Why You Should Avoid Spending $2,000+ On A Shopify Course

There are many courses out there claiming to tell you everything you need to start a successful Shopify store. Most of them are priced well over $1,000 with the average price being around $2,000. Some are even pricier going upwards of 10k, for an information course.

Then there are the courses that cost $197, $297, $497.. you know, standard priced courses that offer the exact same content by a less well known person.

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Someone who doesn’t have a million dollars to spend on a social media marketing offensive that floods Youtube, Facebook and Instagram all day long.

Someone who doesn’t drive a lambo, owns a helicopter and lives in a New York penthouse.

There’s a saying, you get what you pay for, which may be true if you’re buying a Ferrari but when you’re buying access to a Shopify e-commerce course that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

You see most people who launch a course claim to be killing it and making millions of dollars per month. They then price their course at $2,000 as they believe the value they provide is worth that.

To make a million dollars per month requires daily net profit of approx (30 day average) $33,333. That’s a pretty hefty number to make every single day after all your expenses and taxes. If someone was really making that much PER day would they really create a course showing everyone how to do it and replicate their success?

I doubt it.

These expensive courses also claim to offer 1-2-1 mentorship. In a normal day there is 24 hours, would a guru charging $2k for a course with unlimited mentorship really offer such a service for less than $1388 per hour. Logic would say it’s simply not worth it as it’s more beneficial to keep scaling their real store..

If they even have one.

You see most of these guru’s have never even opened a Shopify store. They may have created a developer store which allows you to create fake sales to create those crazy looking dashboard screenshots you see all over your Facebook newsfeed.

They then rehash someone elses course, this is when they download or access someone elses course and simply recreate it themselves. I can’t begin to tell you how many courses are very similar.

Remember, eBooks. Warrior forum was a goldmine for people rehashing each others eBooks and rebranding them as different product offers.

If you’ve got a well known name you could pass anything off as the next big way to make money online.

This is the same in the Shopify course market. Big name = big price tag.

Don’t be fooled.

The price of the course, the guru behind the course, mean very little, in my opinion.

Take Tai Lopez, he makes millions by creating courses from the latest trends. When one collapses he simply moves on and creates something else. Search his name online and you’ll see a list of failed businesses and courses.

But he’s an all star apparently.

And can charge through the roof as everything he promotes is gold dust.

And unfortunately people chasing the freedom they want will buy pretty much anything people like him promote online regardless of the price.

Which leads me back to why you shouldn’t buy a $2,000 Shopify course.

  • They sell dreams not reality
  • They clearly aren’t making the numbers they say they are
  • The level of mentorship is not likely to be what you expect.
  • You’ll struggle to get a refund if you want one
  • You’ll end up in a sales funnel to buy a monthly subscription.

So what should you do if you want to learn eCommerce and buy a Shopify course?

I’ve reviewed over 50 of the best and worst courses over the last two years. There’s a lot of these high priced courses that come and go and then there is communities such as eCom Elites, Product Winner Blueprint, Shopify Ninja Masterclass that do actually offer lots of value and mentorship at low prices.

If you follow my blog then I’d suggest checking out these three reviews and seeing for yourself. Remember, you don’t get what you pay for when it comes to online money making courses so don’t be afraid to save money and buy a cheap course, you can spend that money saved towards your business!



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