Amplify Shopify Review: Is Morgan Rapp’s Course Legit?

Today we're taking a look at Morgan Rapp's Shopify course on teaching designers how to build more compelling and effective stores, through her course, Amplify Shopify.

Is this course worth joining, what can you actually learn? Find out below.

amplify shopify review

What is Amplify Shopify?

Amplify Shopify is a course that teaches designers how to construct Shopify websites more efficiently.

This course has lessons on how to create aesthetically pleasing e-commerce platforms that will attract larger clients and bring in more sales. No previous experience in custom coding is required in order to do so.

Amplify Shopify is targeted at designers who want to level up. It provides a blueprint to not only creating desirable e-commerce websites, but also how to actively engage and list a price of at least $5,000 per project.

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Who is Morgan Rapp?

Morgan Rapp is a designer who currently owns her own creative studio. She has utilised Shopify for 8 years, which helped her develop her portfolio and attract big-name clients.

She is also a business coach, who teaches aspiring creatives how to reach 6 figures of income on her website. Rapp is a staunch believer in the potential of Shopify, and has a passion for helping creators stand out in the designer industry.

Rapp is incredibly interested in helping others, thanks to her background. Before becoming a big-shot designer, Rapp only managed to launch Shopify websites as a side hustle while working an unfulfilling job. Thanks to years of hard work and perseverance, Rapp is now a well-established individual in her field.

Rapp helps designers work less, yet earn more. She has worked from the comfort of her own home and wants to help others do the exact same. She provides free resources and tools for freelancers on her website.

She has launched previous e-commerce websites using Shopify. Her portfolio is extremely extensive, where she has helped over 50 businesses launch their products.

She has collaborated with brands like Remie Girl, Promptly Journals and WildBird. Rapp is well-known for her minimalistic style, which employs contrasting colours to make a statement.

What’s in the Amplify Shopify course? 

The Amplify Shopify course is divided into 8 modules. The first module is an introduction to Shopify and how it can be used to generate income.

The second module concerns the marketing aspect of Shopify. Rapp teaches designers how to lure bigger clients and successfully book them.

Module 3 focuses on looking at the Shopify dashboard to get an understanding of them theme editor and navigation. In module 4, Rapp teaches students how to select the appropriate template and manipulate it to meet the client’s needs.

Module 5 concerns time management and organisation techniques. Rapp goes in depth into project management and contract addons. There is also a lesson on how to avoid scope creep.

In module 6, there are lessons on how to present mock-ups and effectively engage with clients. She also teaches designers how to mock up with Illustrator. There is a class on how to choose the best Shopify apps for client needs.

The most intensive section if module 7. Rapp provides tutorials on how to include a CSS and producing a Coming Soon page. She has lessons on changing domains and employing CSV files.

This module also includes classes on applying Shopify fonts and ones from Adobe. Rapp teaches how to produce a subscriber window and create notification emails.

The final module concerns the launching of the website. Rapp goes into detail on mobile testing and interpreting analytics. She teaches how to place test orders and produce video tutorials.

One of the best features of this course is that Rapp provides a real example that shows how she produces using Shopify. The example starts with using the theme editor. Afterwards, Rapp shows how to include CSS and then customise collections and product pages.

There is a recorded question and answer video, where Rapp directly answers any concerns or issues with this course.

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How much does the course cost? 

This course is currently closed but those interested can sign up to receive notifications. Prices are also revealed when enrolment opens. Rapp currently offers a website launch checklist, completely free of charge.

For questions about refunds and payment methods, inquires can be made to the official website.

Any testimonials for the course?

Amplify Shopify has received stellar reviews from designers across the globe. The course promises to help creatives sell websites for at least $5,000 each.

Testimonials can be found on Rapp’s Instagram page. There are messages from individuals who have successfully booked $10,000 plus projects thanks to Amplify Shopify.

When can I actually enrol?

As courses are offered sporadically, it is highly recommended to follow Rapp’s Instagram and sign up to receive notifications.

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