AMZDFY Review: Another Kevin David Business Opportunity?

Kevin David is currently pushing his latest course, although this time it's more mentorship than digital training and it's called AMZDFY. 

It's a done for you, Amazon FBA automation business. You just need $40k. 

I'm sure you've seen many posts, articles and courses out there about how lucrative Amazon FBA claims to be. Kevin actually owns a course called the FBA Ninja, which retails at around $997-$1997. 

But this is something entirely different. Kevin and his team of mentors including David Arnett will build an Amazon business for you, and help you scale it using Amazon Automation. 

How To Get Started?

There is no sales page for AMZDFY. Instead you must complete a free 15 minute consultation. This means you'll have no idea what the price will actually be, but you must have 40k to invest. 

They take a 30% cut from all your sales, and up front you must buy into one of their plans, this includes Diamond, Platinum or Standard and you have to pay a higher fee for each level. 

How Does It Work?

I first thought this coaching was about using Amazons warehouse to fulfil products (after all that's what Kevin teaches in Amazon FBA Ninja), however when you learn more, David (his business partner) is shipping them from his own warehouse. 

According to them, It's much cheaper to pay and store them in his warehouse.

But what are the products? According to the sales page, they work with brands and through the use of an authorization letter, allowing you to sell their products, they will sell their products inside your Amazon account, similar to a wholesale model. 

But why do they need you? Couldn't they just use their own accounts? 

Why They Need You

It's clear to me from Amazon's terms of service you can only have 2 accounts per person. So they want you to setup the business, then they'll run it for you and in return take 30% of the profits which bypasses the account limitations.  

But here's the kicker. They tell you what products to buy and you must buy the inventory up front. The risk to them is zero. If it doesn't sell, they don't get paid, but you'll be stuck with all that stock no one wants. 

They will not accept you into the program if you're not able to finance the stock purchase yourself. I wonder why. 

Endless Student Success Stories

The sales page includes screenshots of student success stories from the private Facebook group of Kevin Davids course which has been around since 2018, not of students who bought the AMZDFY course or AMZ Automation. 

This is clear by the 'Zon Ninja Exclusive Student/Family Group (Blackbelts) next to the name of each student. 

This is emphasised further given the domain is only 74 days old, registered 19th February 2020. Yet the sales page talks about all these successful students. is a new domain but it was originally called AMZ Automation, but I couldn't find any information on this site either. 

Additionally the sales page uses a Trustpilot badge to show 800 positive reviews but when you actually click through it's clear they are from which is a completely different business. 

All those 5 star reviews? You leave a positive, you get one of his course for free. 

Misleading in my opinion. 

My Concerns

The model works by them picking the absolute best, most profitable products and assigning them to your account based on how much you're prepared to spend up front.

Now Kevin is a multi millionaire and David claims to have sold multiple successful stores.

Why are they willing to give away winning products to someone who pays a signup fee? 

Wouldn't they just sell them on their own store if this business model was so profitable? 

If it's a sure winner, wouldn't they just buy 10,000 of them and do it themselves? I'm not sure why they would spend all that time and effort, helping you get rich for a few thousand dollars.

Here's why. 

You're buying the products and storing them at David's warehouse. The risk is 100% yours. If it doesn't sell you have to deal with it, regardless that they recommended it. 

If it does sell, Kevin and David take 30% of profits. 

You have to buy the biggest package up front to get the best products. 

‚ÄčLearn how to start an eCommerce business online. 

Last Updated on May 3, 2020 by Rhys Dale

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  1. Kevin David does not sell on Amazon with any real success, he sells coffee mugs under his mothers name.

    He has been caught fake screenshots “see coffeezilla”

  2. So sad to see how far people would go to scam (sorry not scam, trick) others, thanks for putting this review and further explanation out there!


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