Best Converting Shopify Themes For 2020 (Buyers Guide)

It always amazes me how many Shopify store owners spend thousands of dollars buying a drop shipping course to learn the ins and outs of the business, start their store and fail to implement a high converting Shopify theme for their store. Today I’m going to show you 3 of the best converting Shopify themes for 2018 with my buyers guide.

There is a ton of premium Shopify themes online and while most of them load quick and might look great, they are not optimized for conversions, i.e. they probably look awful on mobile/tablet devices and don’t make it simple to checkout and upsell your customers.

Best Converting Shopify Themes

best converting shopify themes

eCom Turbo – From $97

After personally creating many Shopify stores, I made lots of sales but I had a major problem. I wanted higher conversions. After much research I found Franklin Hatchett’s theme, eCom Turbo that was created from the ground up and integrates with the best high converting apps and features right through the theme installer. You don’t need 12 different third party apps as they are all included in eCom Turbo.

Everything about eCom Turbo is customizable and it looks great on both mobile and desktop devices. The biggest benefit to this theme is having the title, photos, price and buy now button above the fold on mobile, so no scrolling is required for your consumers. It really does boost your conversions from day one!

eCom Turbo is currently priced from $97 for a single store through to $147 for unlimited licenses. If you’re planning on building out quite a few stores over the next year then the unlimited package is definitely the way to go. It’s one time fee so no monthly or yearly renewal fees are payable.

Demo | Download

Booster Theme – From $197

Version 2 has recently launched (June 2018) and claiming to power over 3,800 Shopify themes, booster theme is a new theme that works in a very similar way to eCom Turbo. They offer a highly optimized theme accompanied by 10 different apps that install right out of the installer and you can enable or disable the ones you require. The entire package can be customized and tailored to how you want your store to look.

The theme looks stunning on both mobile and desktop with the title, image, pricing and buy button appearing above the fold on mobile ensuring your visitors don’t have to scroll up or down to find the most important information before adding to the cart.

Booster theme is much more pricey than eCom Turbo but if you’re looking for the dogs bollocks of Shopify conversion themes then the single license of $197 is perfect with additional licenses costing $497 for 3.

Demo | Download

Konversion Theme

It looks great and is one of the most popular drop ship themes on the market but comes at a much higher price tag costing $197 for a single site license and $394 for a three site license. Unfortunately there isn’t an unlimited site license, yet anyway.

The main selling point is how awesome it actually looks on mobile and has been specifically optimized for the platform and could rival a professional e-commerce store with a multi million dollar budget. I actually think the theme looks very similar to the Adidas website. It can be customized to your desires.

Some of the best features include the announcement bar with CTA buttons, the shipping rates and the ability to do so much with the checkout such as hiding add to cart buttons, popping the cart and adding trust badges. All fonts, colors and images can easily be added.

Custom features are very similar to eCom Turbo and include a page builder, currency switcher, countdown timer, deal of the day widget, newsletter popup, announcement popup, upsell popups and an integration with Uploadery which allows customers to attach files with their orders.

Konversion Theme also integrates with a ton of plugins they have created themselves including Automatic Discount, Ultimate Upsell, Milestones, Warden, Carter and Motivus applications which you can buy as premium addons through the marketplace.

Read my full review on Konversion theme.

Demo | Download

Shoptimized Theme – $127

Shoptimized is the one of the best custom Shopify themes offering high conversions. It’s built for mobile first because that’s where the majority of your traffic comes from and because it’s based on a mobile-friendly and responsive template, it offers lightning-fast load times to help improve your search engine results and also conversions.

The template was built and developed by conversion Rate Expert, Bradley Long who architected this premium Shopify theme to include all the elements proven to drive higher conversions, sales and profits. It’s definitely a theme that most people consider when they are looking for the best converting theme for Shopify.

The cost is very similar to eCom Turbo however has recently been increased now costing $127 for the 1 site license and $297 for the 10 store license. All licenses include all features which also include the 10 additional apps that install right out of the box, very similar to the other themes mentioned on this post.

Demo | Download


In order to get the best converting Shopify theme for 2019 you’re going to need to invest some money into your business. If you’re running FB ads then paying $100-$300 for a good Shopify theme is a crucial part of your business and something you should seriously consider. If you’re happy with low conversions then sticking to one of the free themes is probably your best option. Read individual reviews:

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30 thoughts on “Best Converting Shopify Themes For 2020 (Buyers Guide)”

  1. Hi Rhys, while I’m aware these themes are mainly designed for stores which revolve around impulse purchasing, are they also preferable over free or “premium” themes even if I’m running a store which sells big ticket items?

    • Hi Nelson,

      Personally I’d opt for a theme such as Konversion which seems to be more targeted towards high ticket or brandable stores. It’s a theme I’m currently testing and I’ll be doing a full review in the future if it suits my store.

  2. btw, you’ll want to fix the link for the Shoptimized Theme download since it takes readers to your blog’s landing page.

  3. Just wanted to let us know your reviews r good. I am just starting out n have learnt heaps from your reviews is there something I could use as Facebook ad tool for marketing n what is the best for best product selection I have product mafia can’t get Ali inspector as I am on the chrome platform thank you

    • Hi Julia,

      If I’m honest the best product research is your own research. Find trending products and read all the latest tech magazines, follow the best FB pages etc. There are plenty of platforms out there such as Ad Spy, Product Mafia, BigBigProduct among many others. I’m slowly reviewing them all. In answer to your question, Ad Spy seems to be the best, I’ve done a review on that too.

  4. Great breakdown! Thanks Rhys!
    Would love to demo eCom Turbo before I consider spending the money but can’t seem to find a working demo version. Do you know if one exists or maybe point to a few example of it in the wild? Thanks!

  5. I’m still just as confused on which of the top 3 themes to pick from.
    There ain’t much unbiased reviews out there, all seems to have some kind of affiliate link attached to the reviews.

    So which one in your opinion is best to start with?
    I would be testing our first store with 1 of those 3 themes.
    We most likely will be focusing on low price point items to start (free+shipping or low price point+free shipping kind setup).
    We want to avoid too much customization (even though we know how to develop/program code) in order to maximize on speed, especially mobile since that will be our main focus on FB marketing.

    Please let me know what you recommend.
    Your guidance is appreciated!

    • Hi Denis,

      Probably a bit of a biased answer here but eCom Turbo is the best theme I’ve tried especially on mobile. I’ve done reviews on all the other platforms on my blog but Franklin seems to come to the party in terms of features, price and ease of use. Customization is pretty much all done through the GUI. Booster theme is another good option but much pricier.

      Hope this helps

      • Price is not a concern for me, i don’t mind paying for quality.
        How does shoptimized fit in all of those top 3 theme’s?
        I really like their layout, and they claim that their are the fastest to load on mobile. I also noticed that they have an extra app install with a monthly fee of $15? that they claim will reduce the load time x4.

  6. Hello Rhys,
    Thanks for being just about the only person online covering this topic, and to that extent, in depth.
    My question is simply:
    1. If price is less of a consideration, which of these templates would you recommend for a limited product ecommerce store for more luxury products?
    I just purchased ecom turbo and it seems to be more geared toward a store with many products of lower quality…
    Thanks so much, Rhys.

    • Hi Jon, I do like Konversion theme for a more luxury store. I did a review on the theme here. You could also checkout Turbo theme, the one by Shopify dev team.

  7. Our store has been struggling lately with organic traffic and has always seemed to struggle when it comes to conversion rate. We have about 1300 gift and entertaining related products. Which of the three do you recommend? Thx!

  8. Hi,
    I am starting 2 new online businesses.
    1. Dog & Cat Supplies
    2. Ladies Fashion
    Do you have recommendations for platforms?
    I’d like ease of linking products to Facebook and Instagram.
    Also do you offer your services to build sites?

    • Hi Lori,
      I’d say start a general store first, then you can test a whole range of products before spending money building a brand/niche.
      From a neutral I’d say the first option as clothing usually stands at 30% return rates, incorrect sizing etc.
      I think you can use Shopify or Woocommerce, two platforms recommended and used personally.
      Shopify is probably an easier platform for a beginner to implement with FB and iG.
      I don’t offer services for building sites, I make money through my own sites so don’t have time to build sites at a reasonable rate to justify the time involved. There’s plenty of courses out there that will show you how to build an e-commerce business. Checkout eCom elites, here’s my review.
      Hope this helps?

  9. Hi,
    I’m starting an online business for my Ayurvedic herbal products. I’m a doctor and the site has to have a slick professional look as well as convert sales. I’m thinking Konversion would be best but I would appreciate your suggestion?


    • I’d agree it’s the most professional theme designed for conversions.
      You could checkout Teplatemonster too if you’re looking for something more custom looking but you’ll forego the conversion and SEO.


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