Anton Method: What Exactly Is It? And Should You Join?

Anton Method is a domain name purchased and promoted by an internet marketer called Johnny FD that is a 301 redirect (i.e. instant transfer) to the Drop Ship Lifestyle course.

So if you visit you will ultimately end up on Drop Ship Lifestyle and should you purchase the course created by Anton Kraly you will pocket Johnny 50% of the sales price. ===>>>

So it would be fair to say you should read my review on Drop Ship Lifestyle instead of Anton Method as that’s what you’re ultimately buying into.

Anton Method Review

Anton Method – Background

Introducing Johnny FD,

Anton Kraly’s long time friend and former student, whom was introduced to the ‘wonderful world of drop shipping’ many years ago. Unsure what drop shipping is?

Johnny liked the course so much he decided to become an affiliate for the course and promote it to his followers through his blog. One problem, no one likes an affiliate link, many people see a hyped up review and then the affiliate link and know the only reason the review is so good is the marketer will bag 50-75% commission.

Anton Method Review


Create a domain name using a 301 redirect to the affiliate link, then call the course something different to confuse readers and hope they don’t notice the affiliate link.

Current commission: 50% of $1000-$3000.

Anton Method: Sink or Swim?

Before answering this question it’s important to know a few things:

Johnny no longer owns any drop shipping businesses. Despite this, he has created his own half assed course on Udemy called Drop Ship Lab and promotes the Anton Method too.

He has never made more than $3,000 per month from a single drop shipping store. You can verify these claims by reading the income reports over on his blog.

It would also appear like many gurus out there, Johnny doesn’t know the difference between revenue and net profit. This is something that really hacks me off especially on sales pages for online courses.

I could send you a screenshot of a Shopify store making $350,000 per year however the truth is, that’s revenue. The store owner made a loss, -$50,000 to be precise, but you wouldn’t buy a course from him if he told you that upfront would you? The bottom line is that drop shipping is difficult?

Don’t believe me? I suggest you checkout the Shopify forums and see everyone else’s struggle.

He has made lots of bold claims as to why he never made more than $3k a month, he couldn’t be bothered running traffic, was too busy or limited his investment in the site. I don’t know about you but if you had made $3k from $250 in Google Adwords, I sure as hell would be running $1000 of ads per month to make $12k per month.

Anton Method Review

So in my opinion, Anton Method is a sink.

The real reason Johnny promotes the Anton Method is, affiliate marketing pays much better commissions and is completely passive so it’s far easier to promote drop shipping by selling a dream.

Last Updated on January 29, 2021 by Rhys Dale

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4 thoughts on “Anton Method: What Exactly Is It? And Should You Join?”

  1. hahahah LMAO this is the best review I’ve ever read online, but actually, I think it’s the only “anton method” review out there and you’re DEAD ON. Johnny is a fking kook. All you need to do is look up Johnny Wolf on Reddit to read about his whole shady past. His own courses are less than half-ass, more like absolute sht. I could clown on that fool all day long just because he pissed me off so much with his whole “drop shipping partnership” program he ran a couple years back and is still trying to do again this year! It’s comparable to a drop shipping pyramid scheme minus all the recruiting. You do all the work and he keeps a fat portion of your profits for his “coaching” which is complete sht just like the rest of his work. His blog is just a bunch of “me me me” and only a few select bits of value mostly centered around getting a Thai visa, which you eventually find out is not even necessary if you’re actually making enough money to afford to live in Thailand and travel the world. You can just fly in and out of the country all the time. His income reports are the WORST bit of self-centered narcissistic egotistical greedy garbage. You just made my day reading this. I hope more people see Johnny for who he really is… Cheers! -Trevor

    • Nice to see your comment here Trevor, people have been talking about Johnny FD being a scammer for years in Chiang Mai, takes time for people to see it though. I remember when you first came to CM you got sucked in by his BS, glad you finally saw the light. Besides his content being a load of rubbish there’s so much info and proof of his lies and scamming out there nowadays, hard to believe he’s still at it and not shunned by the nomad community.

      • So what advice to you actually have about where to look and who to listen to and trust when first getting into drop shipping? thanks man

  2. Hey dude, your Dropship Lab by Johnny FD link no longer works. He’s just brought it back too and is advertising it everywhere.


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