, Ginger’s resources are all optimized in a way that best suits you and your needs.

For the developers out there; this tool can be seamlessly integrated into your CRM or established system of choice without the need for any coding or confusion.

This means you can dedicate more energy to expressing yourself as naturally as possible and to gain confidence in your writing. Ginger makes it as easy to use and understand as possible.

Interested? Ginger offers a free trial for you to get a feel for the service. The free version comes with access limited to translations, definitions and browser support.

However, there is a variety of pricing plans available ranging from $29.96/month to $89.88/year. Because Ginger knows that while sometimes life gets in the way, your wallet should not.

All the paid plans come with full access to all its available features, and as far as writing mentors go, this one is bang for your buck. 

3. WhiteSmoke

WhiteSmoke is everything you need to write perfect English. Well, that might be a stretch, but it’s certainly a state-of-the-art writing tool for writers of any shape or skill level. And it’s just come out with a 2019 version! In this day and age, technology has integrated itself into our lives so effortlessly, making things easier and quicker.

WhiteSmoke combines the professionalism and knowledge of an English editor with the efficiency of the digital form. Compatible with web browsers as well as both Mac & Windows, this tool recognizes and caters to your individual needs.

You can check your grammar, spelling, punctuation and even writing styles straight from the comfort of your desktop. But that’s not all, WhiteSmoke also ticks the boxes for you corporate folk - thanks to its available integrations with MS Office, Gmail, Facebook and LinkedIn, your business lingo will stay sharp all across the broad.

Multilingual writers and users will also love WhiteSmoke’s use of Natural Language Processing Technology based on modern AI and text analysis.

What this means in layman’s terms is that you get an accurate, built-in translator that supports over 55 global languages, contextual spelling and grammar analysis that works alongside any text application.

All this without breaking the bank either; WhiteSmoke’s pricing plans are flexible and can be customized to your budget. Students, bloggers and independent writers will love the Essential plan at a mere $5/month which covers all their grammar needs.

While translators, executives, government employees can be assured that for up to only $11.50/month, they will get a service that exudes professionalism and precision for that very important task.

WhiteSmoke doesn’t add any unnecessary frills. It goes straight to the point and offers a concise, effective and affordable service that will prove its worth to you very quickly.

4. Paperrater

Students of the written word, look no further, we’ve found the perfect tool for your next assignment and essays. The last thing you want to do after pulling an all-nighter with your 8000 word essay is to worry about spelling and grammar. Paperrater has seen your plight and heard your call.

This service offers the basics of any good copy editor - grammar checks, proofreading and plagiarism checks. What it may seem to lack in variety, it makes up for it in horsepower.

Each of the services offered are supported by AI, Natural Language Processing, and literal billions of texts and documents in its archive. This means that Paperrater’s AI - Grendel, is backed by proven technology, science and trusted professionals.

Grendel helps you improve your writing style through constant feedback and checks so while you’re smashing away at that keyboard, keeping you in the writing flow while it does the heavy lifting.

While it can’t write the essay for you, it can sure make it a painless experience. Paperrater’s pillar of strength comes from its plagiarism checker.

With so much access to so many different texts, you can run the software to double-check, triple check and guarantee that your work is not only 100% original, but also sophisticated.

Grendel accepts both UK and US English spellings.

Paperrater is also a cloud-based web service, which means no downloads clogging up your computer, just login to the website and it’s already there waiting for you to use it.

Grendel’s results and reports will appear straight onto your browser in real-time with the option to print or download them, giving you more flexibility and use out of it. Used by students in 140 different countries mean that Grendel isn’t just all talk and no show - it has the proof to back it up.

This tool comes is free to use for those with smaller budgets; but still provides all the basic features you need, while the paid version at a reasonable $11.21/month allows you to use all of Grendel’s writing features and then some more.

The only major difference between the two is the number of times you can submit to Grendel each month.

As a free service, it certainly ticks the boxes in terms of price and services offered, and truly an amiable companion to any student around. 

5. SlickWrite

Slickwrite is an online grammar tool that, like its name suggests, is easy to use with minimal fuss. It can be confusing with all the options out there, but Slickwrite is great for new users and if you’re the type who prefers a simple, yet intuitive interface.

It can be easily added to your Chrome or Firefox as an extension, with the added bonus of being completely free. Simply click on the preferred option on the website, download the extension and you’re ready to go. You’re welcome to try the interactive demo or even check your own document as a starter.

The appeal of Slickwrite is that it’s here to do the job, that’s it. Whether you’re a blogger, novelist or student, this resource streamlines the whole process so that you can focus on mastering the English language.

With this, your document will not only undergo vocabulary and grammar analysis, but you’ll also be provided with feedback reports to help you improve your syntax and flair.

The way Slickwrite operates is that it offers you customizable choices that best suits your needs and teaches you the habits of effective writers.

Want to boost up your resume? Slickwrite will help you boost your communications skills and professionalism.

Writing a speech? Slickwrite will help you make it engaging and dynamic. On a tight deadline? Thanks to it’s algorithms, Slickwrite checks your work in real-time so that you can maximise your efficiency.

Slickwrite’s humble appearance inspires trust and will draw you in with its simplicity, efficiency and usability. 

6. HemingwayApp

HemmingwayApp is a feature-rich, developer friendly tool that makes your proofreading and text editing fun and eye-catching. It’s biggest advantage lies in its unique color-coding system.

Each part of your text is highlighted to its relevant parts. Eg. grammar in green, thesaurus in purple, sentence structure in yellow, so that you know exactly what can be done and how.

HemmingwayApp appears as a drop-menu next to your text and gives you a first-glance account of all the information you need; readability, letters, characters, sentences etc. that allow you to grasp the text, combined with the aforementioned colour-system.

This service also offers basic text formatting tools for headers, quotes and links for you to edit and upgrade on the go. No need for unnecessary back-and-forth between programs.

Hemingway also comes with direct integrations with WordPress and Medium, perfect for bloggers to publish a draft or live post right from the Hemingway Editor.

For the more technological-minded, this tool also includes HTML readings, formatting and links so that you can export your musings straight onto your blogging platform or CMS.

Hemingway is also a friendly app and works wonderfully with other editors, with the option to simply import your text to text, PDF or Word. It also comes with a document-sharing option that lets you show others the suggestions Hemingway makes; for productive collaboration.

HemingwayApp is available as a one-off purchase of $19.99 and compatible on either Mac or Windows systems. A big plus is that this doesn’t require an internet connection so as long as you have your computer, you have Hemingway. A durable and colourful service, Hemingway is a top choice for offline grammar editors. 

7. Writefull

Writefull is a curious yet helpful resource - it engages web searches on Google and compares it to your own body of text. You do this by putting in a sentence into its search bar and it will match it.

It’s a roundabout way to improve your English, but is quick to learn and easy to use. This method of comparison helps you find similar sentences, different synonyms and shows you how sentences are formed.

This is particularly useful for non-native English speakers. Let’s say for example, you’ve got the vocabulary right but you’re not sure if it’s in the right place or used correctly.

You simply put in your sentence into Writefull and it’ll show you all relevant matches and you can choose your favourite. This allows you to familiarize yourself with unfamiliar terms and grammar, making your sentences as natural and smooth as possible.

You can also hear how your text is pronounced to directly translate from any major language into English to make your grasp of English stronger.

Writefull does this through a few different ways; you can get a simple Chrome extension, or download it for Mac, Windows and Linux if that’s what you prefer.

Because Writefull accesses resources such as Google Books, news articles, academic papers and the Web, you do need an internet connection to use it, but that’s gives you the added advantage of having millions of references at your fingertips, giving you accurate and updated results.

Writefull is available for free, which makes it an incredible tool for students, writers and anyone who needs it. They also offer an extensive tutorial for new users to get used to its functions.

All you need to do is download the right version for your computer and create a username. The username allows Writefull to craft a specialized experience for you. 


Antidote is a powerful writing tool that professionals should definitely consider. With over 120 features under its belt and 9 previously tested versions, Antidote 10 is a vast improvement of a trusted workhorse.

At its core, it analyzes your essay, email, report and any body of text for mistakes and errors. It will spring clean your work to eliminate redundancies, suggest writing and syntax improvements to ultimately perfect your piece.

It also comes with an extensive dictionary as well as guides to cover all aspects of your writing. Antidote doesn’t just proofread your work, but it also provides guides and explanations to help you grow.

If you’re someone who learns on the go, Antidote 10 also has a mobile app that provides language guides, dictionaries and maps so that you can learn while it’s fresh in your mind.

Perfect for those moments when you need to find a word right then and there. It’s currently available on Apple iPhones and iPad.

Learning French? Or learning English as a French person? Well then, Antidote 10 comes with a French module that provides the same content-rich tools to give you seamless access between the two languages. That’s two writing tools packed into one impressive package.

Antidote is available at the cost of a one-off payment. For €49 you get the basic package of all the grammar tools and language resources in either French or English.

You can also upgrade to the €79 bundle that includes the same features in both French and English. As far as writing assistance tools go, Antidote is definitely fortified in all the right places and with the French module now included, it’s definitely a tool worth considering for serious students and writers. 

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