Best Google Ads Course For 2020 (Learn Google Shopping)

Tired of spending money on Facebook Ads with little to no results? If so then have you considered Google Ads or Google Shopping? Probably not, that's why you're here right? 

Google Ads is a relatively old way of promoting your products and was around long before social media but the newest feature that's dominating the e-commerce industry is Google shopping ads and it's pretty awesome.  

Today I'll show you the best Google Ads courses that cover these topics. 

The main benefit of Google Ads is you can get up and running within minutes, there's no need to create video ads, long ad copy or dealing with finding winning products

You can take what's working for others and from your existing store, get to the top of Google and make money on near autopilot.

Best Google Ads Courses

All these courses have their own pros and some cons. I'd recommend evaluating them all yourself before purchase. Prices are correct as of date of publish. 

1. Google Ads eCom Academy (Tristan Broughton)

google ads ecom academy review

It's probably the hottest course on the topic of Google Ads right now with a strong focus on Google Shopping. It's not the cheapest though, around $297-397. 

I've been very impressed with all of Tristan's previous courses and he always over delivers and this course is no exception. 

You'll get access to over 60 videos on Google Ads across 7 modules. Combined with this is a powerful Facebook mastermind group, regular live events and a few bonuses to assist you.

There is no other complete Google Ads course on the market right now and if you're tired of wasting money on social media marketing platforms then learning Google Ads from Tristan Broughton is probably the best option.

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2. eCom Elites (Franklin Hatchett)

ecom elites review

This is definitely the best e-commerce course on the market whether you're a beginner or intermediate and recently Franklin put out an entire module on Google Ads. 

It's not as detailed as Tristan's course which is why it's recommended as number two in the market but it does offer lots of videos and content.

Franklin is well known in the eCom world and if he knows Google Ads, you can rest assured you're going to learn from the very best.

The course is a lot cheaper than Tristan's and you also get over 150+ other videos on the entire world of eCommerce and drop shipping.

If you're looking for a complete e-commerce course rather than just Google Ads, I'd buy this one.

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3. Ultimate Google Ads Training

It's one of the most popular courses online with over 142,000 students enrolled from around the world, offering up 26 hours of on-demand video across a wide variety of topics. 

This course is created by Google Expert, Isaac Rudansky and is available in multiple languages including English, French and Spanish. 

Most recently the course was updated in 2020 with videos on the brand new Google Ads interface and dashboard. You also get to learn about topics such as; 

Setting up ads, ad groups, creating killer ads, keyword research, structure ad groups, negative keywords, remarketing, conversion tracking, profitable bidding strategies and more.

This course costs $149 but you can usually find it on sale during Udemy special offers. 

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Final Verdict

There you have it, the best Google Ads courses right now.

Now before you rush out and spend thousands of dollars on a Facebook Ads or Instagram course, just have a look at how much you can invest in your business, if it's a low amount then you'll probably find running Google Ads traffic can save you lots of time and energy with bigger profit margins.

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  1. Hi Rhys
    Could you please do a review on Sean Bagheri’s Aversity Gold Masterclass. It’s an affiliate marketing course mainly based on paid traffic. It also includes 1 on 1 mentoring just for $297.

  2. Hi Rhys,
    You mention the price to be $297 on this page for Tristian’s Google Ads Ecom Academy course, but when we use the checkout course link provided, the landing page shows price to be $397….Is there a different link or discount code required to get this course for $297?


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