9+ Best Freelance Platforms for Beginners (Guide For 2020)

Are you looking for ways to make money online? While I recommend checking out business models such as affiliate marketing, there's another way to make money online, freelancing.

Today we'll be looking at the best freelance platforms for beginners to start their freelancing career or for those website owners looking for freelancers to work for them. We've looked at some of the very best websites and platforms you should definitely consider using. 

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Finding clients as a freelancer can be incredibly difficult and time consuming. Freelance platforms exist to connect freelancers with business owners looking for help or guidance on various topics.

The most common type of freelancer online is a writer, who can create content for various purposes such as web content, magazines, newspapers or eBooks. If you can write good quality English, Spanish, Russian or Mandarin then you'll likely find lots of work online! 

Freelance platforms are also great for graphic designers, voice over artists, musicians, copy writers and anyone who's prepared to do something that others are prepared to pay for. 

Freelance platforms provide a safe gateway for connecting freelancers with business owners, handling payments and dealing with disputes. Gone are the days you'd have to invoice your client and hope they make an ontime payment. These platforms will ensure you get paid.

Other freelancer platforms offer time tracking so both parties can ensure the work has been done correctly, this is especially helpful when charging an hourly fee. 

As a beginner, just starting out, these are definitely the best freelance platforms for beginners and intermediates so be sure to check them all out and decide which one is right for you! 

Best Freelance Platforms for Beginners

1. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the more established platforms that you can use to find the right freelancer for the job. By combining the talents of many different people onto an easy, digital catalogue; you can choose people from 8 different industry categories, view their work samples, send them a message and get it done!

The types of industry experience that Fiverr offers is based around the arts, digital media, communications and the business and marketing sector, with additional specializations within them.

You can use the search engine and the filters provided to find the package that best suits your needs. You speak directly with your freelancer to discuss project details, budget and timeframes which makes it incredibly flexible for one-off events and special deadlines.

Fiverr eliminates the confusion and time of traditional freelancing (for both sides!), and instead delivers a modern solution straight to your desktop or phone.

Buyers (people looking for freelancers) can explain the job they want done right down to the specific details and the Seller (Freelancer) will give a quote based on their quality and expertise. Payment is done through credit card, debit card, ApplePay, iDeal and Paypal after the job is finished.

For example, some offer a complete digital marketing plan, others offer transcription services and even app development and graphic design. Jobs or ‘Gigs’ as they’re known on the site; start from a bare minimum of $5, however, this is just the base pay. Prices vary, but follow the industry standard and are dependent on the type of skills required.

Both Buyers and Sellers have the ability to choose, filter and look through requests that best matches their skills. To make an account with Fiverr as a Buyer or Seller is free, however Fiverr itself may deduct a service fee from the final price.

There is also Fiverr Pro and other professional services offered that cater to businesses, enterprises and those that require more complex skills for the job.

Some can build a custom brand identity and logo for your company while others can do expert SEO audits on your site. Fiverr Pro has stricter guidelines for quality, professionalism and pricings. Fiverr is open to any and all to use. All in all, if you’ve got a job to do, Fiverr will find the right person to do it for you. 

2. Freelancer

Freelancer streamlines the search for that perfect person for the job. Whether you’re an independent entrepreneur, small business or corporate bigwig – this digital collection of professionals will get it done faster, better and cheaper.

With a choice of over 1350 different categories ranging from digital media, business and marketing, eCommerce and web development, finance and legal, and manufacturing and logistics.

Freelancer truly covers all the bases you could think of. Jobs can start from as low as $50 (Writing) for example; but all are priced accordingly to the requirements and skills discussed, fixed/advertised price, or hourly rates.

You can talk directly with your freelancer through the Live-Chat option to discuss the best choice for your needs.
This service offers a two-way communication system that allows both clients and workers to exhibit their skills and organize jobs.

It updates a long-standing industry into a streamlined service straight from your desktop.

Freelancer offers both a desktop as well as a mobile app that lets you track progress, monitor hours, communicate, share and collaborate freely and expressively with everyone involved.

As a client, you have complete control of the completion of projects and payments.

Freelancer is free to sign up but also offer a variety of membership plans that range from $4.95 USD-$69.95 USD. You can pay with any major credit/debit card and Paypal. 

3. UpWork


Upwork sets itself apart from other freelancer platforms due to its sheer size and industry presence. With jobs in the US, UK, Canada and Australia, it’s no wonder they’ve amassed such an impressive resume and workforce.

Rather than offer an everyday range of services, Upwork focuses on connecting expert professionals and agencies to businesses seeking specialized talent.

Some of their top job offers are for web and UI development, software engineer, SEO skills, Graphic designers and digital media, writers and analysts.

Upwork also offers a catalogue of specific skills to further refine your search for that perfect person. Freelancers are verified with previous information to make sure they’re up to scratch.

Profiles (for both clients and freelancers) are created with visibility at the forefront – this means that they’re managed by reviews, ratings and previous clients.

You can also manage, assign and keep track of your ongoing jobs, freelancers/clients and payments straight from the Upwork dashboard.

A nifty feature that Upwork also offers is their ‘Project Milestones’ to track projects and progress.

Upwork is free to sign up that offers all the basic services you need as an independent user, however for heavy users such as businesses and enterprises, a paid membership plan starts from $49.99/month.

The paid plans offer more complex services such as customer assistance, collaboration features and account management. You can pay with major credit/debit cards and Paypal.

With more than 60,000 jobs posted on site every week and trusted by 5 million different businesses, Upwork is a reliable tool for your business’s needs. 

4. PeoplePerHour

If you need a carte blanche resource for freelancers, then you’re in luck. Peopleperhour is a community-based service from the UK and they bring together over 2 million freelancers and 900,000 businesses together to be the efficient and affordable project matchmaker.

This is good news for you because that means not only can you pick from a veritable pool of talented individuals, but you’ll also be backed by rich experience and industry standards.

Peopleperhour’s search engine allows you to specify by industry, location, language, skill set, availability and a variety of other handy filtering features.

Anything from writing, analytics and even event managers. Freelancers are rated and reviewed by their clients which can be easily viewed in the search results, you can also see their skills and prices at first glance.

Then you can view their profile and contact them directly. Simply start by posting a project, then the site’s AI will match freelancers to you, review their proposals and then pick your favorite.

Payment for projects are flexible between you and your freelancer, but a deposit is required to start. This website also provides pre-set bundles from Freelancers that start from as little as £10.

This is a great way for you to test out their services and ideas. Also available are project streams – a single, shared place to communicate with ease, share & receive files and manage payments.

It’s free to sign up with Peopleperhour and hosts a protective and secure payment system – your money is held in escrow until the job is done.

Peopleperhour accepts major credit & debit cards, Paypal, Skrill and a whole host of secure money transfer options. Peopleperhour also charges a 10% service fee for using their platform. 

5. DesignCrowd

Designcrowd touts itself as the #1 custom design marketplace. While this is usually taken with a grain of salt; this service is actually not too far from the truth.

They have over 755,000 designers from Australia, Toronto, India, Indonesia and America and all over the world and 9 different categories that cover both digital and hardcopy design formats that will pleasantly overwhelm you with choice.

From posters to book covers, tshirts to brand labels, even billboards and apps. Designcrowd has covered almost all the bases and guaranteed to find the right fit for you.

It’s a simply process - advertise your project and what you’re looking for, receive at least 50 unique designs before choosing your favourite. Then process the payments. You can start from as little as £99.

Another option you can choose is to create a Design contest; this is the best way to tap into the massive pool of talent and aesthetic possibilities. You can also search by designer to view their portfolios of past work and the ones with the right vibes.

Projects are allotted a 3, 5- or 10-day deadline with the first designs arriving within 24 hours.

The more active you are in your feedback, the more designs you’ll receive as your specifications get more refined. This means that you have multiple points in which to review and alter the project.

When you get your design, you also get full copyright of the files as well as professional design files that you can print or alter in the future.

Prices vary depending on project, but you get to choose from a variety of different packages. Each package tier has different prices and other different number of designs and inclusions.

Designcrowd offers a space in which you get that perfect, high quality custom designs straight from an independent creative with the possibility of creating an awesome business relationship.

This resource streamlines the designer-client relationship, increases your options and expands a designer’s potential. Everyone wins when they use Designcrowd. 

6. Outsourcely

Outsourcely is a great tool for start-ups to utilize and build long term relationships between their businesses and remote workers (freelancers).

They have over 400,000 competent and reliable workers from all over the globe with the skills and experience that include but are not limited to web design, web development, customer service, writing and admin support.

This service means that neither you nor the remote worker is limited by geography or distance, but instead free to unleash each other’s potential all at an affordable price.

Outsourcely has an intuitive system wherein all services operate on your personal dashboard – using keywords, skill-type and various other filters, you find and connect directly with potential candidates.

Through instant messaging, voice and video features, you can ensure that this person has all the qualities you’re looking for. The same goes for freelancers – they can upload their profile and directly communicate with clients.

A very attractive feature of Outsourcely is in their payment plan where remote workers receive 100% of their total salary without needing to pay any servicing fees. It’s a source of pride to this company to recognize the efforts and talents of their remote workers.

Combine this with the stability of long-term work and solid business partnerships has helped Outsourcely to keep growing and thriving. Paid memberships range from $19 - $229/month tailored to all levels of enterprise.

Memberships can be paid with major credit/debit cards, while most remote workers use Paypal. However through Outsourcely, you can organize the best methods of payment that work for everyone involved. 

7. Workhoppers

If you’ve ever been to a job agency or dealt with headhunters, you might be familiar with the lengthy process. Workhoppers takes out all the fuss out of this traditional path and instead connects you directly with the right candidates to save money, time and energy.

Workhoppers supports freelance, contract, part-time, temporary, remote and casual work that gives you incredible flexibility to choose from hundreds of professionals that fit your budget and projects.

Using patented AI algorithms and technology, you can immediately hire and get the ball rolling. This tool takes out the middleman so that you can connect and pay your freelancer directly. There are options to pay by the hour or per project.

You can browse from a wide range of categories; from administration, sales and marketing to Specialized Trades help. There is no limit to the types of people that can use Workhoppers.

From stay-at-home parents to people who want extra work. The extensive levels of skills and expertise that this resource offers means that you’ll find someone for the job as well as connecting with individuals from all walks of life. As a global enterprise, you can be sure to find talents from all corners of the world.

Workhoppers operates by paid memberships with the most basic services available for $19/month up to $275/month for enterprises. This tool also offers a one-off service that covers all aspects of headhunting (from advertising, screening to interviewing) for $325.

Workhoppers have been used by a plethora of companies in different industries, from multinational corporations to independent businesses.

There is no discrimination or exclusivity with this service - its main objective is to connect the right people to the right jobs and to provide businesses with the talents and expertise they’re looking for. All at an incredibly affordable and accessible rate. 

8. Cloudpeeps

In this age of technology and modernity; there are more and more jobs popping up on the digital platform. It can seem like a limitless field of options, but that’s where Cloudpeeps come in - they help you find talented, local or remote professionals for freelance gigs, casual work or even permanent work.

This service is geared towards industries like digital media, PR and social relations, eCommerce, SEO and marketing, and graphic design. Operating in over 150 countries; Cloudpeep allows for digital nomads to use their skills wherever they are. With Cloudpeeps, you can build your dream full-service team.

All you need to do is post a job, review the proposals sent by potentials, then connect and hire the ones you like.

Clients and freelancers have full control to negotiate a price directly, creating flexible relationships no matter the size. You can set your budget, needs and expectations, while Cloudpeeps offer information on hourly, fixed and one-time rates to better support both the freelancers and clients.

This is fantastic because it’s a realistic perspective of what the industry is paying - thus attracting more to come use this service and increasing its reach.

This multi-faceted platform not only connects people, but also shares their knowledge freely through online communities.

Cloudpeeps is at the forefront of modern business ideas - combining the ease of global connectivity with the practical skills - available for companies and businesses to grow expansively and dynamically.

Their belief in remote work culture and the freelance economy means that people from all backgrounds can be part of a flexible working environment and clients who value them.

Cloudpeeps takes a percentage of 5-15% of the total payment as a service fee. Paid memberships range from $0 - $29/month that offer a variety of different services best suited for you and your business.

This makes Cloudpeeps affordable and reasonable in price versus services rendered. You can pay with major credit/debit cards as well as multiple online payment channels. 

Hopefully you've got some insight into the best freelance platforms for beginners. Do you have any other recommendations, leave a comment below and we'll check them out. 

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